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Happy 5 Eclipse! We've been working with Eclipse + PHP for developing Web Applications and Services and it's been all good. Great Platform, Great Plugins, Great Community! Cheers!
- Eduardo Romero

Five years of new features and consistently reliable milestone dates. Congratulations!
- Bjorn Freeman-Benson

Happy Birthday Eclipse, I know the RadRails team and all of our community couldn't be happier with the strong foundation you have provided us in developing such a successful project. Congrats to the Eclipse contributors and community on 5 excellent years.
- Marc Baumbach

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! I can't imagine life without you :-)
- Gavin King

Here's to the last five years of great work, innovation and leadership from the Eclipse foundation! Eclipse to the Max!
- Alex Blewitt

Such a great community providing great solutions.
- Ken Bauer

Congratulations on five years of open source excellence!
- Ed Burnette

Five years already? It's amazing what you have accomplished in such a short time! Congrats on building such an incredible community.
- Mike Keith

Congratulations Eclipse Community! I still can't belive its been 5 years, so many releases! Its an honor to be even a very small part of such a great group of people!
- Bill Dudney

Happy birthday!!
- Olli

Happy Birthday my friend. Didier
- Didier Girard

How were we doing before eclipse???
- Aurélien Pelletier

How were we doing before Eclipse?
- Aurelien Pelletier

Kudos for all your accomplishments so far and thank you for letting me join the party.
- Ward Cunningham

Happy Birthday !
- Vishwas

Happy Birthdy Eclipse, and especially to the teams of the Visual Editor, Platform and Nebula projects!
- David Orme

Eclipse is just the greatest.
- Ken Bauer

Happy Birthday Eclipse! May you have many many more!
- Diego Figueroa

Thank you and happy birthday!
- Chris Aniszczyk

Happy Birthday.
- Jeff Liu

Thank You For Making The World A Better Place! Congratulations Eclipse!
- Ahti Kitsik

Happy Birthday Eclipse and best wishes to all the developers and community members!
- Aleksander Adamowski

Congratulations: for a great piece of software, and changing software development for the better
- Scott Lewis

An oustanding achievment!
- Henrik Lindberg

Happy 5th Birthday! Here's to 50 more!!
- Mike Taylor

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Daniel Olsson

Best wishes for all of the Eclipse Community, keep up a good work!
- Andrzej Roszkowski

Wishing Eclipse a grand Success
- Rama Krishna S

Happy birthday to a tool that radically changed the way I program in Java!
- Cedric Beust

I'm loving it!
- Gunnar Wagenknecht

It's getting more and more fun to use Eclipse, and I'm continuing to learn things which make my life easier nearly every day. Keep up the great work, guys!
- Christian Soltenborn

I wish 5 more years of wonderful eclipse goodness!
- Jacobo García

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!
- Andreas Kruse

Five years already -- wow! We have enjoyed chronicaling the ride in SD Times, and now supporting the adventure with EclipseWorld and Eclipse Review. Congratulations!!
- Alan Zeichick

Five years already -- wow! We have enjoyed chronicling the ride in SD Times, and now supporting the adventure with EclipseWorld and Eclipse Review. Congratulations!!
- Alan Zeichick

Here's to 5 years of great Eclipse software. May the next 5 years be as productive, imaginative and cool as the first the first 5 years. Happy Birthday!
- Lawrence Mandel

Here's to 5 years of great Eclipse software. May the next 5 years be as productive, imaginative and cool as the first the first 5 years. Happy Birthday!
- Lawrence Mandel

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! I love the way how you are extensible!
- Peter Friese

all the best for the next five years
- Gehrken

Happy fif birfday eclipse!!
- Michael Rennie

I love you, Eclipse! To the next five years!
- Matthias Wessendorf

I love it!!! Thanks to all contributed to this great project!!!
- Andrei Loskutov

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Thanks for taking the gamble starting this initiative. It has helped the industry a great deal.
- Andy Thomas

Eclipse is just great, and it grows all the time!
- Karsten Silz

It has been a blast being with you during these 5 years. Congrats Eclipse!
- Marcelo Paternostro

Wish Eclipse fly higher! 5th Birthday, Happy!
- Jin Mingjian

Happy birthday Eclipse. Keep up the good work.
- Daniel Hirscher

We've been using Eclipse since 1.0 and have never looked back. Great product and community. Keep up the good work.
- Darren Bell

Congrats everyone... awesome product with an exciting future ahead.
- Iain Shepherd

Happy birthday, Eclipse! All the best for the next 115!
- Lina Kemmel

Because of you I've had a paycheque for the last 4 years. Happy Birthday Eclipse!!
- Kim Horne

Congratulations on everything that has been accomplished during the first 5 years. The impact on our industry has been truly amazing!
- Dennis O'Flynn

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Thanks for what what we want to do (program java, create wonderful applications, debug, test and optimize) such a great experience! Hopefully this will be the first five years of at least as many times a score to come! Happy Birthday from all your dedicated fans, users and developers in Denmark.
- Sune Wettersteen

It is nice seeing you doing so well.
- Tonny Madsen

Happy Birthday Eclipse. We gave birth to you, changed your nappies, wiped your spit-up off the backs of our shirts, and now you're all grown up and making your own way in the world. You make us proud!
- Nick Edgar

Eclipse has brought joy to programming again. May the product evolve into the ultimate development platform all open technologies.
- Rik Serpentier

Happy birthday to all Eclipse team leaders, programmers and people supporting such a great effort to give the world a fantastic platform upon we as developers can envision future. Thanks. Keep up the enthusiasm and go for the next 5!!!
- Humberto Peña

From a modest plug-in based Java IDE to more projects and features than you can shake a stick at. My how you've grown. Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Michael Valenta

Joyeux Anniversaire Eclipse! 5 abs deja, comme le temps passe vite
- Vincent Jorrand

Thank you for creating such a great product! Easy to use, fast, extensible, ... happy 5th birthday!
- Branko Peteh

Happy FIRST 5 years! People are starting to see the light!
- Hugo Gayosso

Eclipse is 5, Happy Birthday. I use Eclipse everyday, and am very impresses. Keep up the good work.
- Jonathan Earl

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Mark Baird

Happy Birthday Eclipse... Grow more and offer services to the developer community
- Muthu Krishnan

May the force remain with the Eclipse community!
- Kunal Thakar

I highly appritiate your work!
- Hans Katz

Greeting.getInstance().happyBirthday(Eclipse.getInstance(), 5);
- Marco Tulio Borges

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Without you, I would have been lost in the world of vendors and shackled to a specific IDE. Eclipse means "Freedom of Choice". Thank you and many more happy days ahead with more siblings(plugins) added to your family. Regards Hepzi
- Hepzi Leon Soon

Happy birthday Eclipse!
- Jörg

Happy birthday to Eclipse! Eclipse 4ever!
- Bobowiec

happy birthday eclipse project! what would java coding be without you :)
- Markus

Happy birthday eclipse, and thank you for being the best IDE around.
- Adam J. Forster

Ahhhh que de souvenirs.. :) Joyeux Anniversaire ! :)
- Christophe Elek

Wonderful product! Happy Birthday and continued success!
- Adym Lincoln

Five years ago, one small step for an IDE, one giant leap for IT.
- Ed Gamboa

Thank you eclipse !!!! You changed my life !
- Pascal Leclercq

Happy Birthday!!!!
- Joerg Maier

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!
- Wojtek Gorski

Wow, 5 years old now. You are a big boy already.
- Cinly Ooi

This were great 5 years ^^ and I hope there will follow a lot of great releases and birthdays.
- Tobias Kalbitz

I couldn't live without it ^^
- Livia Friedrich

5 years strong! The conversion from VisualStudio at Symantec Newport News Continues!
- Rob Turner

You put the fun back into Java Programming... Happy Birthday, and to many many more years of Eclipse goodness!
- Gina Häussge

You made Java programming fun again. Happy Birthday, and to many many more years of Eclipse goodness to come!
- Gina Haeussge

It's been great to work with so many talented people on this project. The journey is the reward!
- Arthur Ryman

Congratulations. I knew when I used this back in the Beta 1.0 days that it was going to be something special, and I have not been disappointed yet. Keep up the great work.
- Thomas 'Skip' Hollowell

Great IDE Thanks Java and a great developer team and community. Go on!
- Thomas Ballerstedt

Eclipse is one of the best IDEs. Its the best way to programm with java.
- Gernot Riegler

Great work. Use it for all my Java projects. Buon Compleanno.
- Aldo L. Di Pasqua

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! Now We Know "Who Tied the Bell on the Old Cat's Tail"!
- Howard B. Golden

Good Work! I really enjoy using eclipse and developing it!
- H. Hommersom

5 years and already mature! Big ups to all contributers and sponsors.
- François Bottin

Congratulations to everyone! It seems like only yesterday that the fun started.
- Jim Mickelson

Happy Birthday for us.
- Márcio Andrade

Congratulations -- you're one of the most accomplished five-year-olds I've met (apart from my own children)!
- Brian Howard

Happy Birthday for us.
- Marcio Andrade

Wishing Eclipse a very happy birthday and the Eclipse team a very very happy anniversary. Way to go and wish u again yet another successful year! ~Parthi.
- Parthiban

Congrats to be best Java IDE!
- David W. Burhans

Auf weitere 5 Jahre Geilerei
- Croneman

Immer geil bleiben! ein HOCH auf die Sektaffen ;-)
- DerSkw

I still think taking out the compile cycle in the run-test-compile cycle is the best thing since sliced bread.
- Cameron Crothers

Thank you so much for all you've done!
- Jerry Lampi

Eclipse me facilite grandement la vie professionnelle !
- Baptiste MATHUS

Happy Birthday Eclipse.
- Clark Graves

Five years of amazing growth, from a hell of a good idea - congratulations to all the users, developers, members & staff! Open source and open standards: the perfect combination.
- Richard Soley

Keep up the good work.
- Anntoin WIlkinson

Happy Birthday!! and may the code be with you ;)
- Markus Herpich

Happy Birthday to the best Java IDE on the planet!
- Chuck Williams

Outstanding. Blazing new horizons!
- Cian Quinlan

"Youthfulnesss of spirit is the twin brother of optimism, and optimism is the stuff of which American business success is fashioned. Resist growing up!" -B. C. Forbes
- Bill Kayser

Though I am new to Eclipse, I am very glad to have this chance the share the happiness with all around. Happy birthday Eclipse.
- Mike Chen

Happy birthday Eclipse ! Wish you many more years of development with a strong community !
- Antoine Toulmé

It's great to work within and based on eclipse! Wish eclipse more wonderful!
- Hongchang Lin

i love Java,i love Eclipse!! Happy birthday to Eclipse !! i will support eclipse forever!!!!
- Ken Wudi

Keep up the great work!
- Lothar Werzinger

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Narayan Murthy

Happy Birthday to my dream IDE! Eclipse Rocks!
- Kiran S Govindaiah

Happy Birthday
- Mark Cornett

Eclipse is a very powerful tool for programming,By using eclipse my efficiency has a remarkable advance.
- 刘伟

Let Chinese Eclipse Community(CEC) wish you a happy birthday!!
- yipsilon

- Carl Quinn

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Sanchali

I have been working on developing Eclipse plugins to build a owned IDE for embedded development for about two years .Eclipse is A wonderful platform framework I ever met.
- Jingxiong Chen

Eclipse rulez!
- Harald Fricke

May this platform cherish in it has be doing for the days to come
- George Sebastian

Here's to the next 5...
- Steve Elliott

I would like to thanks to the community for sharing the eclipse, and i am happy to be one of the millions users of this powerful IDE, once again happy happy birthday to eclipse, i hope this project will rise just like the other open source on this planet. thank u very much.
- Henry V. Mempin

Happy Birthday Eclipse...Go ahead and cover up entire it industry....
- arvind

I love eclipse!
- XuXu

Happy birthday to eclipse and thx for this great product :)
- Arnold Maderthaner

Wish eclipse more and more birthdays!
- Prasanna Srinivasan

You're always my favourite IDE platform. Happy Birthday !
- Poomrat Boonyawong

Happy Birthday
- Lasith

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! You make lives easier=)
- Sergey Nazarov

Thank you guys!
- Reimo Daum

Congratulations on your five years! You've become a popular cat...
- JB

Sehr Feines Tool
- Peter Rosmann

That have been five exciting years to develop with and for Eclipse. Happy birthday!
- Tianchao Li

Many more happy returns of the day
- Jebastin

Many thanks to Eclipse making Earth a better place
- Daniele Pirola

Congrats Eclipse ! Great ride for the first five years - with this speed who knows where we are after next five.
- Heikki Koivu

Its a great IDE making Java programming much easier. Its Extensibility is awesome.
- Samuel Alexander

Happy Birthday! All the best wishes from CJ
- C J Lee

- kamla kant dixit

- kamla Kant Dixit

Happy Birthday to a mature five-years-old! I have been using you for many years already, and now I am privileged to develop a RCP system - that's the way programming should be!
- Jari Kirvesoja

Happy birthday! Enjoy the first years of your life. May the future be beautiful.
- Martin Jäger

the eclipse world is cool! and offers me a lot of interesting stuff to learn and work with!
- Raffael Heinzer

Happy 5th Birthday! All the best wishes.
- C J Lee

I love eclipse ,wish eclipse more and more birthdays , Awesome eclipse IDE
- Gokulaselvan

Happy Birthday for the greatest tool on planet earth !
- Holger Kyas

Happy first 5 !
- Tor Neple

Thank you guys for this awsome innovation
- Sheldon

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
- Tinet Andri

It's the ever greate Open software and greate community which i learned so much, giving me the new innovation and interesting. Thank you, Eclipse. Happy Birthday.
- guo taihang

Happy birthday~~
- laird007

Happy Birthday beloved Eclipse Platform!
- Hendrik Schüler

Simply powerful.
- Stephan Heffner

Wishing Eclipse A Very Happy Birthday. Wishing the Eclipse products to reach greater heights in the days to come
- Karthikeyan P

Happy birthday beloved Eclipse Platform!
- Hendrik Schüler

Happy Birthday beloved Eclipse Platform!
- Hendrik Schüler

Happy Birthday beloved Eclipse Platform!
- Hendrik Schueler

Die besten Glückwunsche an die Teams, welche aus einer Idee etwas wunderbares hervorgebracht haben. Keep on plugging and featuring.
- Sculderon

Excellent work accomplished these 5 years! I am sure we will do it still better in the next years. Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Miguel Santana

Happy 5! You are growing big fast and strong!
- Karthikeyan Loganathan

Congratulations to all developers and contributors for this excellent product and evidence of a working open source community.
- Erik Wegner

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! You make the best IDE on Earth!
- Andrey Bardashevsky

Thanks to Eclipse, contribute to Eclipse!
- Youfei CHEN

Happy Birthday Eclipse! You are such a perfect peace of software... you safe my daily life :)
- Christian Gmeiner

Many Many Happy Years of Stay, Eclipse!
- Shahjahan Tapadar

happy b'day to one of the world's best IDE... long live Eclipse and the spirit of Open Source
- Priyanshu

A great and flexibly IDE for Beginner and Proffesionals
- Jens Georgi

Happy Birthday for best of all IDE's
- Denis

One of the best IDEs ever. Thanks to all developers. Hope that this software will be maintained the next 5 years also ;)
- Veysel Özer

Happy Birthday and good luck for the next years...
- Michael Angerhausen

Keep up the good work! I'm sure that there will be 10, 15, 20 - and so on - anniversaries.
- Tore Klevenberg

Hi Eclipse Team, Many many happy returns of the day.. Time really flies... and you are getting better than ever... Cheers, Yogeesh
- Yogeesh

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Kailash Vasani

the Best IDE... Hearty Congratulations!!! ... Long live Eclipse love Shamjith
- Shamjith K V

Thanks for enriching my developer life for 5 years now! All the best to you, Eclipse!
- Tommy Haaks

Here's to many more years of kickass software development!! Happy Birthday!!
- Joydeep Mitra

Best IDE in the World. It has come so far.
- Keith Paterson

Best IDE in the World. It has come so far.
- Keith Paterson

Birthday eclipse = new Birthday(5); eclipse.singHappyBirthday(); // Happy Birthday to you... eclipse.bestWishes4Future();
- Oscar Sanchez Montaner

May your dreams reach even higher!
- Andrey Sazanovets

Great Going we all r with you ...........
- krishna kumar s s

Great going guys ....
- krishna kumar s s

Happy birthday
- Marius Mueller

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Andy Carmichael

Happy Birthday Eclipse !!! Eclipse has eclipsed all other IDEs.
- Rajendra Prasad Vissapragada

Thanks Eclipse Team for making life much easier
- Abhijit

Happy birthday ! and keep up the excellent work !!
- Nati Dykstein

Happy Birthday!
- Rene K,

Great going on a terrific development platform!
- Jim Parziale

Happy birthday! Eclipse rules, RCP is great!
- Boris Klug

Happy B'day Eclipse....
- krishna

Eclipse is too cool! It a great framework and it is an honour to be an Eclipse user!
- Claus Høstrup

Very, very good programming environment. I can't without it. Please continue....
- Jurge van Eijck

Happe Birthday Eclipse! - it is an honour to be an Eclipse user!
- Claus Hoestrup

Happy Birthday Eclipse!Kudos for all your accomplishments. Here is cheers to many many more years to come...
- Technology Innovation Group,Zensar Technologies Ltd

Million greetings!!! Live long!! Happy Birthday! Dear friend Eclipse, Thanks for reducing my work silently while I was busy... You've been very inspirational all along. Thanks for being such a good friend (and an intelligent pair). Keep rocking.
- Nirav Thaker

Happy Birthday! Eclipse is the best util ever!
- Horst Fechtig

Great software design. Great collaboration. Great product.
- Vishal Jhagadiawala

Happy Birthday.
- raju

Keep Rocking !
- Devarajan Subramanian

Be Happy!
- Devarajan Subramanian

Congratulations! Well done. I'm successfully building an industrail strength RCP. Keep up the good work.
- Charles Godwin

Many many returns of the day. May god fullfill all your dreams and you keep serving us for next century also.
- Pathik

Happy birthday Are you looking forward to start school?
- Palle Louw

Happy Birthday! I am developing applications for the web and desktop and it is great to have Java, XML, Swing, AWT, SQL and so much more in one singe application. Great Work!
- Gordian Hamerla

What an amazing journey you(and me) have had! Thanks for truly making me feel so nurtured! A very very happy happy birthday to you! Rock-on forever my dear platform!
- Vivek Oswal

Happy Brithday, Eclipse! So I'm very happy since I meet u! 生日快乐!
- Yang Li

All the best, keep on good job!
- Martin Purkert

long live eclipse! and many happy releases!
- karol kleibl

Happy birthday Eclipse.
- Ahmed Mohamed Shaheen

You have been a great patron all the while for the Java Developers, Tool Developers, Application Developers, Web Developers. You have changed the entire face of the rudimentary Tool Platform concept. Kudos to you and wishing you all the best for the future Success.
- SureshKrishna

Awesome product! Long live Eclipse!
- Andre Andreev

Great! Since Eclipse i never used notepad for coding java. Thank You
- Klaus Schüller

Congratulations !!
- Juan Devarie

happy birthday Eclipse!

I began my journey with eclipse as my first IDE for development on Java when I first started serious programming in university. I have never regretted the decision while the rest of my colleagues used NetBeans. I have followed the developments of eclipse in the following years and hope that it will continue in the spirit that it always have. Congratulations and Happy Birthday eclipse! Go forth and conquer the world of development...
- Teo Xiang Zheng

Eclipsing your 5th year, absolutely amazing!!!!! !!!!! ##### ===== #####
- Nick

Eclipse is so cool - even my 9yr old wants his own copy! I hope he grows up to be a committer.
- Pat McCarthy

Since my days working at IBM I had been an admirer of the Eclipse Project. Congratulations to all the people involved in creating and growing this very interesting framework for the nurturing and development of software ideas/thoughts.
- Fernando Hurtado

- Ivan Umnov


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