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Eclipse is simple and great. Without Eclipse life of a developer is not complete. Thanks a million to the creators of Eclipse.
- Shravan

The Best IDE in the World, Have a Great birthday...
- Digz

Valor! Thank you & merry birthday!
- Ching Soo Meng

Happy birthday! Best wishes to eclipse.
- John Wilson

Happy 5, Eclipse!
- Matt Passell

Happy Birthday eclipse
- Kanchana Buddhika Sugathapala

Happy Birthday !
- Pradeep Peiris

Congratulations and more years for Community and development Eclipse team
- Daniel Del R.

Eclipse is a great product. I like it. Happy birthday!
- evan.yin

Its make my life easier...........
- Eranga Samararathna

Its make my life easier...........
- Eranga Samararathna

May longlive the eclipse community and scale new heights in opensource IDE cult.
- Ratanlal Barot

Happy 5th BirthDay to Eclipse, Keep up the good work.
- Setya

Thanks for the last wonderful four years!
- Hans

wish you a very happy 5th birthday eclipse
- Gajendran

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!!
- Jenny HIi

Thanks for being there :)) ..
- Muhammad Ali

Not much to say but thanks.
- Rajat Vig

May Eclipse keep the life of developers easy by producing the Quality products as its doing so from the last 5 years. From the behalf of all the developers that are using Eclipse products & me personally, I would like to wish it a Happy & Prosperous year ahead.
- Vaibhav Maheshwary

It's great IDE with lot for flexibility
- venkaiah

Happy Birthday, Eclipse and the development team, great job :)
- Soh Eng Beng

Happy Birthday :-)
- Lijin Joseji

Happy birthday to a great product that never ceases to amaze me!
- Jeramyn Feucht

Wishing a great future to the best IDE I have used so far.
- Pranshu Gupta

Many many happy returns of the day.........Eclipse
- Roshan Titus

Just want to wish Happy Birthday..erm, just wonder where is the party in Malaysia??
- deimy

Let the Almighty allow u people to extend the Openness to the World without a break of millisecond......
- Ahamed Rasheed C K

Happy Birthday
- Ram Gole

Happy Birthday
- Ram Gole

Since June 2005, we start to develop an Eclipse RCP based application called KDKlipse (vendor=BBS Inc, Tokyo, Japan). Eclipse makes our dream coming to true. Thanks a lot.
- Feng Dihai

Happy birthday! Thanks for the great tools and frameworks. Looking forward to a "Total Eclipse" ;-)
- Rob Vermazeren

May eclipse glow like dimond
- Shiv Shankar

Onneksi olkoon!
- Harri Nissinen

Nice one ;) have a good time since 2003
- Matthew Kwong

You have done a good job! You will do a better job!
- Qshn

Happy Birthday!!! Keep it up!
- Steven Vo

Great product, great community. Let this go on for at least fity more years
- Christian Weichel

In my 10 years of IT Experience the best, reliable and comparatively low resource hungry Java Editor was Eclipse. It has great features that makes my Programming faster and fun. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
- Sanesh Fernando

I love Eclipse........
- Eray BALAT

I love Eclipse........
- Eray BALAT

Happy Birthday!
- Genady Beryozkin

Eclipse addicted since 2.0 Beta.
- Valentin Baciu

Happy B Day eclipse
- Charith Haputhanthree

happy birthday! thank you ,eclipse.
- allen

Eclipse Guy
- Shifei Luo

Many more happy returns of the day
- Avinash C I

The platform that drive the future client application!
- Alex

Many happy returns
- Dave English

Hi Eclipse! The best of wishes from Denmark - to the No. 1 Java IDE!. With the hopes of another excellent 5 years :)
- Claus Christiansen

Well, you made that part of my life happening in front of a computer quite easier to bear.. thanks, and good luck!
- Angelo

An excellent opensource IDE with cute plugins...
- Rajesh Ramkumar

Eclipse is THE BEST IDE!!! Happy Birthday Eclipse, May you see more continued years of success and serve more of user community!
- Rashmi Mahajan

When I think Java I say Eclipse. I have been using Eclipse from version 3.0. I started learning Java a few years ago and Eclipse was first tool which I used to build my first program. That time I fell in love with Eclipse :). Good job, I hope You will never ever stop improve Eclipse.
- Radoslaw Witkowicki

I've been using eclipse for 4 years now. Used it as both as an IDE and plugin platform. I love every inch of Eclipse! Not only the features that are implemented there, but also the architecture design, the code, documentation - everything is done on a top quality. I wish you guys all the best! Happy birthday and keep up the good work! Cheers.
- Zilvinas Kybartas

I never open any application other than Eclipse Because Eclipse has everything Thanks Eclipse & Wish you Happy 5th Birthday I never ever open application other than Eclipse Happy Birthday E
- Ravi Kumar N

It's really wonderful IDE, and I have been usind Eclipse for last 2 years.
- madhu

Happy Birthday!
- Mirko Zeibig

Its one of the best tools and important part is that brings together the like minded people.
- Vipul Gupta

Happy Birthday. Thank you the Eclipse is great.
- Aditya Sofat

Congratulation for five years of excellent software production.
- Thomas Graziadei

I never open any application other and Eclipse Because Eclipse has everything Thanks Eclipse, It is because of your hard work Wish you very happy 5th birthday
- Ravi Kumar N

No mtter what I'm writing I know I can do it all in Eclipse.
- Ed Webb

Happy Birthday Eclipse, Thanks for all the time you saved me! I wish you all the best for the next years to come, curious of what you will do for devellopers.
- Maik Kreutzfeldt

Great IDE! Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Larysa Visengeriyeva

Happy Birthday Eclipse! It's a great IDE, but the basic core is quite naked... But the plugin mechanism is good and there are so many great plugins out there!
- Christoph Grothaus

Happy Birthday
- Sybille Dühring

Best wishes to be the global IDE
- Khaled Fahmy

Alles Gute!!!
- Sybille Duehring

I love the Eclipse, because it can take me effect more and more. Happy birthday , Eclipse guy!
- wonder

I'd like to wish all people working for or using Eclipse a happy birthday for the 5th of November.
- Michel Rizzo

Best wishes and lots of happy developers for next five years!
- Richard Sladek

Been using iot for 4 of your 5 years - Eclipse rocks!
- Mike Bell

- Klas Nyman

Five years has flown by! Congratulations and best wishes to everyone behind Eclipse.
- Ben Poole

Happy Birthday, and thanks to all Eclipse developers!
- Jaap Beetstra

Happy birthday to Eclipse!
- Marcin Zduniak

Happy Birthday! I started using Eclipse at 0.9!
- Genady Beryozkin

thanks to eclipse for making our work easier....
- chandrasekar

hai very happy times are Ahead as we plunder the unlimited knowledge in this untamed earth
- saravana

Eclipse is my IDE since 2003, when I discoverd it at university for my study on AspectJ and AJDT. Now I use it everyday at work. I love it!
- Francesco Chiodo

Congratulations to the best IDE and the cool RCP framework Eclipse has build!
- Christian Hvitved

Long Live Eclipse
- MD Shayan Anwer

Happy birthday
- WM

happy birthday
- abhijeet

Congratulation to the Eclipse team for providing such great platform !
- Gilles Antoons

I LOVE Eclipse, Simply superb...
- Girish

Happy Birthday, 5 years only but already the developper's best friend.
- Thierry Hanot

Wszystkiego najlepszego i powodzenia w dalszej pracy!
- Bartek Baran

I wish you all to be there to celebrate for the next hundred years to come! Happy birthday!
- Giuseppe Montalto

I Wish even greater success for future, let it be "HEART BEAT" of Developers...!!!
- G M S

Happy Birthday!
- Johannes Rieken

thanks for the best program
- Matthias Reissner

- Kaniska

Eclipse is amazing
- Ravikanth Somayaji

Happy Birthday!
- Mika Piiksi

It's the best time, it's the best IDE, we are the luckiest guys! Happy birth day!
- Rong Tao

Happy Birthday Eclipse! I can't believe I have been with you since last 3 years!
- Sharat Babu

Happy Birthday Eclipse .... Cheers
- Vikram Reddy Tummala

happy birthday eclipse
- Sharmeela

Hi , Really one of the best Java IDE I have used,stuck to it from college and still using it ,a great interface with a bangawon of plugins for every feature u can dream of .. Regards, gaurav
- Gaurav

Happy Birthday Eclipse....Keep up your good work!
- Aravindh

happy birthday
- Madhu

I wish you anything, but nothing in particular...
- Richard Müller

Happy Birthday Child!!its fun workin wid u.. From Ur Grand Dad Vijay
- S.Vijay Anand

Happy Brithday Eclipse
- Bhuvaneswari

Happy Birthday Eclipse ... Youve come a long way ... :)
- Ahmed M Khan

Happy birthday to you, Eclipse. Keep going!
- Jan Rosczak

eclipse done great job
- tamilarasan

Happy Brithday! 生日快乐。 Hope from China:D
- Ran Xiang

Happy b day eclipse. May you grow into a PYT.
- Prasanth Nath

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!!!
- Felipe Lang

Good work!
- Rik Bosman

Eclipse rocks!
- Yogesh Bhardwaj

Congrats Eclipse, I can't imagine life without Eclipse IDE.
- Timir Patel

Thank you for a great tool! Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Arpad Zoldi

Well done Eclipse, I wouldn't want to use anything else for my programming these days!
- Patricia Shaw

Well done, Eclipse! You're about the smartest computer program I've ever used. Just 13 more years and you can drink legally, so I guess we should make good use of you in the meanwhile :)
- Alex

Congratulation for these 5 years of innovation. Happy Birthday.
- Etienne Juliot

Happy Birthday!! We want you to stay for at least the same amount of years. But preferably longer.
- Jan Krabbenbos

Eclipse - You are the best :)!!! Happy birthday
- boba

happy birthday, thanks to all contributers
- jonathan talisman

Happy Birthday to Eclipse. You finally brought an excellent Open Source IDE to us, so we would not need to download crippled software anymore if we wanted Java geeks wanted a good tool. Maybe it's also a sad day for the Borlanders, but the good old days of Turbo Pascal are far away anyway.
- Carlo Luib-Finetti

Hey, happy birthday! And many thanks for the great work to bring alive Eclipse, my favorite IDE for java :)
- Xin Gao

Happy Birthday Eclipse. Keep up your good work.
- Guru Prasath

Greetz to the devs of my daily work tool :)
- Jonas Goebel

Congratulations - on the birthday and on being the best and most comprehensive platform for developers
- Mikkel Lauritsen

Hello Eclipse,Happy Birthday to you :-P
- Shifeng Yu

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! Great platform. Using Eclipse as an IDE for our own Domain-specific languages (writing our own in-house plugin), we have experienced a high productivity enhancement.
- Jakob Lyng Petersen

Have a good one!!
- Michael LeBlanc

Congratulations on Eclipse 5th Birthday.
- Srihari Akiri

very very thanks
- zhang xiaoming

Hi ECLIPSE, MANY MORE Happy Returns of the day..
- Lakshmanakumar

It's a very kickass product!
- Alper Çugun

It's a very kickass product!
- Alper Cugun

Congratulations. I've known you for most of your life, and you are realy maturing.
- Roel Spilker

Hello World!
- Lin Edwin

eclipse is the best in software I saw during my professional life. Congratulations to all the contributors and to the founders
- Joerg Reuter

Download once and never use other IDEs.More and more eclipse installed machines...

The best IDE under Sun!
- Milosz Tylenda

Congratulation Eclipse, I like you through 3 years. I hope that I know you since you have been born :P We will celebrate you in Egypt, cairo, Egyptian Java User Group
- Ahmed Hashim

Happy birthday to the lovelist product ever made with Java and for Java. :)
- Amr

Happy OpenSource day :)
- Mohamed Gamal

The best all round development tools ever! Here is to many returns!
- Tom Eugelink

Special thank to the developer community. Keep up the good work!
- Toufic Nehme

Great tool, breaks down the boundaries between files and program units. Keep up the good work, and keep it free!
- Kenan Ross

Keep Rocking !!
- Amit

It's good to see eclipse come to so mature nowadays, it's very helpful in my daily work, making my development more smoothly. I love eclipse!
- Wentao Zheng

I love using eclipse to write Java code. I wish it have a brilliant future!
- Zhiyu Liu

Wish you happy birthday !! To the Hardest-Working, Fun-Loving, Co-Worker I know.
- Hisham

Eclipse is so good that it ECLIPSED all other IDEs. I never look back since I started using eclipse 3 years back. A big thank you to the Eclipse team. Happy Birthday!
- Kim

Congrats Eclipse for making free-open source software a reliable reality!
- Sathya Srinivasan

Muchas Felicidades Eclipse, eres el mejor !!!!
- Carlos Pons

Happy Birthday, I am very appreciate the whole Eclipe team.It is the most wonderful development tool.
- Tim Hong

Eclipse RCP makes Java Desktop Application survive and thrive, I'v lovin' it, wish you happy birthday :)
- Sike Huang

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! You've been very good to my bottom line.
- Christopher Miller

YAY! I love eclipse!
- Chris Ing

Great work! Keep it up!
- Edward Wagner

Μάιος που ζείτε σε 100 (May you live to 100)
- Jerry Odenwelder

Happy 5'er to the best IDE in the world!
- Kushal Munir

- Harish Murthy

May there be many more
- Jim Manara

Happy 5th Birthday, Eclipse!
- Roland Bender

Eclipse RCP makes Java desktop application survive and thrive, I'm lovin' it, and wish you happy birthday :)
- Sike Huang

Here's to at least 5 more awesome years.
- Eric Fialkowski

Happy B-Day!
- Kevin

Best wishes on your birthday Eclipse! You are just a toddler, but you've got a bright future ahead of you. May you live and prosper until 120 and beyond! Aleksandr Kravets
- Aleksandr Kravets

Happy more releases!
- Alin Dreghiciu

Happy bday Buddy!
- Narendra

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! It was a privilege to be there (as a part of QNX) when the Eclipse Consortium first launched and in more recent times as a part of Eclipse Foundation. Great work; carry on...
- Chantal Yang

Keep on going!
- Jay Schmidgall

Happy birthday, you are just getting started, and already become a phenomenon. Keep going, good luck
- Jag Shelkay

Happy 5th Birthday, with many more to come!
- Seng Phung-Lu

A big fan of Eclipse!!! Happy Birthday, and keep up the good work ;) cheers!
- Jalal Ahmed Araidah

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Pete Freitag

Happy Birtday to my beloved IDE-framework for Java and Python! Hope you will stay as sexy as you actually are for a long time!
- Steffen Mutter

Happy Birthday!
- Dianne Marsh

Glad to have been a part of this from the beginning! Happy birthday, Eclipse!
- Sheldon Wosnick

Happy Birthday !! Life would be miserable without you :-)
- Sachin

What an awesome tool! I've been using and enjoying it for the last couple of years on an informal basis and look forward to _finally_ using it professionally.
- charles summers

What an awesome tool! I've enjoyed using it for the last couple of years and look forward to _finaally_ getting to use it professionally.
- charles summers

Happy-happy birthday! Eclipse rocks!
- Nick Belaevski

After 5 years of being a proud Eclipse user, I'm currently preparing to give a course on Eclipse RCP and I'm still discovering new possibilities of this platform! I only have to convince these two little guys to start using Eclipse... Happy birthday, Gert Vanthienen
- Gert Vanthienen

- Maksim Kaszynski

Eclipse rocks !!!
- Arul Velan R S

Great, great, great.. Free and open that what java need.
- GUEUNIER Sébastien

Happy Brithday Eclipse! Thank you for five great years!
- Benjamin Keil

Congratulations on a tremendous project well carried out. It is a huge success!
- Alan Ferguson

keep on the good work
- Olaf Kielhorn

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! It's been a pleasure working with you and watching you grow these last 3 years. I can't wait to see what the future brings for both of us. Thank you for being so great and making my life easier. I don't know what I would have done without you.
- Stephanie Zeliadt

Happy birthday Eclipse, congragulations for CHANGING THE WORLD for the better!
- Floyd Marinescu

feliz cumpleaños a la mejor herramienta que conozco y graxias a todos los que colaboran con el desarrolo de ella. y que cumpla muchos años mas!!!!
- machix

كل سنة و إنت طيب :)
- Aly

Happy Birthday
- Suresh

Happy birthday, Eclipse! I fell in love with Eclipse at first sight and I love it more and more with each milestone. The IDE rocks and the RCP is my favourite technology at the moment. Keep up the good work!
- Michał Tkacz

Great product!
- garry

I actually started working with Eclipse when all the source packages started with (not org.eclipse). It's been a wild ride! Happy Birthday!
- Brian Roberts

Happyyyyyyyyyyyyy BirthDay Eclipsianooooooooooo
- Mahamed Fathy

Congragulations Eclipse - you changed the world for the better!
- Floyd Marinescu

groovy... hip hip hip hourray! keep on keeping on.
- andree

Been an avid user since 2.1 and never looked back! Congratulations!
- Reinier Zwitserloot

I wish i can sent a e-card for the fiftieth birthday of eclipse.
- zhang yanling

Congratulations; only been with you the last year but won't be leaving. Dave
- Dave Michael

Hi-Fi(ve) to Eclipse. Many more happy returns of the day.
- Sridhar Anala

Happy Birthday
- Larry Streeter

Happy 5th Birthday. I'm looking forward to celebrating your 10th!
- David Kyle

You have made programming easy and interesting for me and I feel like i am gaming on my PC and always winning my games forever.
- K.S.Karthik

Congratulations! Eclipse has grown very rapidly and today its very hard to imagine life without it. I wish that Eclipse grows further and continues to be there forever. For me it will always be something that I will look up to.
- Aniruddh Chitre

Happy B'day Eclipse
- Sandeep Hebbare

Simply A Great IDE.... Made life more simpler and easier.....
- Srinath Kulkarni

Happy Birthday.... i can't work without u.....
- Jegadesna Ramaswamy

hi5 -- Happy Birthday, Eclipse
- Vijay

happy birthday, eclipse!
- hou.chunfeng

Wishing you a very happy B'Day Dear Eclipse... :-)
- Manglesh Jain

Happy B'day Eclipse. Wishing you all the luck, because if you are lucky then we will be luckier in getting a T-shirt from you. Best of Luck.
- vineeta

Happy Birthday!! Look forward to the next 5.
- Raymond Lee

eclipse world is fantastic. Would love to see it ECLIPSING all other products soon. - Kathir
- kathiravan

Happy birthday, emacs.
- Devesh Parekh

Eclipse is a great tool to work with. Congratulations!!
- Govarthanan

Happy bday to eclipse and hope to celebrate more
- Kiran

eclipse is greate!
- ben.xu

Thanxs for making software developement intresting.
- Chris Lenz

Happy Birthday to Eclipse! i love Eclipse very much!!! i will support you forever!!!
- Xm.Kang

I Love Eclipse. Happy B'th Day.
- Tony

Hi, First of all I would like to Congratulate the Eclipse Team for giving such a wonderful IDE to the Java and other developer communities.I have been using this IDE snce 2004 since then i never look into other IDE.It is that much strong for novice also.Keep going and we are there for you to support Narendra
- K .Narendra Kumar

happy birthday eclipse!
- johan inkinen


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