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Country SDK
- Ivan Umnov

Happy 5th Birthday, Eclipse!
- Chris Brealey

Happy birthday, Eclipse! Joyeux anniversaire! You make us proud of what we have done for the last 5 years!
- Olivier Thomann

Happy birthday, Eclipse! Congratulations to the foundation, members, committers, and contributors, and to the whole Eclipse community.
- Dave Steinberg

Happy birthday!
- Shi-feng Yu

Excellent innovations! Congratulations to one and all.
- Ali Manji

- ä¿æ¶é

Many happy returns! It's people like you who help keep this job interesting, and dare I say it, sometime fun!!
- Ali Collins

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!!!
- Jason Ozias

Long Life to the Eclipse Community!
- Philippe Krief

happy birthday, keep em coming.
- Drew Stockdreher

all the best to this project
- Mathias Falkenstein

Happy Birth Day my best Buddy !!!
- Venkatesh Paramasivam

Happy Birthday my best Buddy !!!
- Venkatesh Paramasivam

Wonderful! So much accomplished over the last 5 years. And so much more to do over the next 5. Happy Birthday.
- Pratik Shah

Although the name means the opposite Eclipse has enlighten the software market. Eclipse shining bright for 5 years
- Thomas Eisner

Happy Birthday eclipse Team, it's really nice to know about eclipse's birthday, and i'm so proud of all the people who worked on it to always keep us overwhelmed with the updates that makes our programming life easier. Thank you sooooo much ;)
- Sara Amr

Happy birthday eclipse! Keep developing that fast!
- Peter Kliem

congrats and keep up the good work.
- rich farrell

Happy Birthday, hope many will follow!
- Kai Mechel

Happy birthday!
- Juergen Braun

Happy Birthday Eclipse! 5yrs old?! So little yet so powerful!
- Yurik Oduvanchikoff

A happy user for 4 of the last 5 years, keep up the good work!!
- Jonathan Share

Been working with Eclipse since its early stages as a VisualAge follow on. Started using it as a production development environment with version 0.9. It's been a fun ride. The platform has come along way!
- Ray Elenteny

Happy B-Day
- Jesse Englert

Happy Birthday!
- Karen Taylor

The best wishes for all Eclipse developers.
- Marcin Molak

Happy Birthday to Eclipse !
- Vikas Bhargava

Happy 5!
- Walter Gussmann

Felicidades Eclipse en tu quinto aniverario. Que cumplas muchos maaaaas!!!
- Francisco Revelles

Happy Birthday, and never retire!
- Steven Hepting

please fix bugs, especially swt & jface user since 0.x
- George Korosy

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Doug Huber

Thanks Eclipse, you are the best Java IDE out there and each release you keep getting better. Keep up the good work.
- Michael Camp

Happy Birthday Eclipse! It has been a great 5 years. Looking forward to many more.
- Steve Wasleski

happy birthday to YOU happy birthday to YOU happy birthday to ECLIPSE happy birthday to YOU HEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY
- adil mezghouti

Happy birthday eclipse and thank you so much!
- Peter Rendl

Great job. My favorite IDE. Keep it on.
- James Wong

Congratulations to one of the most successful projects in the Open Source movement! Here's to a prosperous future!
- Graham

Hello Eclipse! Good going and keep going! Happy birthday!
- Carl Gustaf Hjelt Liebe

Happy Birthday Eclipse.. I LOVE IT! KEEP IT COMMING see you in another 5 years
- Bob Stallings

Go on!
- Thomas Hoppe

Long live Eclipse!!
- Radha

Many happy returns! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with over the next five years...
- Nick Efford

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Ferran Rodenas

May the next five be even more amazing, if that is possible!
- Jim Pangburn

May the next five be even more amazing!
- Jim Pangburn

Glad to be part of the team! Cheers to many more years.
- Lynn Gayowski

Happy Birthday. You gave good fame to java.
- Naveen

Congratulations on the birthday.
- Masataka Yamaguchi

Happy Birthday Eclipse, and congratulations to all the incredible community!. Your efforts have taken Eclipse so far. Best wishes for the future.
- Johans Marvin Taboada Villca

Eclipse is the greatest IDE I have seen so far, Happy birthday and she will go in Fortune's lap.
- zhouwei

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!
- Mick Smothers

Happy Birthday to Eclipse
- Bhaban

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!!!
- Khoo Teng Siang

Happy birthday from a developer in VietNam
- Le Nghiem Thanh Thuy

Wishing one and all a swelligant Eclipse 5th birthday celebration ... congratulations!
- Linda Watson

Thanks for all the productivity! I can't imagine my work day without you.
- Shane Fox

Happy Birthday've come a long way from your VisualAge heritage. Congrats!! It's hard to believe we've been using you for 5 years, time flies when you're having fun!
- Brian Bonner, Paraware

Happy eclipse! Heard about it, used it, loved it!
- Vishal V. Shah

Happy Birthday! Programming cannot be much easier without you.
- Xiaoyu Zhang

This is a big day for all of us... Happy BDay
- Ken Sweeney

- ocean

Great app! Here's to another five years...
- Jasper Bryant-Greene

Wish you be as innovative as you have been and enjoy the community support forever

Happy Birthday! while I was totly new at coding and had no idea what I was doing, you didn't break on me. Many wishes, Charles
- Charles Vasquez

Happy birthday!
- Pavel Mikovec

Happy Birthday to Eclipse
- Sudha C Reddi

Happy Birthday to Eclipse
- Sudha C Reddi

My Dear Eclipse, For me, when I found you, you were at once a puzzle, a revelation and a goal. I look forward to one day doing all my development, regardless of language, in your deft and dextrous hands. Happy Birthday! Adam.
- Adam Meehan

Happy birthday Eclipse, congratulations and best wishes to the developers and community members; keep up the great work.
- Karsten Stoeckmann

Happy 5th birthday to the complete Eclipse Community. Keep up the good work of Open Source Development.
- Marcel Konings

I wish you a massive developer and user community and hell a lot of time and resources to continue evolving the best developer toolset ever seen.
- Attila Vágvölgyi

Happy birthday to Eclipse! It's been a wonderful journey so far. Keep on hacking!
- Jani Rutanen

I don't use Eclipse frequently, but it's good to have a project like this open source. So Happy Birthday Eclipse.
- Boris

Eclipse it totally awersome. Happy birthday. Hope to be invited and celebrate its 10th anniversary :)
- Chris

grow up according to expectations.
- saurabh shrivastava

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Abhilash

happy birthday eclipse
- biju

Congratulations! You're amazing guys creating an awesome platform. Thanks so much and have a great party! Carsten Pfeiffer
- Carsten Pfeiffer

Best wishes for the Team creating the best free Java IDE :-)
- Nikodem Jura

Eclipse! I have a fun when i'am code with Elipse. It's amazing IDE. I use it more than 3 years. And very happy! Happy Elipse to all!
- Igor A. Melekhine

Coding Java in Eclipse has been the most fun I have had as a programmer. Kudos to the development team and partners for creating the mind blowing functionality in the Eclipse platform.
- Steve Hanna

Coding Java in Eclipse has been the most fun I have had as a programmer. Kudos to the development team and partners for creating the mind blowing functionality in the Eclipse platform.
- Steve Hanna

keep on the good work
- Sebastian Fuchs

Congratulation ! It is very good product and I using this product nearly 4 years..
- Rishi Kumar Sharma

Happy birthday, my dear Eclipse. It's been a wonderful time, you've changed my perspective to programming altogether.
- Ramy Kamell

- Nick Allen

For Eclipse is such a good product, I like it so much!I hope she will become more powerful! I will follow you!:)
- Justin Xu

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Caitríona Raftery

Selamat ulang tahun yang kelima untuk Eclipse dan Komunitas Eclipse se-dunia! Happy Birthday Eclipse and congrats to Eclipse community all over the world!
- Romi Hardiyanto

Happy birthday eclipse, I hope more nice adventures and a lot of working hours :p
- Arnaud Bouts

Congratulations Eclipse and let me thank the many people that have devoted so much time to this excellent product.
- Craig Berrett

Eclipse the bean!
- Alfredo

Happy Birthday, Eclipse the best!!!
- Sergey Trekurov

Eclipse simple Rocks!, using it, loving it. Congrats to the development team, great work!.
- Rory Sandoval

happy birthday
- Ayman Antar yassin Mohamed

happy birthday
- Ayman Antar yassin Mohamed

Happy Birthday! Hard hard work,Day day UP.
- fuxiutao

- Vijay Albuquerque

Good time have just started!
- Pratik Parikh

- Rishi

Happy 5th Birthday
- Bruce Hunt

- Rishi

Great 5 years
- mark zawadzki

Happy 5th Birtday Eclipse ! Thanks to the Eclipse Team !
- mingfung

Happy 5th anniversary to a well deserving product!
- Ayinde Yakubu

Happy Birthday Eclipse :)
- Alexander V. Ivanov

Happy birthday - You are the best IDE - I like it !!!
- Andrey

Good Luck!
- Mykola Makarenko

The best IDE
- Andey Gorbatov

Happy Birthday!
- Amber Beerends

Happy fifth! Keep getting better!
- Patrick Forhan

- Tim Anderson

"Opening Opportunities" that is all I can say about Eclipse in short. All the best to Eclipse in its 5th birthday and wish to see it growing to celebrate its 10th birthday.
- Feras Nabulsi

Happy Birthday and have a great year ahead.
- Shyam

Wow! 5 years already. The time has just flown by.
- Stef van Dijk

Congratulations on making it through to 5 years. Many Happy returns and big up to the next 5. Thanks for your support and the mention ... you guys are the best
- Oleg Kodinets

Happy B-day! Thanks for producing a great product. Much continued success.
- R.Q. Chen

I've never met a nicer SDK. ;)
- Ken Goyak

Congrats. Thanks for all the hard work. This is an amazing product suite in such a little time.
- Hitesh Lad

Happy 5th Birthday, Eclipse! Sixteen more and I'll buy you a drink!
- Scott Duensing

Happy Birthday, Eclipse - roulez!!
- Matthias

Happy Birthday and congratulations
- Geoff Ruscoe

Best wishes for Eclipse and the Eclipse team! Thank you!
- Dominik Stożek

Many more good years to come! Happy birthday!
- Chit Boon

Thanks for all the hard work. Thanks to you guys I have been able to write a lot more and a lot better code over the past few years.
- Caleb Phillips

To the best IDE ever!
- Florian Kirchmeir

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!!
- Gavin

Congratulations from the IBM-Rational Clearcase Remote Client (CCRC) Team
- Charlie Behrens

Happy Birthday Eclipse. The Sun may always shine on you ;-)
- Jose Rodriguez

A very happy birthday to Eclipse. A HUGE THANK YOU to everybody involved in its development. You guys are awesome!! Please keep the good work on.
- Abbas

Eclipse, you changed software development!
- David Whiteman

It's been pleasure to work with you
- umar

kudo to the developers.
- Naveen

You saved me from using emacs. I am eternally grateful.
- Antti Lehto

Lejos el mejor ide! gracias y feliz cumple! -> thanks and happy birthday!
- Demian

I love you, Eclipse! If you were a women, i will ask you to marry me!
- Vlad

I'm having a delightful year of using Eclipse. Happy Birthday!
- Chuan Ma

Happy B'day Eclipse! The BEST IDE/Open Source Tool I have ever found. Keep it up. Congratulations.
- Gireesh Kumar

Making my life so much easier...keep up the good work!
- Fred van der Heide

Thanks for helping developers make their job easier.
- Emilio

The best product ive ever used!
- pratima gogineni

Happy new features for the next 10 years to come!!!
- Alex Dovlecel

Happy Birthday eclipse! Stay free, stay open.
- Bill Scofield

Happy birthday and all the best for the next five years.
- Peter Brantschen

Hey guys, Congrats for 5 years of exceptional product quality and support! I've been using Eclipse as my Java/C/C++ development platform since version 2.0. Keep up the good work! The little IDE that could is quickly replacing or being incorporated into all the major IDEs out there. Here's to the next 5 years.
- Christian Britton

Happy Birthday !!!
- CamThu Le

New at it and loving it. keep it up
- Rafael R Rodriguez

The best IDE ever, Thanks IBM.
- Jonathan M SHuali

Keep up the awesome community-based work!
- Savio Rodrigues

Happy Birthday Eclipse! You've been making our lives much more interesting all these years!
- IntelliJ IDEA Team

Birthday.getinstance(Eclipse.getInstance(5)).congratulations(); do{ Eclipse.getInstance().releaseSuccess(); }While(true)

A great environment to work with and a good community. Keep up the work for the next 5 years
- Achim Schneider

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! You make my day everyday!
- Subha

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Russell Souza

Happy Birthday, eclipse!! You are even more intelligent than any of those expensive guys.
- David X. Yu

This is an awesome product - Happy Birthday
- Mittal Bhiogade

"And everything under the Sun is in tune... but the Sun is >>Eclipsed<< by the Moon" :). Happy Birthday Eclipse. You rock.
- Sebastian Zarzycki

Congratulations to all the developers of this great framework!!!
- mario pissardo

Happy Birthday young Eclipse!
- Konrad Kolosowski

Kudos to the Eclipse team and the community for such a wonderful set of tools.
- Todd Diehl

Happy Birthday Eclipse! you changed the way people code and laid the foundation and benchmark for others.
- Parveen Gupta

I love eclipse
- George Peter

I remember seeing a demo and a spec for JFace 2000 the new verion of the internal IBM library based on JFace,I was in the toronto lab and thought hmmm, so I am being told the competitor is not Sun and Swing but we need a platform that could compete with Visual Studio. I said what about Swing and they said SWT runs faster and is what we need !! I said we have just spent years helping Sun get that Netscape stuff working in Java why why !!, I walked out of the meeting feeling this could be a a big mistake. But I am glad I was proved wrong, I helped run the beta programme for the first IBM development tooling that was built ontop of Eclipse and that first time I built a web app and it ran in Websphere, I jumped out of chair ran round the office and screamed, this is going to be a winner, all the best Eclipse on your 5th birthday, I am hear to make sure you see 10 !!! Cheer Matt Perrins IBM Software Services - Client Technologies
- Matthew Perrins

Wow, 5 years Lessee... number of IDE licenses saved x number of developers x 5 = happy boss/bonus?/raise?/training?/you_name_it Hey, Eclipse makes beautiful equations! Thanks a bunch.
- Michael Moran

Eclipse is the best development platform. Here's to many more!
- Ed

Thanks to the whole Eclipse team for delivering a product with such a great level of quality. Happy birthday to you guys!
- Laurent Mirguet

Wish you a wonderful happy 5th. You deserve more and thank for being such a force in defining the development world. Your quest for changing the world will go the full distance, we will hitch hike for that journey in anyway possible
- Sarav Chithambaram

Congratulations, Eclipse! You´re by far the best IDE in the world!!!
- Fabio Kimura

Happy Birthday!
- Tessie

Happy Birthday!
- Jaman Burton

Happy Birthday!
- Sarah Hobart

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! Thanks to make my life better! :-D
- Adriano Lopes Pereira

Wish Eclipse 5th Happy Birthday. Its really cool stuff to work and i made this as standard IDE in my project.
- Nagaraj

Herzlichsten Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag und alles Gute für die nächsten fünf Jahre!
- Christian Gudrian

Happy Birthday Eclipse. You are the best. Thank you.
- Feng

100 years more !!!
- Pawel

No more Notepad, no more ; errors :) Big success, big grow for this 5 years. Congratulation!!
- Milivoj Simeonovski

Wish u great plugins , which makes life of developer easy. :-)
- Devesh Neema

A very happy 5th birthday and wishes for many more to come.
- Sohail

Great product...keep up the great work!
- Omar Khan

The future of Eclipse is much brighter than it's past. I hope that we can all take part in making eclipse a great platform for future projects!!
- Ben Dayan

Great going till now - Wish you the same for the future!
- Vijay Aravamudhan

Did great works in the past, Hope more glorious in the future!
- William Zhu

Such a fantastic framework, a brilliant break through for the software developer community. We all love you, Eclipse
- Uy Dung Nguyen

Best thing to happen to Java development since the language was invented.
- Jess Sightler

Happy Birthday - Thank you such a fine product. I have been using since the first release which was the first IDE I liked that had taken VI away from me as my primary source editor.
- David Channon

Many happy returns of the day. You have done an excellent job uptill now and I am sure you will continue to do the same good work in future. Thanks to all the Eclipse developer team. Your efforts are really appreciated.
- Hiten

Happy birthday, Eclipse! Although you are only 5, your maturary doesn't show this at all!
- Adrian Pang

FELICIDADES Eclip5e !!!!
- Alex

Happy 5!
- Wael

Great Great IDE!! Long live Java :-)
- Krishna Adavi

A very Happy Birthday. May you have many more...May you eclipse all other IDES.
- Savio Heredia

Eclipse is great :D
- Philip Preissing

Go ahead. Its a perfect solution for development. I havnt find better and its free.
- steve

Happy Birthday ...
- kjds

Thank you Eclipse for proving that Open Source can rule the world! (Linux + Eclipse = Perfect SDE)
- Shane Morton

Happy birthday!
- hongyi

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Eclipse!! With you maturing year by year, developer's life is getting happier and happier because applications are getting developed faster and faster !! Continue progressing!! --Ashish Gharde
- Ashish Gharde

Congratulations and thanks to all contributors and developers.. with all the best wishes for the future.
- Daniel Baumann

Congrats, and thanks for the great tool!
- Eelco Hillenius

Happy 5th. I know this will be looked backas a very early milestone in the long hidtory of the Eclipse Foundation.
- Nobby Akiha

- Antonio Carranza Ordaz

Looking forward to the next 5 years.
- Stephen Egan

Happy birthday, Eclipse!!
- Markus Hanssen

Happy birthday! Thanks for eclipse making it possible to get through programming class with a great IDE!
- David Li

Happy Birthday!
- Stanly Lau

Happy Birthday
- chenligang

Happy Birthday
- Claus Reheis

Happy Birthday Eclipse :D
- Alexei Guevara

To be more developer friendly!
- Agatha Yeung

Happy Birthday Eclipse! the best IDE for java ever!
- Fernando

Many happy returns of the day !! Thanks for making life better !
- Sandeep

Eclipse is community. Community is king. Long live Eclipse!
- Chris Noe

Happy Birthday Eclipse for the wonderful IDE
- Stephen Ting

Happy Birthday!
- Nie Dongbin

My company use intellij IDE,but in my mind Eclipse is the best.try best to beat the intellij IDE.
- ronald feng

Happy Birthday!
- Shio Wen

Happy Birthday... ^o^
- Huang

Happy Birthday
- esseff

Happy Birthday! Wish you all the best in coding...
- ricardo campo

å好ï¼å¿«æ·çå·¥åå·¥å·ï¼æ¿Eclipseè¶æ¥è¶å®ç¾ã è¾è¦äºï¼çæ¥å¿«ä¹ï¼
- Amber.zhang

Whether it's web-application development (JSF, Laszlo, RoR), desktop-application development (SWT/JFace, Swing), modelling, DB Management, legacy-code maintainence (CDT), or profiling, Eclipse (and it's colossal plugin ecosystem) is the only primary development toolset me and my team have ever really **needed**!!
- Sachindra Singh

Whether it's web-application development (JSF, Laszlo, RoR), desktop-application development (SWT/JFace, Swing), modelling, DB Management, legacy code maintenance (CDT) or profiling, Eclipse (it's colossal plugin ecosystem) is the only toolset me and my team have ever **needed**.
- Sachindra Singh


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