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Hava a Excellent Future!
- XiangKui Chang

I'm a Java Software Engineer,I love Eclipse very much! So,I will support Eclipse forever!!! Happy birthday to Eclipse! Give you my best wish !
- Xmas Kang

Happy birthday eclipse, Beating the others
- Khaled

Happy 5'th birth day to every one.
- inseon, lee

Wish you Happy Birthday 'Eclipse' !!!!! May you have more and more to come So that we get to celebrate more and more and that to with a BANG ;-)
- Yathindra R

happy birthday to the best world ever; your brigth future is the promess of more sucess with you
- Christian Bice

Happy Birthday
- Ali Mahdoui

eclipse makes me love Java.
- Mahmoud Saeed

eclipse makes me love Java.
- Mahmoud Saeed

Let eclipse be there for many more years
- TechMag

All the best, from Germany West.
- Ralf Schmitt

- Bo Hu

Very excellent tool. Should live forever and grow forever.
- Tamilselvan

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Thank you to the platform for allowing us, plugin developers to provide great tools to the community! Mark Drew Lead Developer CFEclipse Plugin
- Mark Drew

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Eclipse.
- Harald Lang

Happy Birthday Eclipse, live long and prosper!
- David Black

There are only 2 words to say: Eclipse Rocks! ;) Keep it up!
- Thomas St.

Happy Birthday!!! wishes Jarek!!!
- Jarosław Naglik

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!!
- Priya

Happy birthday Eclipse! :-)
- Laubrino

May you have many happy returns
- Lewis Welsh

Happy BDay! Hope there are many to come. Eclipse is the BEST IDE ever!!!
- Nic

Happy birthday, Eclipse! May you achieve a new high level and beat VS! And also hope WTP could go well with eclipse too!
- Wang Jialiang

An outstanding achievment!
- anish

Happy Birthday
- Deepa

Many Thanks to everyone to has contributed to this great idea and project !
- See-See Leong

Thank you for a great tool and platform! Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Arpad Zoldi

Happy birthday Eclipse! I wish you will be better and better. I love you very much!
- Zhang Quanfang

Happy birthday!
- Liao Xuefeng

Happy birtday Eclipse! And thank you very much for a great platform that help me every day. I am using it for java web development and the WTP project is just getting better and better. Looking forward to using the platform for many years to come. Cheers Thomas
- Thomas Nedergaard

Continue your success
- venkata kiran

I hope eclipse will rule.................
- pramod

Wish you a Happy birthday forever
- Krishan Fernando

happly birthday
- gemini

Happy Birthday Eclipse! I'm a total newbie but my first steps with you made me suddenly fall in love with you!
- Marc

Happy Happy Birth Day.....
- Kiran Racha

It has been 5 great years, wish for another 5 years to come!
- Peter Hendriks

long live dear ! cherish with every single day !!
- rahul mehrotra

Happy Birthday!I love Eclipse!
- YowaChen

Thanks for Eclipse; Happy Birthday!
- xuzhanbo

May I say, in this five years, you've done a great job and I wish you more successful years to come. May a day comes that Eclipse reminds people of your developments, not astronomy ;) God Bless Us All, Best Wishes, - Kaveh [096]
- Kaveh Shahabi

Great collaborative work!
- Sebastian Davids

Hi, Thanks to Eclipse Developers, Eclipse Community, Eclipse Contributors, Eclipse promoters and Eclipse users for an amazing IDE experience. Dear Eclipse you really deserves a great appreciation your feature rich IDE and extensible plug-in architecture. Wishing you a grant and heartily congratulation on your 5th birthday of continuous existence and support for me to comfortably and happily develop various softwares. Being a infant of age 5 with this much capabilities I believe you have immense amazing features further to deliver. Continue your journey of evolving higher and higher as you are immortal. I really got inspired and admiring you. Regards, Thomas Mathew.
- Thomas Mathew

Thank you for opening Java to millions creating new standards in IDE
- Guy Lubovitch

You are part of my life.
- zhang tiange

wish u very happy birthday.
- priyanka gupta

Wish you a excellent growth and wish that you will become robust software and one day crowned as King of all Editors.
- Abhishek Verma

wish u very happy birthday....
- priyanka gupta

Happy birthday to one of the maturest open source project I know of. Keep up the good work and for today all the developers that took part in the process enjoy yourselfs and be proud.
- Wolfgang Engelhard

Eclipse is a wonderful product and it deserves an equally wonderful birthday.
- Anu

Happy Birthday Eclipse & the Eclipse team!!!!! You have shown all of us the frontiers of IDE. Keep it up!!!!
- Kalpak Luniya

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Keep on your good work!
- Robert Jämmrich

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! Keep on your excellent work!
- Robert Jaemmrich

Congratulations to my favorite app in the computer !! I wish you to be mature and still feeling as young and beautiful ...
- Eyal Golan

Happy BirthDay Eclipse
- Roger Klaveness

The perfect framework , the perfect tool Happy birthday Eclipse. -Roshith
- Roshith

My greetings for this 5 years giving us a real good complete tool for developing...
- Michael Lourant

Congratulations! Everyone in the Eclipse community should be proud.
- Bart Ingleston

- Bart Ingleston

Happy birthday!
- ChenHao

Best wishes and hope to celeberate many many birthdays in future.
- Fernandez

Wonderful framework , wonderful tool Happy birthday Eclipse -Roshith
- Roshith

Just starting to learn it.
- Bill Wynne

Happy 5th Birthday eclipse, here's to another 5 years of excellent, groundbreaking IDE software.
- Richard Hands

Happy Birthday and many more glorious years to come. Thanks for a wonderful product.
- Bhasker Thodla

Happy Birthday!
- ChenHao

Wonderful framework, wonderful tool Happy birthday Eclipse -Roshith
- Roshith

Oh Elipes, I love You. Wish y all the Best! your C++
- Christian Stania

Wonderful framework , wonderful tool Happy birthday Eclipse -Roshith
- Roshith

Happy 5th Birthday Eclipse!!! You've grown so much over the last 5 years. Here's to another 5 years.
- Scott Splavec

Wonderful framework, wonderful tool Happy birthday Eclipse. -Roshith
- Roshith

Happy Birthday
- YuLimin

Wish a very live happy organic birthday
- sadhasivam

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!!! Great going!!! Keep it up!!
- Kiran

Congrats and thanks for you great IDE!
- Marco Martins

I like Eclipse very much.I'm using the Eclipse more than a year.Wish you all the best.
- Asutosh Panda

You are a revolution in the industry.Keep up the good work.
- Vijay

Eclipse ist die beste IDE die ich kenne!!!
- Peter Rose

Eclipse ist die beste IDE die ich kenne!!!
- Peter

Happy Birthday

I am a fresh boy from a college of China,and the words "Java Eclipse"are all new for me though they are all very old for computer and program.Thanks for all of you.I will work hard,making full use of Java ang Eclipse to do good jobs.
- 刘本伟

5 years closer to the grave...woot woot..hbd
- Manish Shah

happy birthday eclipse!!! i've just used it for my academic assignments and it has been doing very good!!! really great tool and community! cheer!
- Kruy Vanna

Happy birthday, my Eclipse! I feel confortable writing JAVA codes!
- Roger

I love this game
- liuxue

Congratulations to all of you who contribute to such a powerful project!!
- David White

Best java IDE I have ever used
- Ray Powell

Congratulations to a great development platform! You just keep getting better! Ron Ricci
- Ron Ricci

- Mikko Mustonen

Thanks for making me sooo productive eclipse. Happy Birthday...
- Dushyanth Inguva

Happy birthday eclipse,I love you.
- linhao

On to another 5 years of great development!
- Ron Offerman

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!! Thanks for all your help with my PhD!
- Ian Bull

- Jeff Gorris

Many more to come!
- Allen Byington

Wish You 50 birthdays!
- Tomasz Bartczak

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Woohooo! May you have many many more!
- Dorothy

- 曾清囊

Happy Birthday And Thanks very MUCH!
- qingnang

Happy 5
- Wesley Chen

Been using this recently and it is one of the best products available as open source. Thanks a lot and looking forward to more enhancements.
- Arindom Bhattacharya

Congratulations to all Eclipse developers!
- Fábio César Medeiros

Eclipse the best :-)
- Kaushik Das

It's a product that encourages productivity in all kinds of ways. Everything is very well designed. Been using it for 4+ years, and will continue to. Happy Birthday...
- Phil Gibbs

thank you for making my life easier!
- Galia

Happy Birthday Eclipse! You've blocked the Sun of unproductiity and gave me the second wind in programming (like a big cup of Java).
- Bob Breznak

- galia traub

Hi Eclipse, Nice to see you growing up stronger and bigger.
- Jebastin

Best whishes for the future!
- Matthias Kluwe

Congratulations on five great years. Eclipse is the best development environment I have used.
- Marc Nurmi

Super ideas and concept. I love Eclipse :-)
- Frédéric Scheuer

Happy birthday Eclipse!!! Great ideas and a fantastic concept. I love it.
- Frederic Scheuer

Keep making more and more birthdays
- kapil

Happy birthday!
- Felipe de Alvarenga Leite

Eclipse is the best development tool out there. Here's to many more years!
- Steve Sare

Happy Birthday!
- Diane Straka

Happy Birthday! Thanks for many years of free development IDE :) Party hardy!!!!
- Neelam

Very mature for its age...
- Cagatay Catal

Dear Eclipse, You have grown up for good - to serve the community which you have been doing ever since you were born. You are sweet, adorable and even better/mature than any other kids of your age or even older than you. You are real angel and long live Eclipse.
- Kannan Ramanathan

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Tim Rockhill

tnx and lets hope the next 5 will be even better.
- fred Moerman

Great Eclipse! Happy Birthday~~~
- Hailong Zhang

Happy B'Day!
- Mark

You are not a small child any more :)
- Goran Pop-Jordanov

Happy birthday!!! Feliz cumpleaños!!! thanks!!! gracias!!
- TheTincho

Wishing you continued success on your birthday!
- Roy Mathew

Long live the king of all developement tools:)
- Atul Kumar

Happy Birthday
- Brett Bock

Happy B'day Eclipse!!!
- Amudha Chinnaswamy

The magnaficient tool
- sankara subramanyam

Happy Birtdays to Eclipse. We are using eclipse for developing programs. Thank you everyone. I thinks it is the best IDE for JAVA in the world !
- necati peynirci

Happy Birthday ECLIPSE!
- Dennis DeYoung

Eclipse is my development supporting friend. Together we reached a new dimension of application development. Happy birthday!!!!
- Adelino Rodrigues

Getting cooler with age...
- Gareth Porter

Best Luck.
- Manjunath

happy birthday
- Tom Langland

Happy 5!
- Guillermo Jury

many more other birthdays to come
- Dimitry Voytenko

To be the best!!!
- hanxianpei

I love Eclipse for the reason that it's one of the best open-source software. Wish the open-source lives long!!! Happy birthday, Eclipse!!!
- ShenSiwei

Happy birthday!
- Chen Zhong Yong

Happy Birthday
- Nie-Yuan

祝贺,Eclipse五周岁生日快乐 Happy Birthday!
- sky

- gooping

Happy Birthday!
- Kirk Schuller

Happy Birthday! Thank you!
- Jay

Thanks for a great 5 years and 100 more.
- Bill Roth

Happy Birthday
- Kunal

love eclipse
- sk

happy birthday to you ,eclipse!
- hellen

Thanks you very much,I feel free!
- yshxsh

Happy Birthday!
- Huimin Liu

I have been using Eclipse for 2 years and it has been wonderful experience. Happy Birthday Eclipse!!! Best Wishes to all those who are working on this open source initiative.
- Narayanan Sangameswaran

Greate RCP!! Greate Plateform, I'm very happy because of you.
- Kang,KwonYoung

Great!but just abit slow:)
- Sreng Kimiean

Happy Birthday,you are my sincere friend.
- Rex Tsang

Happy Birthday to the Eclipse the BPEL project still running I find no updates sofar on that...BPEL designer also
- Anand

I......... love............. you........
- ice yan

Eclipse is really cooooooooool. It changed my way of programmin... especially the greaaaat team of developers and the brains behind all of this stuff.
- RaghuRam Vudathu

happy birthday!
- Rong he

Happy BDay!!!
- Thomas Han

I love Eclipse! Thanks you! I won't coding without Eclipse
- Trần Quang Khánh

Long live Eclipse!!
- Jay Hiremath

Happy birthday to Eclipse! Your are my favorate IDE!
- Dennis Xu

Happy Birth to Eclipse !!!
- Apirom Na Nakorn

Its very nice. Very Good powerfull IDE for java applications.
- Harish

The best IDE
- Subhakar

Hi! Eclipse! Happy birthday! You are the best IDE i used, i hope you will always the best!
- Zhenwei Ding

Hi! Eclipse! Happy birthday! You are the best IDE i used, i hope you will always the best!
- Zhenwei Ding

Happy birthday.
- william

I love to work on you .. Really kool baby ..
- Ravindar T

Good luck and good way!
- dreamsnow

I have used Eclipse for about 2 years, since the time when I started trasfering to java from M.S. related products. I have tried Jbuilder and Netbeans, but I have to say that you are definitly my BEST. May you be more coder's best friend!
- Comain Chen

Happy B'Day Eclipse......u had been and going to be my true buddy ... in my life as when I started as a programmer .. I was not able to afford a good IDE but u offeded me all facilities that an costly IDE provided... some times even better... Thank you , and also to IBM for creating eclipse.
- Charudatta Joshi

Eclipse生日快乐! 我爱你!
- Fulai Guan

Happy Birthday many more years to go and more expectations to solve.
- Gopal Kannappan

Haapy Birthday!
- liaoysh

From a beginner to a programmer, eclipse is always my best choise. Happy birthday!!!
- WeiJie Ling

Eclipse, Happy Birthday!
- Tang Zhiyong

Awesome! Eclipse you did your job really good. I wish I'll get some good Modelling Plugins like "Together" in the next 5 years for an acceptable price.
- Jens Krueger

Eclipse, I love you! Happy Birthday!
- Qixiang

Happy Birthday to eclipse
- gemscorpio

i know its childhood, when it was just an ide.
- Burak

It's a very good Java IDE, i like it!
- JinzhongGuan

Long live Eclipse!!!!
- Achitasak Boonthumcharoen

My best wishes for eclipse community for acheived this milestone
- Shah Mohamed

Fabulous product - best Java IDE I have ever used
- Chris Parsons

Eclipse, Happy Birthday! You are my favourite for any kind of development. Thanks
- Aanand

Best wishes for all ECLIPSE TEAM :) Thanks for making programmers' life easier :)
- Kasia

Happy birthday! I love Eclipse, i can't live without you my dear Eclipse!
- Xin Liu

Best wishes for all ECLIPSE TEAM :) Thanks for making life easier :)
- Kasia

Happy birthday! I love Eclipse, i can't live without you my dear Eclipse!
- Xin Liu

support eclipse for ever ~~
- JonahChen

Congratulations! Middle-aged yet bleeding edge! Thanks Eclipse, thee years of use and I'm still happy. A record!
- Mike Evans

happy birthday and I wish you 100 birthdays
- Nikola

Happy Birthday to the best IDE! Happy Birthday to Eclipse!
- Mateusz Buda

Happy birthday, dear Eclipse!
- Stefan Breitenfeld

Best greetings from snowy finland. I'm a big fan of eclipse. I wish you all the best for years to come.
- Pekka Nurmela

thanks your great platform:Eclipse
- Wang Wei

thank your great platform: Eclipse
- Wang Wei

Unfortunately, I have been the only one in our company using Eclipse Platform for nearly 2 years for Embedded C/C++ development. I have to admit that it was problematic and not good enough to spread around. However, it has been improved so rapidly and I know that, it will be one of the greatest tools for Embedded Systems in the so near future. I have no doubt that I definitely won't be the only one using Eclipse in our Company. Thanks everyone and Happy birtday.
- Ali Burak Kulakli

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- xiaobian

Happy birthday, oh my tool of choice! May you eclipse the haunted lights of the evil world forevermore.
- Ortwin Glück

Happy birthday, oh my tool of choice! May you eclipse the haunted light of the evil world forevermore. - Odi
- Ortwin Glueck

Hope this year this 5 year old kid will do more magic..
- Jagatheesh

Happy Birthday - and many many more
- Pete Davis

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Here's to many many more
- javasOK

Five years down, many more to come!
- Acyr Persona

Well done all! Eclipse is the best thing the s/w dev community could have wished for in harmonising all our individual efforts.
- Charles Edwards

Happy Birthday eclipse! You have been doing very good for the benefit of all people...
- Sophal

Happy Birthday eclipse! You have been doing very good for the benefit of all people... Very nice tool... I have used it for writing Java application, and to learn PHP. Long life eclipse!
- Sophal

Keep up the fabulous work. I just want Eclipse to keep up the pace and continue to drive the progress of the IT Industry.
- Henrik Gliese Pedersen

A IDE with skill center Happy B'Day to Eclipse. congrats to Eclipse Community... all the best for many more features
- Arockiasamy A

way to go....! thanks for making life simpler! many more happIER returns of the day!
- Prasanna Kumar Ranjan

a student major in electric engineering
- Liang Kong

HI Eclipse!!A Very Happy Birthday to Eclipse and to all the members and staff!!Hope your success grows at an exponential rate in the coming years and you celebrate every birthday with more and more success in your hands!!
- Aruna Cheruvu

Viva Eclipse! Viva open source! Viva Eclipse community I wish you all a happy birthday...
- Emre Mater

Happy 5th b-day, Eclipse! It's been a fun ride so far and I'm lookin forward to the journey ahead.
- Matthew Hartman

great tool, great plug-in architechture /klaus
- klaus.nielsen

I want to win the sweater :-) Go Eclipse!!
- Jose Montanez

Keep up the good work folks. Show them that OpenSource is the next step !
- Nicolas Frankel

Happy Birthday to the smartest 5-year old I know!
- Trey Kinkead

Eclipse has changed the game for development tools forever. Happy Birthday and many more innovations to come!!
- Atul Apte

Continue to make good software easier!
- Joachim Hagger

Eclipse Happy Birthday!
- micriotea


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