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A Very Very warm Birthday to all the people who are invoved in the team developing this great Open Source tool.... I started Using Eclispe2.1 and now 3.1 .It still my favourite tool for developing my Various J2EE applications. This tool shows how a tool can be developed in collaboration of great people around the world.... Let the great work prevail...
- Kiran

It's hard to believe it's been 5 years. I've enjoyed working with the exceptional Eclipse development team. Thanks for your cooperative collaboration over the years!
- Peter Hack

Happybirthday to the revolutionary Java technology IDE
- Mahmoud

Happy Birthday Eclipse! I can't wait til tomorrow because you get better looking every day. Tony C.
- Tony Cianchetta

Eclipse is my preferred IDE.
- Ahmed Hassan Morcy

happy birth day, i hope to be more faster next year
- mohamed elzaiady

i would like to join
- riham

Vision, openness, skills, commitment... and success. Congratulations!
- François Alloing

...enhancing my Java-Experience since 2.0. In your Face, Visual Studio ;)
- David Schmitz

go on Eclipse
- Hossam Sadik

Long Live King Eclipse!
- Brian DeWeese

Happy Birthday... Great software, great community...
- Ali Helmy

Happy Birthday... Great software, great community...
- Ali Helmy

Happy Birthday! - Thank you for making the work so easy and joyful ;)
- Tom Seidel

After the .com burst in 2000, open source community flourish. The birth of eclipse was quite a defining moment in the open source world. Happy birthday and keep on the dood work!
- Clark

Thanks for everything
- Steve Whatmore

Happy birthday eclipse
- Rofida

Great effort and well done!
- Ray Wilson

Happy Birthday and always the best isa
- Hassan Aly Ebied

Happy Birthday to EClipse ... the best open source Organization in the whole warld
- Mohamad Fouad

Congrats to the Eclipse team, for improving the lives of developers everywhere.
- Mike Champion

Just like any infant, then toddler, then child, it hasn't been easy, and there have been good days and bad, but this 5 year old is now at the top of its class!
- Jim Marsden

Even though we've just gotten acquainted, Eclipse, I wish you a very happy birthday!
- Linda Gallagher

Happy made it.
- Ramneek

Hello Eclipse team, Happy 5th Birthday! Eclipse is next best thing after bread & butter :) Thanks Nitin
- Nitin Kadam

- Wermaus

Thanks for a fantastic IDE. It just keeps getting better and better!
- Graham Ashby

Thanks for a superb IDE. I am using it for EVERYTHING!
- Hendie Dijkman

Congratulations on 5 years!
- Rick Spagna

Happy birthday you little upstart! Keep changing the world.
- Ross Foard

Eclipse is the best IDE ever created in the universe!!! WTP is best J2EE environment! I wish one million downloads and no more the 10 serious bug for each release!!! Always yours, Michael
- Michael Furman

Since Visual Cafe' ceased to be in production, Eclipse has subsituted as a great Java IDE. I've also used it for Perl development with the great EPIC project. Now if only that block editor thang be worked out - When I need to do any block editing I have to cut and paste into Text-Pad! I tried to attach a phot - the form is rejecting both jpeg and png formats!
- Paul Gorbas

Eclipse has proven the validity of the Java language and first class accessibility to the API. A true revolution.
- Alan Biggs (Red3)

HAPPY Birthday
- wael

Happy Birthday to the best IDE ever!
- Thomas Zuberbühler

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!! Keep up the good work!!!
- Krishna

Congratulations Eclipse and the Eclipse team. It's a wonderful tool that just keeps on getting better. Keep up the good work.
- Tony Cooke

Great start, kept it up and still going better, Bravo!!!
- Chandra Gunda

Kudos to the efforts by the eclipse community so far and continue to extend the good work to the community.
- Abhishekh Padmanabhan

Eclipse is great, what else? ;-) Happy birthday!
- Freddy Allilaire

Thanks for every programmer's dream come true! (Work related that is ;-)
- Frits Jalvingh

I love this IDE.
- sinosaga

Keep up the good work in years to come!!!
- Damith

- Yusuke Fujisawa

Best, most flexible and usefull IDE in history of software developing! :-)
- pj

Great platform!
- Zheng Guozhu

Happy birth day! Eclipse changed my career. It's a great platform.
- WangQS

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Roslan Amir

eclipse is a great success story in opensource world. wishing it more suceess ahead and a happy b'day. cheers
- Ashish Patel

Happy Birthday to Eclipse... I am very happy to wish Ecliplse on this great occasion.
- karthikeyan M P

Happy Birthday Eclipse....Long live your usage
- Shruthi Keerthi BV

Happy Birthday! I am simply amazed by the amount of progress that has been made over the past several years. Without the dedication and devotion of all the members of the Eclipse community, I'd probably still be using emacs. Happy 5th!
- Edwin Choi

I thank heartily to Eclipse community for providing such a wonderful IDE for free. Many many happy returns of the day to Eclipse. May this IDE grow unto infinite
- Manan Jani

Happy Birthday Eclipse, I enjoyed working with you for 3 years and still, i like working with you and installing new plugins, you are very helpful, you are like on of my dearest friends, Thanks and keep goind you are the best :)
- Ayman Emam

Very Good work for a free IDE.. I hope you keep the perfect work.
- Ahmad Tarek

Wow! Time really passes. Happy 5th Birthday Eclipse and i would like to thank the superb people working on it.
- Low Cher Piau

Happy Birthday Eclipse, I don't know what I'll do without you.!!! Wishing many many happy returns to everybody behind Eclipse as well.
- Atul Bhatia

Eclipse, I LOVE YOU, Happy Birthday, hope you got more than 1000 years, you are my best IDE, and i east your plugins like chocolate :), i enjoyed working with you you are my best IDE, keep going :), i would like to join the development team one day.
- Ayman Emam

Good Luck
- Uditha S Jayawardhane

We are Sibers -Russian Software Development Company. We are already 8 years at the offshore programming market and about two years use Eclipse as a development platform for our projects. We congratulate you heartily and wish productive and profitable years of development! P.S. Picture is a screen shot of one of our projects.
- Victoria Lakhtionova

May your support will continue...
- sudheer

Eclipse give me a perfect experience and let me love java so much.i love eclipse and i hope it will be more success in future
- Nanbing Liu

You are the personal evolution toward perfection of the Java Development!!!!!! Many more Happy Returns of the Day!!!! Hats Off to all the creators!
- Padmasini

Happy birthday! Eclipse is one of the best development tools. Go on so.
- Egmont Ritter

Happy Birthday Eclipse and best wishes to all community members. -Jayakrishna
- jayakrishnap

Happy Birthday! Like a fine wine, Eclipse keeps getting better with age.
- Angel Roman

Happy besday.
- Saliza Hasan

Happy Birthday :)
- Ahmed Saber

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that is your own self.
- Srivatsan

Happy Birthday to you!!
- Andreas Emrich

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the best platform ever! - Patrick Fust
- Patrick Fust

Happy Birth Day ,Eclipse
- Elsayed Hassan

5 years eclipse! A great story!!!!
- Burkhard Schuessler

Well, happy birthday, Eclipse ! Keep going strong...
- Robert Merksa

Happy Birthday
- Eshraq Essam Ghanim

Happy Birthday...
- Nitesh Bhatia

Thank you!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Razvan
- Razvan Gliga

I work in the field of embedded Linux and our development environment depends mainly on eclipse
- Ahmed Fouda

Happy Birthday
- Hany Mahmoud Nawar

Happy Birthday
- Graeme Parkin

Happy Birthday From Graeme Parkin
- Graeme Parkin

Happy 5th, Eclipse! Here's to more years of working together with IBM products *coughRationalcough* and being streamlined enough to run on the lower end computers of most of the Philippines' companies! *raises champagne glass*
- Tala V.C. De Vera

Happy Birth Day
- aly noor

This is the best IDE i had ever seen in my life...Eclipse
- Ahmed Hassan Elbanna

Grazie di aver reso piu facile il mio lavoro in questi 5 anni!
- Massimiliano Federici

may Eclipse eclipsing others..
- Novi Santosa

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!
- Dan

best wishes...
- Ali Mersin

çok başarılı bir ide
- Merve Sevi

plugin architecture is wonderfull
- Barış Adıgüzel

"Happy birthday, my dear IDE!" You are the best team mate everyday.
- Ramona

Happy birthday Eclipse. It is always a pleasure to work with you!!!
- Torsten Kästner

Happy Birthday!
- Lavinia

Eclipse is wonderful development tool. Many many years to go for eclipse.
- Raghava Gurajala

Happy Birthday
- Shailendra

Herzlichen Glückwunsch
- Henrik Rentz-Reichert

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- gurajala raghava

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Pali

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- raghavag

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- ramesh kokojwal

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Sujatha dudala

Great work!! Many happy returns and new versions!!
- Thomas

Congrats for the team!
- Zoltán, Borka

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the help you've given developers all over the world! And thanks for giving me a boost in my career for the past 2 years! =)
- Jao Lucas

Happy 5!
- Karl Erik Asbjørnsen

Happy birthday Eclipse! :-)
- Shaun Whyte

Happy birthday
- 蒋衢

Happy 5 Eclips Birthday
- hatem

Happy Birthday Eclipse, I wish it will evolve in the same as it evolved in the last 5 years in terms of innovative frameworks and technologies.
- Adi Sesha Reddy

I Will never develop anymore with another IDE!
- Cédric Walter

System.out.println("Happy Birthday!!!!");
- Gerhard Munro

happy birthday
- Mostafa Abdelmalek

Happy birthday Eclipse and long life to RCP !!! ;-)))
- Marc Lafon

eclipse is the very best IDE on the market and i hope that it will be forever
- Boris Kovar

Happy Birthday! Here's wishing you more features, stability, security and of course, users!
- Devraj

Reach unreachable heights !
- rameshbabu

Nice to see you there dear ECLIPSE ! Cheers!
- Uday Garikapati

Eclipse is better than sex while programming.
- Yonatan

Dear Eclipse ... You have been the JAVA developers' favorite over the years. Long live Eclipse!!!
- Vijay

Dear Eclipse ... you have been the JAVA developers' community's favorite and most used and loved tool. Long Live Eclipse!!!
- Vijay

Happy Birthday Eclipse....wishing you more and more exciting ones..
- subramanian

happy birthday eclispe..wishing you many more happy returns of the day..
- subramanian

happy birthday Eclipse!
- Yetkin Oezkucur

Eclipse Rules!! Wishing a grand celebration for the 5th year
- Hazel Mohesh

Happy birthday!
- zhangbo

I love you eclipse!
- Reza ohammadi

Good Job ! Ready for 5 more years ?
- Beaumont

Has made a great success in such a short period of time. Wish that the present path of acheivements will continue and lead to new wonders with eclipse.
- Tarlapally Sri Ram Phani Kumar

Happy birthday. Keep the good work
- Joaquim Franco

Happy Birthday to you, also thx a lot for the work you've done :) Long live to Eclipse
- Arnaud BELLEN

Happy Birthday Eclipse! We have known each other for such a little time... but that time is enough to know that I cannot live without you. Eclipse4Ever!
- Borja Errasti

Thank you Eclipse for giving us the will to create innovative projects !!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday !
- Julie Desbouvries

Best Wishes - A fine product!
- Kevin Edge

Congratulations!! YOU are the BEST!
- Martin Jordan

I love and love very much developing applications using AspectJ.

Happy Birhtday Eclipse!!
- Safey allah Mohammed

Happy birthday eClipse!
- richard shan

Merci !!!

happy birthday ECLIPSE!
- boxuejun

happy birthday ECLIPSE!
- boxuejun

GO GO GO Eclipse to be the first java IDE in the world
- Wesam Elshiekh

good ide. more years.
- yılmaz bahçetepe

Happy birthday Eclipse. It's been a great run!
- Alan Jex

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And, check out the Cool party we had at Hyderabad-
- Ramesh Loganathan

Eclipse rocks!
- Kevin Wilkins

Boldog szülinapot!!

Keep on going like this!
- Edwin

Happy Birthday... and good luck
- Hans-Joachim Hetscher

I'm grateful that one of my most-used pieces of software is free software!
- Jerri Kohl

Happy Birthday!!
- 吴松

Happy Birthday!!
- 吴松

Happy Birth Day to Eclipse
- Mai

Congratulations! You have come a long way, keep it up!
- Francis Flores

Congratulations. See you in your tenth´s aniversary. long life to open source initiative.
- Bob

happy b-day, the cheque is in the mail.
- Todd Lee

Without Eclipse IDE Java development would be REALLY hard! I find it VERY useful when doing LAMP too.
- Daniel

- 陈宝楷

I am a .NET developer and just started to learn Java. Eclipse removed my inhibitions about Java. AND is much much better than Microsoft Visual Studio. Good job- At 5 you are so good, I cant imagine how good you will be when you are at 21 !!!!
- Durgesh

Happy birthday Eclipse, Thanks for bringing a unifying IDE to embedded developers everywhere. Robert Day, LynuxWorks.
- Robert Day

The past 5 years have gone by fast! I wish many more years to come for the Eclipse IDE and platform...
- Edward Savage

Exemplary Eclipse! Wishing for many more exemplary eclipse years!
- Raghu Srinivasan

Exemplary Eclipse! Wishing many more years of exemplary eclipse.
- Raghu Srinivasan

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!
- Dan Steffann

Happy birthday
- nessma

Happy bday Eclipse project ! Best IDE ever ! Keep the great work ! ;)
- Mike

It has been an exciting Five years. Keep up the great work!
- Norman E Miller

Happy 5th birthday ;)
- Vince Biertho

I could not remember programming without eclipse.... go on for the next 50 years! Michael
- Michael Pfeiffer

Great Product. Great thanks to all the people who have contributed to Eclipse. Looking forward to many more Eclipse birthdaays.
- De nnis Meade

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y E C L I P S E I recently starteed using Eclipse. I love this IDE. These days I spend lots of my reasearch time in Eclipse, but still there is lot to learn.
- saleem shaik

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come!" -- Victor Hugo
- Jerry Lowe

I am fan of Eclipse. I continue to benefit from Eclipse. Wish many more happy birthdays!!
- Pattabiraman

Happy Birthday my friend!
- Radim Pokorny

Great 5th Bday! Thx and keep on that way!
- JL

May eclipse community grow bigger and bigger and eclipse get better and better. Keep it up.
- Sachin Patil

i hope GOD saves your progress for the good of all developers all over the world. see u next year in your new versions. i never thouht that i may love the eclipse untill i deal with you. J2EE developer.
- mohammed megahes abbas

¡Muchas felicidades eclipse y muchos años más!
- Ignacio Torres

Yay! A surprisingly non-sucky IDE is 5 years old, without a buyout, total UI disaster, or abandonment!
- Mark Damon Hughes

sanity is a full time job
- Kostits

Wish eclipse community will grown even much bigger than it is today in the many manay many.... years to come.
- Anand Subramanian

Happy Birthday to Eclipse!!!
- Sunny Rong

- lvpin

Happy birthday! U R wonderful
- XUE Wei

Five years and counting...
- Nam Nguyen

Great going, and wish that eclipse celebrates many more birthdays.
- U Chaitanya Ganesh

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!!! more features and exciting plugins to come!!! :D
- arman aviles

I'm a newbie in terms of my exposure to Eclipse, and I'm only just now beginning to familiarise myself with the technology and the projects. Happy Birthday - I hope to get involved over the next 5 years of Eclipse!!
- Rebekah Griffin

From Indonesia, thank you for providing us the best IDE to develop enterprise Java applications! Keep up the innovations and the good work!
- Eriawan Kusumawardhono

Happy birthday to Eclipse and me!
- Hopeshared Lee

congratulations,and I love you!
- zcc

Great product - I switched our development group from NetBean over to Eclipse and they all love it!
- Mike Miller

I switched our dev group from NetBeans to Eclipses 3 years ago and they all love it!!!
- Mike Miller

Happy Birthday!!!
- Sampath

Happy *5* Birthday Eclipse :)
- Archana

Happy birthday eclipse. Long live eclipse.
- Santhosh Thomas

Long live eclipse
- Santhosh Thomas

Happy Birthday to the best known development system around!
- Richard Barnett

thanx a lot Eclipse....u have been one of motivating factor for not only experianced people but for everybody in the industry ...... :)
- Chaitanya

Happy Birthday! Eclipse is my friend. How about my idea of the birthday cake?
- noniko

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Congrats to all folks who made it possible! cheers...
- Ravee Bhat

Happy Birthday! Eclipse is my friend. How about my idea of Eclipse birthday cake? It's made of white-cream cake covered by blueberry cream, and has 5 candles. Tastes good, maybe.
- noniko

Hope you more prettier~~:p
- Derek

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!
- Priyadarshini Sampath

Eclipse has helped me improve as a developer and the sheer joy of working with this platform is profound. It has certainly 'eclipsed' my deficiencies as a programmer. May the Eclipse community continue to grow and improve and make better developers out of all of us softies :-) Three cheers for Eclipse!
- Robin Sharma

You are five years young, learnt to walk and run...there's a marathon ahead .. way to go!!!
- Ashish Mehrotra

Eclipse is the THE BEST IDE OF THE UNIVERSE. It is so customizale and powerful, that I cannot think of any other IDE. I wish all the best and greetings to Eclipse community. CHEERS
- Varun Rally

Eclipse has done an excellent job in first 5 years of its life. I solute to all of contributors of Eclipse
- Wasim Salik

Happy Birthday! Keep being the best open source platform!
- Maciej Mazur

Happy Birthday~!
- ruk

Congrate to all those who were behind eclipse. It is the best IDE for application development i worked in my life. COngrates to all of you once again and Happy B'day eclipse.
- Wadi

Happy Birth day Eclipse. Keep going...
- Narendra Kumar Jain

Happy birthday Eclipse !!
- Arnaud Tisset

Congratulations guys! I've been using Eclipse for three years now, and hope to do so many more! It's a great tool for large Java projects.
- Roel Plieger

Happy Birthday! Thanks for walking with me on my Java way :) !
- XunMeng

I cann't live without Eclipse.
- Jingjing Sun

I cann't live without Eclipse.
- Jingjing Sun

5 touchdowns in a single game, you are REALLY the best!
- Ralf Haffa

5 touchdowns in a single game ... You are REALLY the best!
- Ralf Haffa

I have been using Eclipse for more than 4 years. This is the IDE I can't miss at all. I started using this for java and now i am using it for JS and XML to by integrating ATF plugin. Great! Happy b'day Eclipse.
- PM Senthilkumar

thank eclipse team for your excellent work !
- Peng Li

wish u very happy birthday, u gave life to java developers and SAP netweaver consultant
- Amit Ranjan

Eclipse is simply marvellous...:-)
- Ishmeet Singh

Hi Friend, You are doing a great job in young age which i could not do at age of 25. Great job keep going. Let this year bring lots of fame to your name...
- Prasath

You are doing a great job at your young age which i could not do at thirties... Great going. Have a year of fame and victories....
- Prasath

Van harte gefeliciteerd en nog vele goede jaren toegewenst!
- Jan Jongkees


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