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It has been a great five years!
- Dan Miller

Happy birthday Eclipse and thank you because you made my life easier :)
- Nicolas Laplante

Hey! I'm a student learning Java in an AP Comp. Sci. class, so I'm really new to Eclipse. From what I've seen, however, it's really easy to use and has a beautiful user interface (especially after pascal...), and it has some awesome features. Thanks for being such an awesome teaching/real-world tool, Eclipse!
- Davis Johnson

I love java,I love eclipse, happy birthday--eclipse!
- Cayson.Z

Most modern thoroughbred racehorses have Eclipse in their pedigree.... Most modern Software engineers have Eclipse in their pedigree... Thanks and Wish you all the Best on your birthday
- Murali Paramparambath

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to Eclipse projects and Eclipse Foundation! It's a so cool platform for building software and services.
- Yun Song Huang

Happy birthday eclipse.. u rock
- Phani Kumar Lanka

Happy birthday eclipse.. Keep rocking...
- Phani Kumar Lanka

Happy birthday Eclipse. Keep the good work going Best of Luck...
- Ramesh R

Happy birthday
- Huy Nguyen

Happy Birthday Eclipse. Congratulations on 5 years!
- Matt Rossner

I love Eclipse
- umakanth

Happy birthday,Eclipse!
- ninja_yao

Dear Eclipse!!! You are the best companion I ever worked, the heart of my development, the comfort zone of my life and above all you gave me everything I ever expected!!! Wish you A Very Happy Birthday!! May you keep on celebrating your b'day every year more rocking and as a industry leader in open source IDE... Vik
- Vivek S Kumar

Happ Happy birthday to eclipse which saves us from getting eclipsed with its powerful and mindblowing features
- supreeth

Wishing you success for future years to come
- Anil Rijhwani

I have been thrilled by the success of a Java project like Eclipse. Keep up the good work to be a Java global platform.
- Ernest Tam

Happy Birthday Eclipse. It's one of the best tools to have hit our lives. Makes our life much much easier. Good luck ahead :-).
- Gaurav Bhattacharjee

MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY !!! May Eclipse grow faster and stronger ... and we all grow together with it! :)
- Nikita

hi all, wish u many more happy returns
- veeramani

Happy Birthday!!
- Kiran Gaikwad

Congratulations for a great 5 years. Looking forward to the next 5 years... Happy Bday, Mark Anthony Spiteri
- Mark Anthony Spiteri

I Love you... Eclipse
- Miriam Dahmoun

Simply the best! Keep up the excellent work.
- Vassilis N. Saliakas

Happy Birthday Eclipse! It has been a pleasure working you..
- Sanjeev

Happy birthday eclipse. Long live Eclipse
- Dhruva

Long live ECLIPSE...its just 5 now...Happy Birthday!!
- Kartik Tavargeri

Happy birthday for Eclipse! Eclipse is my favourite!
- yinshufeng

Wish you happy birth day and wish you will continute have the same for ever.Just love to work with you.
- Santosh Kapse

Up Up Eclipse!!!!! May you eclipse the technology world in coming days!!!! We r with U.
- Binnoy Scaria

So long and thanx for all the fish.
- Arjen

Happy Birthday to Eclipse! And keep on making it better and better everyone!
- Csaba Kiss

Eclipse is five, Java is GPL, good times ahead! Long live Java and GPL, happy birthday.
- Otto Dominguez

mutlu yıllar eclipse
- Ozan Türk

Happy birthday. I have enjoyed knowing you and I am sure we will have many years of 'fun' together
- Reuben Peeris

Happy Birthday eclipse
- Sri Rachakonda

It's your birthday. It's your birthday. Not for real-real, just for play-play. Hey. It's your birthday. It's your birthday. Wait it's real-real, Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Jeff Caldwell

Happy Birthday......and many more milestones to come !
- Krishna Vattipalli

Happy 5, Eclipse. May there be many more successful years to follow.
- Dan Chisarick

All the best for eclipse!
- Francis Gavino

Happy birthday to eclipse! I love eclipse. It give me freedom and happiness.
- Lin Kai

Happy 5th Birthday Eclipse. May you have decades to come!
- Chris Jobling

Happy birthday from Unisys
- Waldyn Benbenek

I have been using Eclipse as an IDE and also a development platform for over a year, and now supports eclipse installation and Configuration for my organisation.
- Nazul Islam

:) #5 !
- Daniel Becker

:) #5 !
- Daniel Becker

Way to go !!!
- Viraj

Wishing more success for this wonderful IDE !
- Sathiya

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
- Kyu Lee

Happy Birthday! Look how you've grown. Here's hoping the next five are as promising as the first.
- Wes Janik

Elegant and powerful - keep on doing it the right way Happy Birthday !
- Patrice Maldague

Thanks Eclipse! And Happy Birthday!
- Joel Emery

Happy Birthday you handsome bunch of bits!
- Dave Gubrud

Happy 5!
- Umesh

Happy Birthday
- Umesh

Happy Birthday Eclipse !!
- Kapil Patel

Happy Birthday Eclipse !!
- Uttam Soni

happy birthday! Eclipse, I love you!
- 林长青

The sun is rising on eclipse! Dont get cautht in eclipse's penumbra, or umbra for that matter!
- Steve Engdahl

Congratulation and Happy Birth Day for all Eclipse staff. Thank you very much about eclipse benefits.
- Jugkapong Chaiwongsa

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Doug

Happy Birthday Eclipse!! Simply awesome!!
- Bhavesh Sanghvi

You look awfully mature for a 5-year old :-)
- Robert Fuhrer

Here's wishing all the people behind Eclipse! Happy B'day to Eclipse!!
- Surya

You look awfully mature for a 5-year old! Happy Birthday!
- Robert Fuhrer

You look awfully mature for a 5-year old! Happy Birthday!
- Robert Fuhrer

Congratulations!Be the next giant! 祝贺!祝成为另一个巨人!
- eravista

Congratulations!!!!!! And All The Best!!!!
- Srinivas

Elegant, versatile, powerful; Eclipse offers a benchmark for how great software ought to be. Congratulations and thanks to all the people who generously contribute their time & talent to the Eclipse Project.
- Erich Spencer

Happy Birthday
- Sundarrajan

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ECLIPSE - Just starting out, heres t many projects ahead!!
- Phillip du Plessis

Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday to you!! Happy birthday to you Eclipse team ;-) !
- Javier

Its been Happy with Eclipse....Super!!! Power of Play @ EXTREME features.....
- Elamurugu

Form Last 2 and 1/2 yrs i am using eclipse and i am very happy now its turn to 5yrs and having new plugins and development tools. BEST WISHES FOR ECLIPSE TEAM FOR GIVING SUCH A PRODUCT
- siddharth

Eclipse is the best thing that has happened to me in my work-life. 2 years in Eclipse and I'm still going strong!! I wish Eclipse "Many Many happy returns of the day" and hope that this'll go on for years together, incorporating many technologies and will improve lives of many developers around.
- Sushma Shinde

I enjoy Eclipse!
- Miao Fang

I Wish Eclipse a very happy and a prosperous Birthday. Its already been an inseperable part of our professional life.I earnestly wish Eclipse to grow further!!!!
- Amit Aphale

Wish you a very happy B'day dear Eclipse.
- Sudarshan

I have had a terrific time with Eclipse and it has transformed my workplace to a fun-place. Kudos to you !!!
- R Narayanan

Happy birthday!
- Tamás Bajnógel

My life has changed so much since I know You!
- Schmidt András

Happy birthday! / Boldog születésnapot!
- Csaba Pári

The greatest IDE for JAVA developers!!! Happy birthday!!!
- Rokas

Happy Birtday Eclipse! May there be many more to come...
- Chris O'Prey

Happy birthday to eclipse and best wishes for developer team...
- Babak

Hey, now that you have become quite mature... ...please become more scalable to really grow up.
- Hans-Werner

Your products are the best, keep processing forward and I will see you guys in 10 years!
- Dennis Smith

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Enjoy many more!
- Jason Karol

I wish Eclipse a very happy Birthday. I wish you live a 1000 years ....
- Nilesh sardar

Many happy plugins of the day!!!
- Natesh Vedgiri

Happy BirthDay
- Mallikarjun.M

Happy Birthday Eclipse. Many more to come!
- Alain Bouchard

Long Live Eclipse !!!
- Prashant Kadam

Happy BirthDay
- Mallikarjun.M

A very Happy Birthday!
- Andrew Poloni

Happy Birthday Eclipse! I will forever be in your debt, you have made me alot of money and made my live much easier over the past years.
- David Cole

Wow! Five years already. Time flies when you're having fun. Thanks a lot Eclipse Community.
- Tracy Ragan

Greeting! My heart goes with u forever! I love u!
- Isaac Han

Happy Birthday Eclipse my favorite IDE . Long live Eclipse and may god bless you with more features and plugins
- Kamesh Sampath

Very thanks to all the Eclipse Community, specially to Dr. Gamma and team for a wonderful product that will last at least for 5^3 years
- Manuel Vidaurre

Wish you all the best in the forthcoming years......
- Prantik Basak

Happy 5th Eclipse!
- RJ Salicco

Happy Birthday
- michael murphy

Eclipse has transformed the teaching of Java by taking care of the (tedious) housekeeping.
- Rob Campbell

Eclipse has transformed the teaching of Java by taking care of the (tedious) housekeeping.
- Rob Campbell

Thanks for making my life easier! Happy Birthday.
- Marc Benstein

Congratulations on 5th birthday of the best damn Java IDE out there.
- Antony Binns

Happy Birthday and a Job Well Done!
- Dan Dexter

Happy Birthday, and keep up this most important work!
- Walter G. Aiello

I'm just now starting out but I don't see anything wrong with passing along a Birthday Wish. Happy 5th Birthday, and best wishes for many more years to come!
- Jessie Burns

I'm just now starting out but I don't see anything wrong with passing along a Birthday Wish. Happy 5th Birthday, and best wishes for many more years to come!
- Jessie Burns

Happy birthday my lovely IDE *_* Without you I'm only a sad programmer ...
- Christian.chriii

5 Years of Useful Tools!
- Earl Baugh

ECLIPSE is the BEST, Thanks.
- Masoud

Congratulations on this 5 years of hard work. I'm very glad to be part of the Eclipse community. Thank you for your hard work and helping fellow developers make their work a lot easier. Keep the good work!
- Gian A. Alvarez-Blanes

Happy Birthday Eclipse It's been a JOY developing with you. Keep getting better.
- Michael Telep

Happy B'Day.... Long live java
- Hardeep

happy 2006
- Yq

Congratulations by the five years of Eclipse!
- Pablo Martin Prediger

Simply Unbeatable!!!
- Ravindra Naik

God saves the 'Clipses
- Anhhuy Ha

to the greatest ide ever!!! happy birthday
- Samanth

I appreciate the quality that has gone into the development of eclipse. A fantastic product. And big thanks to all the people involved in the development of eclipse. I wish that eclipse moves from strength to strength and becomes the standard development tool for not only java but other programming languages. For example development of applications for mobile.
- Muralidharan S

Wish for Eclipse more and more developed in the future!
- Hoang Pham

A shining crown for the development community towards more exciting things to come in the information world!
- Shashi

Happy Birthday Eclipse! We keep on building on you... All the best from Testing Tech
- Stephan Pietsch

Happy birthday
- arnab

Eclipse, you always as bright as Golden ring, God bless you...
- shahnaz khan

Happy Birthday Eclipse ! :) :)
- Anish

Happy birthday Eclipse! I hope we have more of your birthdays to celebrate! :)
- Diana Lacson

Happy Birthday!
- Avinash Kumar

I wish all the best to all who has contributed to make it possible....! Great job..!! Cheers....
- Hiranya

Well done, keep going.
- Brian Higgins

Happy new year. We love you.. :)
- Gözde yılmaz

Great work!
- Slawek Marcinkowski

Congrats to the netire team that has been involved from the start. May there be many more celebrations for Eclipse over the next few years. I have never been so excited about a dev envionment before. I dream about it at night. Lets go for the tenth birthday starting today!!!!!!
- Andrew Marsh

- Indira

Happy Birthday!
- Alexey

Happy Birthday, keep going
- pavan kumar v

Congratulation and best of luck to the Eclipse team for developing best IDE.
- Pradeep Chaudhary

Happy Birthday!
- -kk-

Thank you for a great IDE which increases developer's productivity and is fun to work with!
- Karsten Kraus

Selamat Ulang Tahun yang ke 5. Semoga semakin Oke banget dech... Eclipse 3.2... GUE BANGET... (I wrote in my language which is non formal Bahasa Indonesia, so the world will knowing that Eclipse is exist in the South East Asia especially in Indonesia...)
- Indrayana MB.

'met ultah ya Eclipse... Thank's for helping me develop robust Java Application...
- Indrayana Mulya Bhakti

You are quite mature for 5
- Ed Ross

ECLIPSE is an amazing facility to develop and deploy integrated applications.
- Arnaud Bourlier

Rain check succeded :-) Congratulations!
- Mateusz

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Long live open-source :-)
- Sten Aksel Heien

Real sharing, real progress, Giving leads to Growth
- Gerald Boyd

Thank you!
- Craig Miller

Happy birthday Eclipse, you show me how great an IDE can be.
- Benjamin Poulain

Happy Birthday Eclipse, all the best to your 5th anniversary!
- Simon Gerlach

Best wishes for the next years! Alles Gute 8-) Uwe
- Uwe

Happy Birthday Eclipse, all the best to your 5th anniversary!
- Simon Gerlach

Happy Birthday to My Dear Eclipse. Many More Happy Returns of the Day.
- Kumarapandian

Long Live Eclipse
- Pamal Meyana

Happy Birthday
- Tadeusz Pawlus

Excelente plataforma de desarrollo!!! Sigan adelante!!!
- Pablo Frias

Feliz cumpleaños Eclipse!!! Sigan adelante!!
- Pablo Frias

Great Product.., love it.
- sanjay

Happy Birthday
- Nivedita

Happy birthday computer software! I can't believe I'm signing a card for software. I hope I get a birthday card this year or I am going to be very depressed.
- Steve Nolte

I love eclipse and would recomend it to anyone interested. i have
- Douglas Crafts

- Yander Caceres Cruz

Many happy returns of the 'eclipsed' day! May we have more and more of such eclipsed days ahead
- Deepak

Happy birthday, Eclipse! You're all grown up now! (Sniffle...)
- Mike Elness

Happy birthday to Eclipse! I love you so much!
- Jia Mi

Happy birthday! I love Eclipse
- Rock Li

Keep on developing all those great tools
- Tom Schindl

Thank goodness you arrived, and given me a logical way ahead. Cool.
- Ian Mayo

keep going. It very good work
- LASSEY Horacio

Thank you for 5 years!!
- Peter Hertlein

happy 5th year eclipse! thank you for giving us superb ide. we use it for java and c++ applications.
- Jan lester panganiban

Happy b-day, and many many more years of success.
- Sasa Popovic

Keep up the good work!
- Jørgen Elgaard Larsen

public class greeting { public static void main(String args[]) { System.out.println("Happy Birthday Eclipse!"); } }
- Ali Polat Olu

Hip Hip Hooray!!! (x5) Congratulations / Bon Anniversaire. Go Eclipse! Rock-on. And I wish to say a big thank you to everyone (corporates & individuals) who has contributed in making Eclipse happen in my lifetime. May God bless you all.
- obinna a. kalu

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Wuwen

Eclipse rocks!
- Mark Johnson

God rewards the diligent person !
- Wade Zhang

Happy birthday, Eclipse! Thank you for your wonderful performance in Java development.
- Qiu Yin

Eclipse has come a long way in the past 5 years! It's been a pleasure being a part of it all along the way. Keep up the excellent work!
- Jeremy Daggett

You have made the developr's job lot easier.. WAY 2 GO.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
- Jagadeesh Kumar

I have used Eclipse for 2 years,I like its short-cut key,bless Eclipse.
- Ning Li

Happy to ride along with you
- Dirk Bosmans

Happy birthday and congatulation for this great job!

Best Wishes for one of the finest Java IDE's in the world.
- Ashish Kumar Pathak

Best wishes, and go on with the good work :)
- Kasia

Best Wishes to the finest Java IDE in the world.
- Ashish Pathak

- Niranjan Maleapti

Fantastic IDE. Have accomplished a lot right from get go. Great job, Eclipse team !
- Ravi Banavara

Wish you happy birthday eclipse!!! I love eclipse, I want it to be IDE of every one's choice. I also take this opportunity to appreciate everyone who contributed to make this a successful IDE.
- Krishna Dasyam

Thanks to you i learnt java much easier, and you sure make my everyday developper life easier. Thank you , and happy birthday, Eclipse !
- Landry Soules

Happy Birthday
- igal shacham

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you continue to improve the best Java IDE. Thank you!!!
- jose roberto ferreira

All the best. It is been great pleasure to work with eclipse.
- Hasan Ceylan

Happy Birthday !
- Shervin M.

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Cedric Carbone

Revolution: Eclipse is FREE and Java is FREE. Welcome to the next generation Happy birthday !! PD: Eclipse is the best Java IDE for all plataforms.
- HiDaRK

- Gu.paladino

Haha,Happy Birthday!Just go on~~~
- DominikaFang

Haha,Happy Birthday!Just go on~~~
- DominikaFang

Haha,Happy Birthday!Just go on~~~
- DominikaFang

Haha,Happy Birthday!Just go on~~~
- DominikaFang

I've been using eclipse for nearly 2 years so far. When the 10th, 15th, 20th, ..., anniversary, I'll send her birthday card still. Haha... Happy birthday~
- QIAN Jianghao

Long Live Eclipse
- Sanman Koyande

Started playing with this small IDE as a grad student, never knew by the time i join for my firdst job it will be version 2.1 and flooding into allmost any developer it feels more like a pal i graduated with and am working with right now ....
- Anadi Mishra

Happy happy birthday for the best IDE in the Java business.
- Lior Okman

en, eclipse is so powerful! happy birthday.
- AndiLiu

Happy 5!
- Julien Cochuyt

Felicidades por ser el mejor entorno de desarrollo integrado para la mayoría de lenguajes y tecnologías
- Federico

Happy B'day
- Malini

Eclipse makes my life easy... As a Java programmer I have used several IDEs for my development. Eclipse is the Best... Wish you many happy returns on the day (Mr/Mrs) Eclipse... :)
- Pathum Herath

Happy Birthday to eclipse!May it will continue to help developer for many more years to come!
- falguni

Happy Birthday Eclipse ;))
- Thorsten Fendler

Happy Birthday. Eclipse!
- Günther Jauch

Thank you eclipse. Happy birthday & never stop the project.
- jack

Long live....
- sugunpradeep

Happy bithday and congatulation to be at the same time so young and so adult !
- Fred Lung

Eclipse, great IDE, in fact the best I've used. Keep up the good work. I will be working (with my team)on some plugins.
- Mr. Llies Meridja

Continue the great work!! All the best!!
- Hadi Ahmad Zainuddin

Happy 5th eclipse birthday
- Maya Malakova

i have really had time to use your website but today the 20th day of november 2006 that i strayed to your site informed me that today is your birthday. i actually know little about you but with the little i have learnt under 30 minutes tells me that i will gain a lot from you. Keep the good work and i can only wish the very best in achieving your objectives. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!............
- suleiman akwuh

Happy Birthday in the Brazilian way...Feliz Aniversário!!
- Fernanda

Well done - it's come a long way in 5 years. Keep up the good work!
- Gus Power


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