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Thank you for being! ;)
- Edvinas

Great event. Happy Birthday....
- Abdallah El-Okda

You have been good to me all these years, and I'm proud to say you have enriched my life.
- Nam Le

Thanx for a great time
- tricae

Happy Birthday to the best of all IDE's!!!
- Ralf Schmauder

Many stars in the sky :D
- Pawel Karbarz

Congratulations, and thanks for a great tool!
- Daryl Bonhaus

Eclipse rulezzz
- Mustafa BOLUKBAS

Happy birthday Eclipse.
- Mohammad Abou-Basha

The best of the best!
- Ernest

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Brad Simmons, Secure Development LLC, Seattle, WA

Happy BirthDay for sure. We couldn't develop without Eclipse anymore!
- Sander Hindryckx

Happy Birthday Eclipse and Congratulations to Eclipse Community for all the great accomplishments in the Open Source world! See you at 10th anniversary!
- Marius Slavescu

Really great work!!!
- James Stangler

- Cote'

What a tool !
- Gabriel

Many more happy returns of the day, dear Eclipse.
- Velganesh Subramanian

Unbelievable progress in 5 years! Definitely something to celebrate.
- Eric Newcomer

Happy Birthday Eclipse! I've been using Eclipse, and WebSphere Application Developer solidly for the last 5 years. Thank you for making my job that little bit easier!
- Lee Walton

Happy birthday
- Mateusz

Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 4! Many more birthdays / versions to come!
- Wally Kolcz

Happy Birthday to all programmers... v.1.0 or other :)
- Rony Candeli

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Richard Langlois

Thanks for the excellent product that just keeps getting better.
- Dan Hagberg

It's been hoot! Here's to another great 5 years!
- Zed Bekker

Great stuff, keep it going
- Chris Lee

All the best for number 1 extendable IDE
- Sundaramurthi

I'm one of those who Eclipse played an important role in my career, really glad to join in the celebration of it's fifth birthday,wish it to develop more & more."HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
- Marwa Mandor

All the best for the next years, hope to celebrate the 50th birthday! ;)
- Matthias Klein

Happy Birthday!
- Matthias Klein

Happy Birthday! Eclipse brightens up our lives.
- teo tan

Happy Birthday Eclipse Project! I've been using Eclipse for 4 years now and I still can't believe it is FREE! Not only is it a great Java IDE, but I've been able to extend it with plugins for my own purposes. Amazing! I hope you're still going strong in 2106!
- Michael Waluk

Good wishes to all Eclipse developers and contributors
- Monica

Happy Birthday!
- Robert Carnell

May you live in interesting times.
- Nick Boldt

At the beginning, I didn't like Java. Now I love Java so much. That is all because of you, Eclipse, a perfect IDE!
- Neo Wang

Anything that can help me lazily code is great!
- Han Xu

Dear Eclipse, happy happy birthday ! I was with you from the very beginning and am since than proud watching you grow and grow. All the best for the future !
- Manuel Sontag

Happy B'day and Thank you!
- CJ Jouhal

- Bill Barbour

Buon compleanno e cento di questi giorni!! :)
- Luca Santarelli

Hapy Birthday!
- Michał

Wszystkiego Najlepszego
- Michal

keep it up.
- Andrej Marolt

Eclipse rox!! :)
- Wojtek

In internet time, there's no need to wait 18 or 21 years to become of age. 5 years is more than enough and Eclipse has grown up healthy and strong! Happy 5th birthday!
- Jon Ruano

Happy Birthday eclipse!!! All the best for the future!
- Thomas Meier

Happy birthday!!!! Many many more!!!!
- Carlos Valcarcel

I couldn't function without you!
- Dave Joyce

Linux or Windows don't matter to Me as long as Eclipse is there to comfort me. Happy birthday and I'm sure that there will be a great deal more, especially with so many friends !
- Eric

Happy Birthday Eclipse. Keep up the terrific work.
- Erick Dovale

Happy Birthday to the tool that put some fun back in software design.
- Francois Chouinard

Its been a while baby but I still love ya!
- Sean

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! I wasn't there when you were born but I am happy to help nurture you and your siblings! Here's to many more. Carol
- Carol Yutkowitz

Happy birthday dear Eclipse :)
- Pawel

Happy Birthday
- Kishore

Many happy returns - you just keep getting better.
- John Curtis

A great project, a great product and a great community.
- Rich Wolverton

Congratulations! Enjoy it everyone!
- Ian Vellosa

I wish see it's 50th birthday! Thank all people contributed building it, Thanks!
- Mohsen Mollanoori

Absolutely stunning for a 5 year old!
- Mike

Hi Eclipse people, I hope you all have a greate Birthday... Keep the excelente job, Orlando
- Orlando Antunes

Happy Birthday!!!! UR Great
- Luis Malave

Great application!! the fastest emerged application with so many facets to it!!
- naren t

Happy Birth Day from! Thanks for the giant shoulders to stand on!
- John Gilbert

Happy birthday Eclipse - and thanks for saving me so much typing...
- Shaun

Hurray .. very many happy return to the Queen of Opensource
- Anil Samuel

Happy birthday Eclipse, I am glad I met you!
- Ozgen Gungor

Eclipse is my favourite IDE! It has been a tremendous assistance in coding many languages. I hope it has a long and successful future ahead of it. Happy birthday and congratulations to all! James.
- James Newell

Here's to many more!
- Sam Hahn

Happy birthday, best wishes and congratulations for the job done !
- La rédaction de

Wishing you a Very Happy B'day Eclipse, and many happy returns to the team behind you.
- Nausher

Happy F6 to you!
- Paolo Cappellari

Happy birthday dear Eclipse! Thanks, you simplify my life.
- Eder Magalhães

Happy Birhtday to the best IDE in the world
- Deepanker Pal

Keep it going! But don't forget the other languages!
- blindgaenger

A great cheer to eclipse concept which declined great companies and changed the IDEs future!
- Hassan AFIF

Happy birthday, Eclipse! My birthday is one day earlier than you, hahaha
- Kevin Jieu

Happy Brithday Eclipse I wish Eclipse and the community all the best for the future. Thanks a lot for making my life so much easier learning to program Java on a Mac :)
- Thorsten Biegner

i just know you ....and you having your ....happy birthday...and wish my project going well..!!

Happy Birthday dear Ec!
- anna

Sincerely, congratulations for this great work ! Hope this will continue for a long time. Happy birthday
- Julien BARON

Happy birthday Eclipse !!! I alaways hope the best for you !!!
- Widodo

Happy birthday Eclipse !!! I alaways hope the best for you !!!
- Widodo

Thank you for eclipse. thanks really!
- Wu Yong

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Have a Better and More Productive Years Ahead!
- Muzamri

Eclipse has dramatically altered how I view and perform software development. It makes one wonder if the software culture is reaching the level of maturity that the computer industry did with the introduction of standard busses and PCs. Keep up the fabulous work.
- Bernie Bussiere

Happy Birthday to the community. You've this all possible. Thanks!
- Jeff McAffer

I had been working on you for the past 1.5 years, you are not a 5yr old bay, You really rock. Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Paul

I just love you Eclipse !! Many Many Happpy Returns of the day :-)
- Ganesh Kumar N.S.A

Congratulations all ... inspiring effort and collaboration.
- davidv

u r the best.
- icyfire

Eclipse is awesome. It has changed our dev environment. Appreciate all the hard work from Eclipse commmunity.
- Raja R.K

How wonderful to be a part of Eclipse's birthday. Please accept my very best wishes on this joyous ocassion. Eclipse has truly changed the way the Java community develops software today.
- Viraf Karai

- Christopher M. Judd

To dear Eclipse, Happy Birthday! You are the best development tool for me and helped me a lot through the years. No words can express my appreciation and gratitude. May you have a great birthday and many prosperous years to come. Cheets! Best Regards, Robbi Palacios
- Robbi Palacios

Sorry for missing the first 2(?) of your birthday, Eclipse
- Jerome Jar

I just love you Eclipse. Many Many Happy Returns of the day :-)
- Ganesh Kumar N.S.A

I just love you Eclipse. Many Many Happy Returns of the day :-)
- Ganesh Kumar N.S.A

Wish you many more happy returns of the day and I wonder your growth in just five years.
- Vishnu

Happy Birthday Eclipse. It's been a hoot!
- Wayne Beaton

Long Live Eclipse!
- Sameer Shinde

Many more Happy returns of the day.Keep on same Track
- Kanagarajan

Ave Eclipse!!!
- Satish Pamidimarthi

Happy birthday to perhaps the best software there is
- andrew jonca

Long Live!
- lalit jairath

Dear Eclipse, Its been really easy going way with you since the first time I met you! You proved yourself a very efficient, robust and fast friend that always makes me feel comfortable with your appearences, and ease of communicating with you. Whenever I need some more of you, without hesitattion you helped me out alongwith your other young friends (you remember what you call them? yeah! plugins!!) I wish you very Happy B'day! and All the very best for your future, and hope our friendship will remain forever!! Lovingly yours! PS: Dont forget to invite me to the party! :)
- Vijay Wadnere

An awesome tool that I use almost daily. Keep it going strong! :)
- Matt Grove

Many more happy releases!
- Vijayasarathy

Intially , I was too reluctant to shift from Netbeans to Eclipse( as it is my nature, I do not shift easily) but than I find eclipse so easy to work with . so lite that I can run my application faster. Also since it is open source anyone can add his/ her plugins. That is the best feature I think
- Arun Sharma

Happy Birthday!!!!
- Indu

Eclipse, Best IDE in the Software world. I am here in the market because of it. Full credit to Eclipse.
- Amit Tiwari

Eclipse have come a long way since I first used it about 4 years ago. New plugins and addionational features and funtionalities has been added year by year. I fell in love with it the first time I use it. So I started to explore and write plugins for it. As a QuantumDB developer, it is an honor to be part of a beautiful community bound to new heights in the great future ahead of us. Happy birthday eclipse! c",?
- sirkware - QuantumDB Eclipse Plugin developer

Happy birthday to Eclipse
- kishan saralaya

thak u.and many returns of the day
- phani

Great Tool! I like it! We like it! Keep growing!
- wibrst

Happy Birthday Eclipse! You make my day at work every day.
- Federico Carbonell

Happy birthday. eclipse is the most amazing thing i have ever used!
- Yiqing Jin

Good ideas and innovation... keep it going
- Marco Marquez

Congratulations for being the trend-setter in so many ways - a great way to build an IDE, a RCP, an open-source platform... Wish you many more years of pioneering achievements!
- Mohana Krishna

Eclipse is simply superb and helps in developing applications at rapid pace....
- Naren Ramaraj

HAppy b'day eclipse! I owe you my job!
- Prashant Srivastava

Happy birthday to Eclipse, the best editor in the world.
- Hemantkumar Garach

Happy birth day to eclipse. Many more happy returns of the day. enjoy
- Thamizharasu

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day. You Grow Very Fast, and be more and more useful to Developers.
- Ketan

Excellent and wonderfull Java development environment that provides all kind of development facilities.
- Qaiser Suleman

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day. You Grow Very Fast and be very ease of use to Developers. Thanks.
- Ketan

Happy Birthday Eclipse, you've been a greatest open source / easy to use IDE to almost every Java Professionals with your greatest performance and amazing plugin features.
- David Wilfred Frederick

Congratulations! little will rule the world of IT shortly..All the best.
- Jalesh Kumar

Happy B-Day, Kudos for being one of the best IDE's around! May you have more development to come!!!
- Raymond

Keep going
- chethan

long live dear :)
- rahul mehrotra

Happy Beerday Eclipse! Your the best IDE i've ever used! Thanks and cheers!
- Clemen Canaria

My best wishes to the invention of this century.
- Mohanraj Loganathan

Thanks and Long live Eclipse
- Beniton

Wishing you best of luck for future.
- Joshua Antony

May you surpass all the benchmarks in computing history...and emerge as undisputed leader in Java development technology.
- Saurabh Agarwal

Happy birthday!
- HongLei

Explosive 5 years which brought revolution in Java world. Let the revolution goes on with new twists.
- Bijo Alex Thomas

Cool!!!!!!!!!!! Great !!!!!!!!! Keep Going !!!!!!!!! ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Happy B'Day
- Jagadisha Gangulli

Happy Birthday eclipse
- Ramya

Happy birthday eclipse!
- Mucahit Kurt

Hats off for providing such a wonderful IDE as eclipse free of cost. It has come a long way since its early days growing with each release. Happy B'Day Eclipse! May you live forever!
- Prem Rawal

live long Eclipse.
- Mohd.Rafiq

Happy Birthday!!
- MM Ang

You're the best!
- SunHeat

- Siva Anandhi

- Michał Wdaniec

Long live Eclipse. many more b'days' to celebrate
- Sahankumar.K.C

My perception for programming has changed since I have started using Eclipse.
- Shardul Bhatt

It has been wonderful 5 years ! Long live Eclipse !!
- Tejas Parajia

Eclipse has bring a new breath to the development society. I wish this will continue. Happy bithday eclipse.
- Baran Öztürkçü

Thanku Eclipse,Happy happy Bday
- Archana

Happy B'Day
- Anil

Well, happy birthday to you all! I hope we can grow 'old' together, without ever stopping to improve upon ourselves.
- Danny Kruitbosch

Happy Birthday !
- Jérôme BENOIS

Hapy Birthday !
- Jérôme BENOIS

Nice Tool for Developers
- NaliniKanthReddy

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Still my favourite Java IDE.
- Jesper de Jong

Happy Birthday to Eclipse!
- Jean Ro

Eclipse is, what Software Engineering is all about. Congratulations!
- Markus Kuppe

thankx,good luck with you.
- qu yy

Let's talk Java...
- Mostafa Radwan

I love Eclipse very much!! I use it every day, each day, day by day, haha. Happy Birthday to You, Eclipse!!! :)
- Micky

Great Job. Keep up the good work :)
- Koen Bruyndonckx

Happy birthday!
- Tomasz Stopa

happy birthday Eclipce
- hossam

Happy birthday
- Fred Deniger

Happy Birthday.. just completed your sister's design (Swing on OSGi).. Keep growing..
- Sumit Mehrotra

Congrats to all Eclipse project teams to have provided us with such useful tools!
- Frederic Conrotte

Happy Birthday.. just completed your sister's design(Swing on OSGi).. Keep growing
- Sumit Mehrotra

congratulations to the best java IDE available
- Andy Feys

Happy birthday, Joyauex Anniversersaire ! And Thank you
- Roulland Bruno

Wow. Great IDE. It has been part of every Java Developer. Happy Birthday! Cheers to all the developers who have made this tool a success. Hope the spirits will be kept alive.
- Basav Nagur

Eclipse is superior!
- Roman Porotnikov

You were born, so you are free, so happy birthday
- David Pérez Serrada

Dear Eclipse, I wish you all the best for the future and thank you for all you gave me (little developer I am) in the past! Best wishes Michael
- Michael Brinkmann

Great product! I think Eclipse has helped a lot to change the world around development tools just as Linux has done on the OS market. Now everyone - even Microsoft - is offering free tools to compete. Thanks to Eclipse team and Happy Birthday!
- Balazs Bence Sari

Sto lat!!
- Piotr Gabrych

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!! I wish you to grow bigger, to win the fight with your enemies and to become faster every day.
- Radu Bretean

Eclipse makes developers life lot easier. Thanks.
- Nasly

thanks eclipse
- james

i'll be glad if i can attend the eclipse birthday
- Ahmed Elwakeel

Unify information worldwide by eclipse!
- Carl-Ernst Cramer

Happy Birthday
- Ravi

Happy Birthday. Thanks for all the fish.
- Nicolas Doye

The support given by eclipse to acclerate the enterprise application development is really appreciated.May eclipse continue its success in future too!
- Isuru Samaraweera

Best wishes until the version 100
- Strahinja Videnovic

Congragulations, u have turned to 5. Happy Birthday Eclipse! Thanks for what we want to do (program java, create wonderful applications, debug, test and optimize) such a great experience! Hopefully this will be the first five years of at least as many times a score to come! Happy Birthday from all your dedicated fans, users and developers in India
- Abey Jacob

Best wishes for the best open source project.
- Bojan Milenkoski

Happy birthday my everyday friend!
- Andrea Di Muzio

Happy birthday to my Eclipse.
- Lien Nguyen

Congragulations, u have turned to 5. Happy Birthday Eclipse! Thanks for what we want to do (program java, create wonderful applications, debug, test and optimize) such a great experience! Hopefully this will be the first five years of at least as many times a score to come! Happy Birthday from all your dedicated fans, users and developers in India
- Abey Jacob

Happy Birthday ! Soyatec team - eUML2/eBPMN
- Yves YANG

Thank you Eclipse and Eclipse Developers for enriching my college coding years!
- Michael Baker

Happy B Day!
- Radu Popa

herzlichen Glückwunsch!
- Jan Pfitzner

Congragulations, u have turned to 5. Happy Birthday Eclipse! Thanks for what we want to do (program java, create wonderful applications, debug, test and optimize) such a great experience! Hopefully this will be the first five years of at least as many times a score to come! Happy Birthday from all your dedicated fans, users and developers in India
- Abey Jacob

Happy Birthday! I wish Eclipse every good fortune.
- Ryan Chan

Realy, I don't know how to write anything in Java without Eclipse. Good job!
- Kamil Mętrak

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Looking for more great advances in the next five years!
- Leonardo Garcia

Great!! Happy Birthday This is the powerful tool for my learning and development.
- Ka Lun Wong

I love working in Eclipse. It's Brillient IDE
- Jagadish

Keep getting better, stay being the best!
- Florian Steinsiepe

happy birthday
- Vaccari Daniele

Eclipse is really the best, so my best wishes and for more success. Thank you Eclipse and happy birthday.
- Oussama LEGHA

happy birthday eclipse.thanks for your beautiful software.
- praneeth reddy.p

Many Many Returns of the Day !! Thks to Eclipse, it has given a new perspective to Java Developers. Keep up the good work and keep going, we are all there with you !!
- Annamalai C

all well done!
- jasmine

Its been a wonderful to work with Eclipse from the day i started working. Today Eclipse is going to celebrate its 5th birthday on this ocassion am giving my heatly wishes to those who r behind this. Many Many Happy Returns of the day my dear
- Mallikarjuna Rao.Y

One tool so many avatars. Eclipse is as great as the invention of the wheel.
- Kaanu Joshi

Keep up the good work and slaughter M$.
- Gerard Fisher

thank you Eclipse,you are really the best IDE ever
- Ahmed Aswani

I can't be without you my darling ;-) I love u da
- Riyaz

Happy birthday Eclipse. Thank you for those you all did so far. All the best..
- Nihat Ezer

Happy birthday Eclipse... Extremely powerfull IDE. :)
- Lasse Langhorn

Its an useful IDE to work with java.
- saravanan

Happy Birthday to Eclipse and may it grow day by day in popularity and usage
- Ashutosh Kumar

Happy Birthday, Keep up the good work.
- Avi Hayun

Happy Bday
- ganesh saravanan

Happy Birthday Eclipse, your excelent work changed my life :) Thanks a lot !
- Dalton Camargo

Happy Birthday!
- Cow

Happy 5th!!! It's bees only 6 months since i discovered this world but it looks like a lot more than Eclipse 5 years!!! Cheers!!!
- Bruno Lemos

Greate Product. Great People behind it! Happy Birthday!
- Jerry Zhang

- vinesh


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