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Happy birthday Eclipse! May you have further big success!
- 李建超

Happy birthday! Eclipse
- leon.guo

Happy Birthday To You!!
- Andrew Zhu

Happy birthday!
- guojin liu

happy birthday!
- Rich.Ding

I'm lovin` it!
- Raphael Chin

- Rajesh Ranjan Sinha

I can say that happy birthday now.
- Zhou YuLin

This has been phenomenal, excellence jobs!
- Louis Chong

- 刘勇

Happy Birthday! Going stronger and stronger still after five years!
- Joonas Haapsaari

Hoch sollste Leben, dreimal Hoch!
- Gernot

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Juha Pohto

Without you (Eclipse) it would have been a mess! You simply rock!
- Deepak Sharma

The only eclipse that a software professional looks forward to. Happy Birthday "Eclipse"
- naveen

When I first saw Eclipse 2.1 I thought "Wow! It has everything I ever needed". Eclipse continued to evolve - and so did my programming skills and need towards my preferred IDE. Today we're still the best match and I hope this won't change in future! Congratulations to your 5th birthday! Please continue your hard work on improving Eclipse!
- Dominik Gauss

To a Great Ide - Happy bday
- mani

Many happy returns!
- Peter Elxnat

Happy birthday
- Aleksandar Nikov

welcom to java epoch.
- myepoch

you are my favorite ide,wish you improved better!
- Duan Shenglong

Happy Birthday to the best community. I found my home! Thank you and all the best, Görge
- Görge Albrecht

Happy Birthday. Eclipse rules.
- Michael Marth

Happy Birthday to the best community! I found my home! Thank you and all the best, Goerge
- Goerge Albrecht

Happy Birthday to us!
- Izzet Safer

Happy 5th Birthday, Eclipse! I joined your bandwagon a bit late but you've transformed my life and my career! I wish you many more glorious years packed with rewards for your users! Happy Birthday and all my love and pledges of continued usage Abisola F.
- Bisola Fatokun

Happy birthdayt to the Eclipse project which has brought his stone to the edification of the OS community.
- Pierre-Henry Perret

Happy Birthday to all developers and supporter and test and user and ... thank you all for the great works you have done and will do ;-).
- Martin

Great work! Best stuff ever on the market! Tried everthing but you got me stuck on your product. Make me happy also in the future. Happy anniversary!
- Serafim Dahl

- tsaiye

Happy birthday
- Laurent Storchi

Happy Birthday! 生日快樂!
- Tsaiyeh Tung

Happy Birthday!
- Jose Luis Freire

hello Eclipse! I love you! Happy birthday!
- lalatop

Happy Birthday
- Anian Wurzenberger

Ois Guade, oids Haus!!!
- schnaho

Happy 5th anniversary! My ever love for Eclipse.
- LeoChou

- Chandra Gorantla

Congratulations! Number ONE IDE on this universe! <3
- Miikka Andersson

Long live Mr.Eclipse,wish u have a brighter way!
- Jack Doe

for (int i=0; i<5 ++i) System.out.println("Happy Birthday Eclipse :)"); // Hope to enjoy more years of programming Java with Eclipse
- Cagdas Altinkaya

Happy Birthday Ecalise ( it's a great tool, and and I love it).
- Andrzej Czajewski

Long live the King !!! Don't let anyone else 'eclipse' you !!!
- Deepak

Greetings and congratulations for the 5th anniversary of this great IDE. Makes the programming easier
- Marc

Congratulations guys & thanks for all the hard work!
- John S

Hav a v wonderful birthday. I love U Eclipse
- Muhammad A

Thanks for being the best programming language teaching environment available!
- Gerry Donaldson

Happy Birthday Eclipse. I used to love IntelliJ before one of my manager's opened my eyes and showed me eclipse. Wonderful tool. Next step, hopefully nice JSP plugins.
- Binish Patel

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Thomas Fletcher

you have made school fun again
- Timothy O'Leary

Congratulations on five years of amazing growth and development! Students at Boise State University thank all involved for all their hard work and dedication!
- Lincoln Bollschweiler

Its the best! Congratulations to everybody and thanks a lot for letting me benefit from your hard work!
- Antonio Gurisatti

An italian "buon compleanno". A little message from a newbie. Happy birthday and many other years of code.
- gi

May the sun shine on you many more years to come!
- Berthold Daum

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Jeremy

Life is Beautifully "Modelled" with eclipse(EMF). Expecting many more wonders from you.. WISH U A HAPPY BIRTHDAY
- VarunKumar Mallisetty

Eclipse is the best!! I like it very much.
- Gede Pramana

Happy birthday from France/Lyon ,Best of the Best IDE in the world :)
- Serif Durakovic

happy birthday
- Michal

Piece of good IDE. Keep rocking, guys!
- Wiktor Gworek

Happy B'Day, you have made JAVA development fun and simple.
- Vikram

Thanks for everything! Been a great ride :)
- Flemming Pedersen

I am a professor and I have been trying to get Eclipse used in my department for 5 years, since I first heard about Eclipse. This year we finally started using it in two of our courses and our students love it. Happy Birthday!
- clement allen

To many successful years to come.
- Darko Cerepnalkoski

Til hamingju með afmælið Eclipse notendur og áhugamenn :-D Happy birthday Eclipse users and enthusiasts :-D
- Þór Sigurðsson

eclipse is the hearbeat of java environment...

- bbqyip

Long Live Eclipse!!!
- Niraj Kumar

Love 'n hugs
- andrew underhill

Happy Birthday
- 刘冠军

happy birthday! eclipse has brought us so much convinenct, do better!
- tomzhang

Eclipse Happy 5 Aniversary, Thank for giving us a great IDE, for developing Java applications. I've been using Eclipse since I met java and every release is better and better. Congratulations!!
- German Gil

Gracias, for the best of the best(el mejor de los mejores) IDE... without Eclipse... I dont known what is going to hapend
- Igor Guerrero

I love you!!!
- JinZhonghao

Happy birthday!
- Hua Shi

Happy birthday! and thanks a lot
- bob

I like Eclipse
- Botao,Xing


happy birthday eclipse!
- daniel

I love opensource world. I love eclipse, too. And Happy birthday eclipse!
- leosun

I used Eclipse for more than 1.5 years, i love it, and i don't want use other IDE any more. I hope Eclipse can support more and more programming languages :)
- Tran Duc Minh

i love eclipse,happy birthday
- Andy liu

Happy Birthday
- cofer lai

Happy Birthday! It's amazing what a group of dedicated individuals can do when they unite behind a common goal. In this case, an awesome product.
- Patrick Flahan

happy birthday to eclipse!
- cagway

Happy Birthday Eclipse! You give so much yet ask so little!
- R.J. Lorimer

Good luck,Eclipse~~
- yellow

Happy Birthday Eclipse! And to all of the people behind this great open-source project, a warm thanks for bringing us 5 years of innovation!
- Jonathan Tamon

In only five years you´ve created such a wonderful tool. It´s hard to imagine what´s coming out from your heads in the years to come. Congratulations.
- Adrian Gomez

Thank you Eclipse,you give me a willing.
- liuyan

One of the best IDE that i have ever used . Thanks a lot for the great job done and keep going
- Arvind S

- Darkhucx

Eclipse is cool! and offers me a lot of interesting stuff to learn and work with!
- Anandaraj Thangappan


the plugin mechanism is so powerful and so considerate. it's a great and pioneering design.thanks your wonderful job to give me so much convenience!
- hyliu

Long Live Eclipse...U have made our life easier... :-)
- Saritha

I love this stuff.
- Wang Yunzhen

The way is Simply superb...Go ahead with same track. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR BuDDY.................:-); for (int i=0; i<1000; ++i) { System.out.println("Happy Birthday 2 Eclipse Community"); } The way is Simply superb...Go ahead with same track. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR BuDDY.................-);
- MuRuGaN

It doesnt get bigger than this...Happy birthday Eclipse.
- Kumar Matcha

I love Eclipse forever!
- tomcat

Congratulations. looking forward to the next 5!
- Colin Wordsworth

Happy birthday
- wuaoxue

吉林建筑工程学院 计算机学院 --130021
- jack

- sabrina760

Happy Birthday Eclipse.
- Bulent Bassaka

Happy birthday!!!!!!
- Sam Wang

happy birthday
- Mr wu

Happy Birthday!
- Isaone

从2003年学习Java开始, 我的第一个IDE和现今的IDE都是它了. 希望eclipse的明天更辉煌!
- ephon.sun

Happy birthday
- Campbell Ritchie

Happy birthday!
- Ognen Ivanovski

Its a remarkable achivement. Thank you very much for giving me better and better eclipse all these 5 years
- Sunish Kumar M V

- Jon-Erik Persson

Long live Eclipse!!!! You have made many lives easier :)
- Mukta Jindal

It is a remarkable achievement. Thank you very much for giving me better and better eclipse all these 5 years.
- Sunish Kumar M V

Happy Birthday and many more!
- Eamonn J. Casey

Happy birthday eclipse, your birth has brought a great change in the development field....
- Mohamed Razeem

Happy Birthday ! The community making the platform alive is great.
- Hans Müller-Dieckert

Happy birthday 2u dear Eclipse!
- Majkel

Happy Birthday Eclipse! I'd like to thank all the people working over the years on this answer of (nearly) all questions!
- Jan Weidauer

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Maria

Happy Birthday Eclipse....!
- Nikhil Desai

Well done Eclipse!! Keep it still on the high level.
- Grzegorz Duda

Happy birthday :-)
- Szymon Brandys

Eclipse goes in the right way. The expensive dev tools period is over for years since this wonderful project was released. Flexible, in constant evolution, i think it's one of the best thing that happened to the Java community.
- Vivien de Saint pern

Great 5th Birthday to Eclipse !! I use Eclipse for developing WebObjects Applications with the WOlips plugin. All is good in Eclipse !!
- Sébastien Finkbeiner

- Tarek R. El-Bahnasawy

Thank you Eclipse!
- Ye Xiaowei

Happy birthday!
- Sandro Weiser

Happy Birthday dear Eclipse and five more good years
- Schnokus

To everyone associated with the project, including the users - A very Happy Birthday
- Saumyadeep Paul

Using Eclipse for our in-house JEE projects has made software development quite a little easier. Happy Birthday to this outstanding project (and thanks to all the brave developers that got it this far). Keep on goin'! :)
- Kristian Rink

Eclipse is a wonderfull IDE! I like very much and It helps me a lot with my applications!. Happy birthday!
- Matias Basilico

Happy birthday to Eclipse
- Roshan Ranasinghe

Happy Birthday Eclipse! And a congratulations to the team who continually provide an excellent IDE!
- Raymond

HappY BiRthDaY, EcLipS :) you were always my best choice
- Amira Moh'd

Long live Eclipse
- Alp Sehic

Happy Birthday...
- Ahmet

we are running eclipse everywhere!
- Engin Guller

Best wishes
- Marcin

Happy birthday Eclipse!
- Ashraf Al Shafaki

Happy birthday to Eclipse, best Java IDE for SmallTalkers
- Martin Karpisek

Eclipse is very good IDE in the Java World
- Sinu.M

iyi ki dogdun...
- mehmet kutlu inanc

Wishing Eclipse a very Happy Birthday !!!. And also wishing for all the success to come its way.
- Ramakrishna Mallya

Thanks for your support and wonderful product.
- Anu

Good tool & keep up great work
- Ed Howard

Congratulations for producing such nice IDE.
- Nurettin Cetinkaya

Congratulations for such a nice IDE... Happy birthday..
- Nurettin Cetinkaya

Eclipse is a nice and powerful IDE you can ever get in this open source world. I have been using it for years from the day i've landed into open source development. Happy b'day Eclipse.. Wishing u longer and more fruitful life :-D
- Harsha

Best wishes.
- Orhan Ugurlu

Hope you have fun on your birthday
- Recke

Happy birthday and keep pushing !
- Juan Antonio Domínguez

Best Wisher
- Orhan Ugurlu

Haaaaappyyyy Birthdaaaaay 2 U Eclipse ;)
- Eylem Tokcan

Happy Bitrhday
- Volkan Sevincok

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Prakash

thanks for making my life a much easier one
- srihari

Viva Eclipse...
- youssef mamdouh

Viva eclipse
- youssef mamdouh

5 is just very new of much more to go. Congrats !!
- Srihari Reddy S

Happy birthday to a very mature 5 year old :)
- Svenne Juul


Best wishes to the whole team. Eclipse is a great product we use everyday, keep the good work going!
- Grzegorz Głowaty

Best wishes to the whole team. Keep the good work going!
- Grzegorz Glowaty

happy birthday eclipse you are doing nice go ahead
- hamada elnopy

Great Job! Best wishes to the whole team.
- Mark

Happy birthday dear... Eclipse!
- Krzysztof Bober

Great Job! Best wishes to the whole team.
- Mark

For it's a jolly good fellow... and so say all of us
- Bartlomiej Malecki

Happy Birthday
- Lukasz Gano

best wishes!happy birthday ~!i love u.
- vanish

I love Eclipse. Great work.
- Okan Cetin

Happy birthday Eclipse!
- Hakan Dilek

Great Happy Birthday to the great Eclipse..

Always Together Always For Nice Future
- Mehmet Basterzi

Happy birthday! Many many workspaces and happy users!
- Wojtek

Best IDE ever; keep the good work...
- Taner YILDIZ

I hope we'll be celebrating release of the 100.0 version together... in 2106 ;).
- Bartosz Kowalewski

Always Together Always For Nice Future
- Mehmet Basterzi

Haaaaaaaaappy Birthday dear Eclipse:D:D
- Patryk Walawender

Happy Birthday! Love ya, keep it up.
- Basem Narmok

- ever

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Krzysztof Michalski

Happy birthday, Eclipse! And particularly I would like to thank Szymon Brandys and Krzys Michalski for their enthusiasm in developing this wonderful IDE!
- Marta Adamska

Best wishes dear eclipse, keep on growing!
- Wiktor Walewski

Happy birthday :)
- Szymon Natanek

5years !! Cool !! Have a wonderful years ahead !!!
- Ravikumar K

You have changed the face 'n' use of IDE in java world. Many many happy returns of the day. Ansar
- ansar basha

forever java forever eclipse ;-) hope to see a perfect visual editor :-P
- Burak Tartan

Happy birthday Eclipse!
- Marcin Grabda

Long live Eclipse :-)
- Dinesh Kumar Santhanaraman

Happy Birth Day My Fav Tool
- Mustafa Ibrahim

Sto lat, Sto lat, niech zyje zyje nam!
- Robert

Best wishes...
- Halil Karaköse

Long live Eclipse
- İrfan ÇUHA

happy birthday. i hope eclipse growth well, in every direction, to make it the univerial progamming plattform.
- Felix Schäfer

happy birthday. :)
- Felix Schaefer

Happy birthday Eclipse
- Deniz Secilir

Best wishes for the whole Eclipse team :)
- Anna Iskra

Happy eclipses
- Ramazan Guner

Great Power come with Great responsibility ... Eclipse ... more than just a tool.
- Chart Krobtragolchai

happy birthday
- czechooo

- Peter

happy birthday and keep developing. ;)
- Mateusz

Happy birthday to THE software development tool and the team behind it!
- Henri Sara

Happy Birthday!
- Greg

congratulations and I wish you a lot of improvements for your six!!!!
- Daniel Ovalle

期待SWT/JFACE ,更加完善。
- Jiang Feng

Hi. i use eclipse for a long time. and it is the best ide.
- Kadir inanir

May You be blessed, may the people of all nations praise Your Name, may the anthem of admiration for You be heard all over the world. May the mothers tell their children about Your unspeakable greatness, infinite excellence and unshakable superiority. May You live in eternal glory. Eclipse forever! You've made my life easier and more meaningful. You've given hope to me and my fellow developers. Thank You, Eclipse.
- Piotr 'Chappi' Czapiewski

happy birthday, Eclipse! I would like to thank especially Szymon Brandys and Krzys Michalski for their great contribution in developing Eclipse, their enthusiasm and charisma!
- Marta Adamska

Happy birthday
- Dominik

hapyy birth day Strong eclipse
- Amgad

Happy birthday
- Amgad

Eclipse has come a long way in last 5 years. It has become one of the leading development platforms for java projects. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who were involved in creating and nourishing and developing the eclipse project in last 5 years.
- Sachin Dangui

Happy birthday!!eclipse... I love this tool... I wish eclipse could become strong day after day!!
- Michael.Jared

Happy birthday :)
- Piotr Kliczewski

- özge özgür

Happy Birthday to youuuu ...

thanks for good java stuff
- Michal Almakiewicz

Congratulations! Great job!
- Karol

Thx 4 the great job! Hope much more is still to come:)
- Pablo Picasso

Happy Birthday...and may you live a longer life.
- V. Atito

Five years already! It just seemed like yesterday! Now how old would that be in human years? I look forward to the 10th birthday! Thanks to the whole community that made this possible!
- Charles Rivet


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