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Great tool, great community, this is the best dev-tool I've never used for Java ;-) (need useful plugins packaging improvment...)
- Benoit Fouche

Happy birthday, And congratulations to all Eclipse workers!
- Mathias Kluba

An excelent product for excelent developers. Happy birthday today, eclipse !! (happy yesterday to me :-)
- Terje Tessem

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Thank you for making writing Java code a joy.
- Alen Vrecko

Happy Birthday Eclipse, and a sunny Perspective in the years to come. Cheers!
- Bogdan Mocanu

Happy Birthday!
- Stewart Coleman

Happy Birthday!
- Stewart Coleman

Eclipse is not only the best Java IDE on the planet, it's the best IDE period on the planet. It has dramatically improved my Java development productivity. Happy 5th Birthday!
- Keith Wedinger

Happy 5th birthday, Eclipse!
- Chris Brealey

Long live Eclipse.
- Tahir Emre KALAYCI

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- sridhar

Best Wishes to the Team!
- Siva Visveswaran

To the Eclipse Foundation and to its innovative contributors and members: Happy Birthday!! Thanks for your product its vital part of my workplace. Jerry Woods
- Jerry Woods

Hail Eclipse ! you have a wonderful life , full of accomplishments , wish you even more success in the years to come :)
- Faraz Masood

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
- Tom Morel

May productivity rise and bug count fall.
- Jernej Kamenik

Eclipse forever!
- George

happy birthday to you, I hope you'd be ever improving and getting faster!
- Morteza Shahriari Nia

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
- Nils Kassube

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
- Nils Kassube

NO Fluff JUST Stuff
- Eva

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
- Nils Kassube

Happy B-Day from NG
- Ken Wallace

Long live Eclipse
- George Sotirpoulos

all the best from the UMWeGe TEAM jipiiiiiiiiiiiiieh - Eclipse for PRESIDENT
- Manu

The first IDE that I preferred to Emacs. I simply cannot do anything without it now!
- Daniel Le Berre

My best friend, happy birthday!
- zhang zhida

- Ailton Torres

HAPPY B'DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
- Shubhabrata Saha

Happy Birthday. It has been a great 5 years and an even better 4 years as a committer.
- Pascal Rapicault

i'm so glad eclipse exists... and it's programmed in java only!! :-o
- fischi

hello eclipse! i'am a student from and great fans of you! we wish you many new plugins and a happy new build! :)
- hanZi

Eclipse is great. The thing that I like the most is the plugins approach which is so well integrated and is easily configurable. Happy 5th Birthday Eclipse
- Ozair Kafray

Thanks Eclipse for everything. You as an IDE have helped so much with Java coding, war deployment, and programming organization. I look forward to working with you on many projects to come. Sincerely, Jason H
- Jason Hutcheson

Happy birthday!!!
- Dorota

Congratulations everybody. Keep innovating.
- Elias Balasis

YA!! Happy birthday..
- arf

A very happy birthday to the most awesome IDE that I've used
- Callen Mascarenhas

Happy 5 year old!!!
- Benson

Woo! making all the other IDEs jelous for 5 years! I cant think of another tool ever that can do so much, and has the wide acceptence of eclipse!
- Cameron McAllister

The journey has been the reward. Thanks to all users and contributors that have made Eclipse's first five years so successful!
- Grant Gayed

Happy Birthday Eclipse. Long live open source IDE.
- Johnny Redbeard

Eclipse, thanks for the wonderful IDE! I use the Eclipse IDE everyday, and will keep on using it!
- Tom Autera

Have been used Eclipse for Two years! Really thanks to it!It make my life better!:)
- James

Happy Birthday and congratulations to developers, designers, users and all the people who loves Eclipse!
- Sergey Bushkov

Thank you all for making me more productive with Eclipse!
- Joel Rowley

What fun I had debugging your plugins.
- Dan Becker

Happy Birthday Eclipse! An amazing five years of free software goodness. Well done.
- Matthew Hatem

May the time span of your reign be measured on an astronomical scale.
- Florian Fischer

Mutlu Yillar Eclipse!
- Naci Dai

Nice uzun beraberliklere...
- Esma Meral

i like eclipse so much... eclipse'i cok seviyorum...
- Havva Özgül

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! Has it been 5 years already? Many happy returns!
- Gary Johnston

iyi ki dogdun eclipse...
- Buket Özavcı

Happy b'day
- hamed

5 years young. Open source rocks!
- James Hunter

Happy 5th Birthday Eclipse, I love you!
- Kevin Keryk

Happy Birthday and Long Live Eclipse!
- Vijay Bhadriraju

Happy birth day for Eclipse, wish a longer life.
- Haile Teshome

Happy Birthday my dear Eclipse! You make my work so easy that I love you so much, several hugs and kisses!
- Srikanth

Wow. You are a big boy now! You have revolutionized the way opensource is developed. Good boy!
- John Varghese

Without Eclipse, I probably would have given up software development. However, combining Eclipse, Extreme Programming, and SCRUM has made work a real pleasure.
- Danny Dishon

Congratulations! Eclipse is the Best Open Source IDE I have used so far.
- Dayanand Kangala Shanmugham

Happy Birthday!!!
- Mario Mayor

I'm very proud to be a part of Eclipse. Happy Birthday!
- Eric Bordeau

Eclipse and Java , perfect for me
- Hakan GONEN

Many more to come !
- George Michelson

Happy Birthday Eclipse, may the next five years of your life bring you as much happiness (and mine too!!:) as the first!
- John Land

Many Happy Returns of the Day!
- Luba Roitman

Happy 5th Birthday! Here's to many more years!
- Carlena "CJ" Harris

Happy Birthday, and thanks for making my programming life easier
- Robert Stone

Eclipse has come a very long way in a very short time. For a 5-year old to have reached this level of maturity, one cannot begin to imagine where it will go in the next 5 years. Well done to all who have participated, supported, planned, coded, cried and laughed along the way and who will be there on the way forward!
- Martin Ceronio

Congratulations to the most interesting java project of the last years! Long life to Eclipse!
- Eduardo Alexandro Reche Lopes

As one of the premier open source projects, Eclipse has shown more than once that open source works. would like to convey my best wishes and thanks to all the open source community. YOU ROCK!!!!
- Raj Sankuratri

- Tom Guinane

Happy 5th Birthday! More to go
- Ravi Veeramachaneni

Happy Birthday Eclipse...This is the first birthday iam with Eclipse and hope to continue for every celebration for long long period...
- Sekhar Gangavarapu.C

Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work!
- Grace Liu

Happy Birthday Eclipse !!!
- Thomas

Congratulations on 5 years of pioneering adventure!
- Steve Francisco

Thanks for the excellent tools and for making Java viable on the desktop!
- Phil Issler

Eclipse brings that "first person" experience to developing Java code, like that of its Lisp and Smalltalk precursors. That's something to be proud of. ---Jeem
- Jim des Rivieres

Eclipse you take my breath away, You give me more time each day, A platform, tools, and the best community I've ever had, I'm so glad I no longer have to code with notepad.
- John Lanuti

Thanks to the teams for keeping the core libraries small enough even for the embedded JVM's out there!
- Ken Walker

happy birthday eclipse. long live eclipse.
- Radhakrishna

Happy Birthday, and May there be many glorious years in your future, Eclipse
- William Warren

Thanks for such a great free IDE!!! Greetings from Luxembourg
- tinti

The best is yet to come!
- Kou-Mei Lui

Keep doing a great job and fee us all !!!!
- José Luis Señas Cuesta

Keep doing a good job and fee us all !!!
- Jose Luis Senas Cuesta

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Many thanks to all the people who have been working so hard making using Eclipse a pleasure. Thank you all
- Nabil Sueliman

Wishing you a very happy birthday. Thanks for such a nice experience.
- Anupam Sinha

happy birthday... and thanks for 5 years of joy and fun with a great product!
- Jens Ferchland

Bon anniversaire Eclipse !!!
- Bruno Leroux

When VA Java was at its peak and Martin Nally began floating the idea of making it bridge to the non-IDE file-based world by completely throwing it out and redesigning from scratch, I and others thought the Scottsman had gotten a bad haggis or something. Sure it's fun to completely start again, and you always take a leap forward from a fresh start (if you've truely learned from your last iteration). But my God the market, our customers, all the work we had done (my part rather minor, but still). Martin, the vision was clearly spot on, the cadre of believers you gathered (Scott, George, many others) fleshed it out. The key concepts (e.g., not just features that can be extended but ALL features actually BEING extensions of a lite center) advanced the technological landscape in a way that everyone saw and embraced. Congratulations to those early True Believers. Well done.
- Art Jolin

Greetings from Guadalajara Eclipse!
- Joaquin Bravo Contreras

Thanks for all the Fish!
- Thomas

Thanks for making things so easy!
- Bradley Skaggs

Happy Birthday Eclipse !
- Krishna Aerabati

Happy 5th birthday! Best wishes for Eclipse in the next 10, 50,... years!
- Jihong Yang

Happy Birthday! Greetz for all ppl which support Eclipse!
- ab

Happy 5th!
- Allan Friedman

Happy Birthday! We appreciate your support and love using the Eclipse environment.
- Kody West

Yehaw, Yay Eclipse! 5 years of smalltalkifying Java development isn't enough, many more are to come... except now the rest of the languages are getting the treatment too. murphee
- Werner Schuster (murphee)

Thanks again for the poster!
- Mirko Stocker

Happy Birthday....Many ppl did a great work in developing eclipse....keep it up....
- Ananda

Simply the Best that Openly Continues to Give Back.
- Rick Gariepy

It's a really great IDE, I have been using it for last 2 years. The thing which attacted me is "the most open source plugins support IDE".
- Vinay Konanki

My life would have been a lot more complicated and expensive if it wasn't for you. Happy birthday Eclipse! Let you have even more success in the near future. Regards, Your admirer.
- Camilo Andrés Rivera Damelines

Happy Birthday have removed many obstacles and introduced many powerful actions to my coding life!
- Nick Cooper

- Roberto García Valladares

Happy Birhday to Eclipse and the Team that made it possible! We are looking forward to 5 more years of open computing.
- Bisi Adedokun

Import Emotions.Sincerley; System.out("Happy Birthday Eclipse !");

Happy Birthday Eclipse! All the best to your 5th anniversary! :D
- Simon Gerlach

Happy Birthday Eclipse! All the best to your 5th anniversary! :D
- Simon Gerlach

Felicidades Chido One
- Julio Cesar III

Joyeux anniversaire et tous mes souhaits pour pleins d'autres anniversaires à venir.
- Abdoul Gadiri Diallo

I'm very glad, Eclipse helps me a lot of, is very important for Java Developers. Let's go Eclipse, 4 Ever
- Felipe R. Sebastiani Sobenes

5 Years of Successful Growth! A real tribute to the power of a good idea and open source collaboration.
- Carlos M. Recalde

eclipse is my best java IDE! and my friend! happy birthday! forever eclipse^^
- myong gyu park

happy birthday
- Hugh He

Happy birthday Eclipse!
- Siva Jayaraman

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Beth Tibbitts

Five great years and five more please! Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Gary Gregory

Happy Birthday
- Cristian Mohr

Eclipse is one of the most wonderful things that happened to software engineering and SE research! Congratulations!!!
- Michal Antkiewicz

Homepage Form Beijing-China
- weiking

Many happy returns of the dya. Hope many more great b-days like this will come
- srikanth

Many Many Happy Returns of THE DAY, ECLIPSE!!! No other IDE can "eclipse" you EVER!!! I totally LOVE YOU!!!
- Kashyap Amin

" Happy BirthDay Eclipse !!! "
- Vishwanth

good idea from eclipse
- ideazhang

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Ecclipse
- Meduri Radha krishna

Wishing u'll a very happy Birthday Keep up the good work
- shaileish ranapratap

- Hu XiaoBo

Cheers!! Thanks for making our life easier..
- Hitesh Bagchi

Happy Birthday to the best IDE, best rich client platform, best open source project, best Java-based platform --- ECLIPSE!
- Manish Modh

Happy Birthday!
- lee

Hey dude, happy birthday !!!
- Koushik Das

happy birthday to eclipse
- sivachandran

You've grown from an infant to a child. Keep up the good work and keep growing! -ww-
- William Wong

Congrates!we have been working with eclipse and java to develop the back office system.we cannot think our task with out eclipse.
- Balamurugan B

Eclipse.the great!
- senthil

WISH YOU A MANY MORE HAPPY BIRTHDAY eclipse. A Nice Product which makes the work ease, Maintaining History/Version Helps in many ways and Lots.... :-)
- V JayaKumar

Eclipse has made developers life easy.
- Shilpa Jaiswal

Thanks eclipse for making development life that much more enjoyable!
- Paul Kendall

Thanks eclipse for making development life that much more enjoyable!
- Paul Kendall

its was a good experince to work with eclipse.
- Ashvini

Happy birthday,my Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
- WEI Wei

I learned about you in your terrible twos, but after trying to use Eclipse a couple of times I got over the learning curve and love it. I use Eclipse for Java Development, and NetWeaver (Eclipse with SAP plug-ins) for some SAP WebDynPro development. The VSS plug-in is awesome for those using SourceSafe as their source code control tool.
- Greg Ostravich

Happy Birthday to Eclipse Community!!! Thanks a lot to all those behind Eclipse, for providing in such a wonderful product, even in its infancy :-) May GOD bless all the developers of Eclipse.
- Sandeep Gupta

many many happy returns for the day to the Eclipse and the Java technology ..
- Srinivas Addanki

Happy Birthday eclipse. Long Live Eclipse.
- Praveen Kumar .Ch

Happy birthday Eclipse. We do not have a long history, but I hope their will be a long future
- Jaco Kornelius

Widh teh eclipse team more and more sucess and thank you for making our lifes simple
- Ajoy

You are great !
- archer heyn

Great product Great works.
- winion

Long Live Eclipse!!!
- Agile Francis

Thanks for the opensource support
- Jefrine

Thanks to eclipse!
- Zülfükar

Wish u have veru sucessful path for the rest of the Years to come
- Ram

Long live Eclipse
- Dharmesh Pandya

The best IDE ever !! C++, oracle, XML, WebServices, J2EE, music player, messenger, translators, everything can be integrated to eclipse, that's why it's the beeeest !! Me encanta Eclipse, es el mejor IDE hasta ahora conocido por los programadores !! FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS ECLIPSE !! Sigue mejorando !! Happy Birthday ECLIPSE !! Keep improving !!
- Marcos Serrano

it's so nice that you are there
- Roger Wegner

happy birthday eclipse
- Hakan Yilmaz

Eclipse 3.2 really rocks. Congrats the whole team! Happy birthday!
- Cristian Botiza

I wish Eclipse a really wonderfull year ahead. Hope Eclipse remains the numero UNo in java IDE world. Hats off to all the people who made Eclipse the best Java IDE in the market.
- karthikeyan

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!! You have given excellent IDE to this world. Let's keep rocking/eclipsing the globe.
- Vikas Gupta

happy birthday
- lizhao

It has been 3 years since I started using this amazing tool for java. I like using eclipse plugins. It is both helpful and easy to install. Happy Birthday eclipse and keep up this good work.
- Marwa Saad El-Dawy

Happy Birthday, you can talk, you can walk, I'm wondering what you will learn at school....
- Frank Herfort

@singing Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthay dear Eclihipse, happy birthday to you. Mark from Jena/Germany P.S. Are you cheating with your age? I thought you're 3.2 years old.
- Mark Hoffmann

Such a joy to play with, such fun and enjoyment. Just keep growing and empower the world with your presence
- Marcel Huijkman

happy birthday
- sinan orhan

Wishing the Eclipse Community a very happy birthday!! And all the very best of creativity for the Eclipse Project!!
- Derreck da Cruz

Good job all these 5 years.
- Kiran Nair

Happy Birthday!
- Mike Holland

Keep on paving the wave for good IDEs and frequent release cycles! Awesome work.
- Johannes Brodwall

Happy Birthday Eclipse.Waiting for more features....keep 'em coming
- Ravindranath Janapureddy

Eclipse is simply great..!
- Milind

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Christian S.

great product and community - here's to the big one zero
- R

Happy Birthday to Eclipse, wish you best luck and strong growth in the future!
- Bui Viet Dung

HaPpY BiRtHdAy ECLIPSE :) 5 years of programming ease...
- Abhishek Agrawal

Congratulations! Eclipse rocks the world!
- Jarkko Laine

Een gelukkige verjaardag
- Guy Buyle

Feliz Cumpleaños !!! (from Alhaurin el Grande ,Spain )
- Antonio Farfan

Happy Birthday and keep going... u got a great life
- Alpesh Parmar

Happy Open Birthday Eclipse
- Bogomil "Bogo" Shopov

Happy belated birthday eclipse, quand je t'ai installé pour la première fois, il y a 4 ans, tu marchais à peine. Maintenant tu cours, et tu le fais bien. Keep it up!
- Le Foulgoc Bertrand

i wish eclipse many more discoveries in years to come
- samera okpabi

Happy birthday Eclipse, cannot imagine the java programming world without Eclipse, you changed the way we code.
- Vijayanand

Happy Birthday
- Sanjoy Ghosh

Wszystkiego najlepszego dla Eclipse. Sto wersji!!!
- Piotr Idzikowski

Happy B'Day Eclipse.....
- Karthikeyan J

I love Eclipse. Happy 5th Birthday. Wish you more and more Birthdays. Congratulations to all contributors of Eclipse project for making this far.
- Giridhar Pottepalem

Dear Eclipse, may you remain the #1 productivity IDE for the long years to come!
- Klemen Zagar

Wonderful IDE.Very User friendly.BestWishes
- Poonkuzhali

one of the smartest ideas ... in addition aligned with IBM's startegy
- Martin Schenk

Happy BDay Dear Eclipse
- Lakshmi Narasimhan

Happy Birthday...
- Levent Inceer

Happy Birthday
- Seyhan Halisipek

your birthday comes again, but you are still young to my eyes...
- Celal UNALP

Love it. My favourite IDE.
- Alan Mellor

You're really doing a great job... keep it up.
- Ahmed Hossam

Thanks a lot ! "VIVE ECLIPSE"

Happy Birthday and many more productive years to come.
- Winfried Schuette

A truly decent concept - an IDE for IDEs. A single environment for all your tools. Keep up the good work!
- Barak

Happy Birthday Eclipse. Long Live Eclipse versatility
- Suresh Ram

Best regards for the Birthday and the best wishes for the futere. Hope we could celebrate the 25th Birthday together. Thanks for that great software
- Stephan

I've been using Eclipse since the beginning and converted every place I've worked at as a consultant. This has got to be the best most versatile tool ever. Thank you for such a great product.
- Gil Collins

Happy Birthday! Thank you for this excellent product!
- Pavlo Shamrai

Happy Birthday! And many more years of development! You are the best!
- Varga Sandor

Congratulations. As wine, it is better and better day after day.
- Jeferson Flamini

Happy birthday!!!
- Babu Kumar

Congratulations! Eclipse is always my favourite IDE for Developers!
- benjamin

Congats on the first five. Definitely a milestone in any software development effort. May you have many more to come!
- Doran George

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!!!!!
- JamesGates

Thanks for making Java Development fun again!
- Luis Benitez

Hooray for 5!!! Thanks for the memories, and keep up the good work!!!
- Douglas Elkins

Happy Birthday!
- Timothy Broder

The world is a different place thanks to Eclipse. Here's to another 5 years and more of open source success.
- Doug Schaefer

Its a great editor and much much more , still exploring what all Eclipse can do ....Many Wishes to Eclipse User Community as well.
- Nidhi

WOW Eclipse is 5!!! Happy birthday !!!
- Andreas R

Thanks for you give me a real JAVA World.

Happy Birthday, Eclipse. I've never sent birthday greetings to an IDE before. It's a little odd. But oh well - Happy Birthday, just the same! :-)
- K. Demerly


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