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Happy Birthday, Eclipse! Without you, many of us wouldn't exist. Here's to many happy returns!
- MyEclipse

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Instantiations has been there with you since (before) Day 1
- CodePro AnalytiX

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! All the best for the next years of innovation :-). - RSSOwl Team
- RSSOwl

- RadRails

Congratulations from the Innoopract Eclipse Team in Karlsruhe!
- Yoxos

- Innoopract

Happy Birthay Eclipse, and especially to the Foundation staff, plus Visual Editor, Platform, and Nebula teams. You guys rock!
- Coconut Palm Software - RCP Training and Consulting

Happy Birthday to Eclipse! Initially released on Eclipse as NitroX 2.0 on 3/2/05, BEA Workshop Studio will have it's 2nd birthday on 3/2/07. This technology will be merged with BEA Workshop for WebLogic 9.2 to create a single Elcipse IDE environment. To download a free 30 day evaluation copy, visit
- BEA Workshop Studio

Congratulations Eclipse
- Scapa Test and Performance Platform

We just love using Eclipse for all of our distributed collaborative work.
- Eclipsezilla

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! Please don't change too much, we don't want to write a third edition! Haha!
- The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse

Actuate BIRT - Building Value on Eclipse BIRT
- Actuate BIRT

Happy Birthday from the Actuate BIRT Team!
- Actuate BIRT

Happy birthday Eclipse!
- JBossIDE for Eclipse

Happy 5th Birthday!
- ObjectWeb Lomboz

Happy Birthday from all of us at Eclipse Review!
- Eclipse Review

BEA Workshop for WebLogic is the newest member of BEA's Eclipse products, less than one year old. What a gift to be able to build on a 5 year old foundation.. Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- BEA Workshop for WebLogic

Happy Birthday Eclipse, may you and your developers have many more :)
- meese

The Eclipse Ecoysytem is the true embodiment of how an open source community should work. It has been a pleasure working with, and knowing, the community so up close and personal. Happy Fifth Birthday Eclipse!
- Eclipse Magazine

Eclipse is the true embodiment of how a successful open source ecosystem should work and flourish. The team at Eclipse Magazine is honoured to be a part of this wonderful community. Happy 5th Birthday Eclipse!
- Eclipse Magazine

Sybase wishes a Happy Birthday to Eclipse!
- Sybase WorkSpace, PowerDesigner, and Unwired Orchestrator

Happy Birthday Eclipse, it is great to see how you developed from a Java specific IDE to a platform. And now you also address modeling.
- Apollo for Eclipse

Happy Birthday Eclipse from Klocwork!
- Klocwork K7

Happy Birthday! It's been our pleasure to use and extend such a wonderful platform. You've made life much easier for Parasoft's developers and customers.
- Parasoft Jtest

Intalio is proud to support Eclipse and to build its designer upon this wonderful platform. We wish the best to the Eclipse platform and its wonderful community.
- Intalio BPMS|Designer

Thanks for the great power on eclipse RCP. A long way to go:)
- Nomad PIM

Happy Birthday Eclipse from Kalypso-Simulation-Platform.
- Kalypso-Simulation-Platform

e-Citiz, the e-Service Factory, wishes Eclipse the best
- e-Citiz Studio

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- xProcess

- MontaVista DevRocket

Happy Birthday!
- Visual Performance Analyzer

- Jupe - UML Plugin for Eclipse

Congratulations with the 5 years and the best of wishes for the future.
- VDF Tools for Eclipse

Happy Birthday Eclipse :)
- ANTLR Studio

Thanks for everything. Could not have pulled this one-person project off without Eclipse.
- JouwPostbank

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Faktor IPS

Thanks Eclipse for providing such a high quality platform that make it possible to build professional products on top of it !
- Acceleo

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- ILOG JRules

Parabéns Eclipse IDE por seus 5 anos....e que venha mais 5++
- DataMedic

Fits well!

gui4j is completely developed with eclipse!
- gui4j

Happy Birthday!!!!!
- RMI Plug-in for Eclipse

Best IDE :)
- CAPXOUS AutoComplete

Our thanks and the best wishes to the eclipse team!
- PETA Designer

Over 200 IBM products leverage Eclipse technology today - Happy 5th birthday to Eclipse from IBM!
- IBM Eclipse-based products

IBM Rational has many Eclipse-based products - Happy 5th Birthday Eclipse!
- IBM Rational Eclipse-based products

Over two years ago we decided to base our product on RCP. And we never ever regret it! Thank you, Eclipse team!
- Head Hunter

Thanks for all the hard work of the last 5 years!
- CFEclipse

Ohne Eclipse wäre es niemals möglich gewesen, so ein komplexes Projekt in so kurzer Zeit auf die Beine zu stellen. Viel Glück Eclipse, and keep on going strongly!
- Elexis

Happy 5th, Eclipse, from IBM DB2 Information Management Software
- IBM DB2 Change Management Expert

Next generation of Optim design time is based on Eclipse. A great platform for developing tools!!
- Princeton Softech Optim Family of Products

Thankyou Eclipse. Without you, we would not exist.
- Incremental Epic

Develance: Strategic Software Solutions
- Develance

Without Eclipse BASE E12 would have been any other software. Thanks a lot for making it and us so special. Happy Birthday.
- Base E12

Wish you greate IDE for ever.
- Backbase Eclipse plugin

Happy Birthday Eclipse, and thank you for making Java development so much easier for the last five years.
- AgileJ StructureViews

Happy Birthday eclipse...
- DB2 Developer Workbench

Happy Birthday !
- eUML2

Happy Birthday !
- eBPMN Designer

Congratulations to Eclipse birthday
- Eclipse 3.1.2

Happy birthday!
- Wind River Workbench

Happy 5th!
- IBM Lotus Notes 8

AccuRev views ourselves as an open, standards-based provider of productivity tools to engineers, so we have a natural alignment with the Eclipse Foundation. The Eclipse vision of an open, comprehensive, development environment for best-of-breed toolsets is one that benefits our mutual customers, and something we want to continue to support. Happy Birthday!
- AccuRev

for all System i developers
- WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries

The best is yet to come!
- WebFacing Deployment Tool with HATS Technology

Happy Birthday Eclipse. We wouldn't have the world's best IDE without you!!
- QNX Momentics Development Suite

Sametime 7.5 built on Eclipse RCP - Happy 5th birthday, Eclipse!
- IBM Lotus Sametime

THis Product is Very Useful In Our Field But it want to Fexable Mean It take more memory Space....
- Suryaprakash

Happy Birthday!
- Data Service

Happy Birthday!
- Data Service

VisualAge Pacbase closely complements IBM Eclipse-based software development platforms to offer extensive support for building e-business applications. Developers from these platforms can directly access a proxy object that is generated from the VisualAge Pacbase repository and provides them with the view of the server they need. They also benefit from the service test facility (STF) in being able to visualize the behavior of remote components and simplify their own tasks. VisualAge Pacbase proxy object may also be completed using Eclipse J2EE. Web application models technology (WAM) is another feature that is made available to developers in IBM Eclipse-based software development platforms. Reusing information coming from VisualAge Pacbase repository or relational databases, it generates presentation and navigation components based on application models.
- VisualAge Pacbase e-business offering, IBM WebSphere

Happy Birthday!
- FusionDQ

Yeap, Eclipse is awesome (and getting better as time passes by)! Cheers, Fabio
- Pydev Extensions

Happy Birthday from the pydev open source crew!
- Pydev

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- WebOfPatterns

Happy Birthday Eclipse ! The PMD Eclipse Plug-in is the largest usage of PMD. Congratulations !
- PMD For Eclipse

Happy birthday!
- Mercurial Eclipse

MaintainJ is an Eclipse plug-in to generate sequence and class diagrams for a use case. MaintainJ is tightly integrated with Eclipse. Sequence Diagrams generated by MaintainJ are clear and focused. Developers would quickly get an understanding of the object interaction at runtime by looking at them.
- MaintainJ

Happy developing to all!!!
- Oribe Software

Happy birthday Eclipse!

Afae - an All-purpose editor
- Afae

Happy birthday Eclipse!

Happy birthday Eclipse

Happ birthday Eclipse!
- AM3

Happy birthday Eclipse!
- MoDisco

Built your own eclipse distribution using a YUM like update manager
- TUM - Tikal Update Manager

Log statement generator
- Log4E

Eclipse rocks
- EasyEclipse

Happy Birthday
- Netwiser

Happy birthday to!
- JViz

I like the best java ide. I do like it! I hope it will be bettter.
- the web

Happy bithday Eclipse ! the best development platform deserves the best SOA enabler product to IBM Mainframe and AS/400 legacy applications !
- Convertigo 4.0

Happy birthday Eclipse. What would we do without you
- Kiwi Eclipse Messenger

Happy birthday Eclipse. What would we do without you
- Kiwi Eclipse Messenger

Thank you Eclipse for this great IDE, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
- Laika Eclipse Plugin

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Keep making the best platform! - Patrick Fust
- Keytool

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Thanks for RCP.
- jTrackAndField

Happy Birthday!
- RSS View

SVN Report for Eclipse is a free open source plugin to generate statistical reports from your Subversion (SVN) repository. SVN Report shows various information about your project files stored in the SVN. There is the history table and the charts.
- SVN Report for Eclipse

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- MDWorkbench

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! We wish you continuing success for the next decade.

Congratulations to Eclipse on becoming 5 years old!
- JUtils ToString and Copy Constructor Generator

Congratulations to Eclipse on becoming 5 years old!
- JUtils ToString and Copy Constructor Generator

Congratulations to Eclipse on completing 5 years! This is a Java IDE with a simply fantastic architecture I have come across. Keep up the good work.
- JUtils toString Generator

happy birthday
- Open Client Platform

Thanks to all of you for a greate product
- Logfile Viewer

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Oxygen XML Editor

We are very happy working with the Eclipse project and has recently released our new product BinOcular as a plug-in. Looking forward to many more Eclipsed years! :-) Happy Birthday from Purple Scout!
- BinOcular

JointLogic CSS Designer is an Eclipse plugin that provides CSS authoring facilities like - CSS Styles view, CSS declaration designer with preview and web-oriented color picker. It integrates with Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) to allow CSS authoring while editing CSS, HTML and JSP files.
- CSS Designer

Happy Birthday for a great community responsible for great products.
- GFace

- Antidecompiler

Happy birthday eclipse!
- Jackdaw

Happy Birthday to you Eclipse ! We wish a long life to our favorite IDE that give us the idea to build our product for others developpers
- AT-Project

Great ground for the feet and sky for the dreams! Happy 5th Birthday Eclipse!
- Design and Verification Tools Plug-in for EclipseTM

Five years young and still exciting!
- KLEEN Modeler for AOM

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!
- atNight Backup

Happy Birthday, Eclipse, you've been a delight since birth!
- PackMan

Thank you Eclipse for making Java programming so much easier over the last five years
- AgileJ StructureViews

Compuware OptimalJ is an advanced development solution that delivers agile development capabilities by implementing pragmatic model-driven development principles resulting in reduced time, cost, risk and complexity associated with delivering and maintaining enterprise Java applications.
- Compuware OptimalJ

Compuware OptimalJ is an advanced development solution that delivers agile development capabilities by implementing pragmatic model-driven development principles resulting in reduced time, cost, risk and complexity associated with delivering and maintaining enterprise Java applications.
- Compuware OptimalJ

Happy 5th!
- TeXlipse

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Spring IDE

Happy birthday
- astyeclipse

Happy birthday Eclipse ! Best IDE, Widget Toolkit, framework & co around ;)

Happy Birthday from Anyware Technologies and the TOPCASED project !

Happy birthday!
- TruStudio PHP & Python IDE

Happy B-day Eclipse May the strength never leave you.
- DuMP3

Eclipse is an IDE that makes the developer smile. Congratulations and thanks for the wicked platform!
- Wicked Shell

Eclipse is great!
- Imixs IX Open Source Workflow

Eclipse RCP Solutions
- South Pacific InfoTech Limited

Happy Birtday Eclipse, may the work continue and prosper!
- RMBench Relational Modeller

We use Eclipse as the basis for our video surveillance and security product. Without this feature-rich basis we could not deliver our product in this short period of time. Thanks a lot!
- CCTVnet

Happy Birthday!
- Image Export Plug In

AppPerfect provides testing and monitoring solutions. AppPerfect DevTest4J and Test Studio are built using Eclipse framework. DevTest4J contains code analysis, unit testing and profiling products for Java developers. Test Studio contains load and functional testing tools for web/windows applications.
- AppPerfect DevTest4J and AppPerfect Test Studio

Eclipse is an unbelievable revolution to the java world. Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- rPlatform - RFID Integration Platform

Happy 5th!
- Azureus

We love Eclipse. ProjectCards helps manage software projects that are developed using Agile methodologies.
- ProjectCards

Happy Birthday from the EntroPay dev team in Malta!!
- EntroPay

Happy Birthday! It is an honor to be a part of such exciting and promising technology, and best wishes for the future! Stream processing applications are being made easier than ever to develop and work with thanks to the underlying Eclipse technology.
- StreamBase Studio

Happy birthday to the best software development platform!
- XML-Security Plug-In

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Green UML

Wow, five years already! Time flies when you are having fun. Thanks Eclipse Community.
- Tracy Ragan

Lasso: 10 Years of tying databases to the web. Congrats Eclipse!
- Lasso

Happy Birthday Eclipse! We keep on building on you... All the best from Testing Tech
- TTworkbench

Yes, I am now able to stand on the shoulders of giants...
- Debrief

Wish Many more happy B'day to Eclipse and the team..
- Wipro Accelerator

Thank Eclipse, my open source ETL has got advanced graphical interface. Happy birthday Eclipse? Cedric Carbone Talend CTO
- Talend

Thank Eclipse, my open source ETL has got advanced graphical interface. Happy birthday Eclipse? Cedric Carbone Talend CTO
- Talend Open Studio

Great stuff! Looking forward to the next 5 years
- TIBCO Business Studio

Just love Eclipse!

OpenRules enables business analysts to work in concert with software developers to create and maintain Rules-based applications with complex business and presentation logic. It includes an eclispe plug-in for an efficient business rules management and integration
- OpenRules

Thanks to the Eclipse community - you created an excellent framework on which we could built our produkt.
- Control System Studio

Keep up the good spirit!
- M2CE Service Creation Environment (SCE)

Happy birthday!
- Capri

Best Wishes. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid :)

Eclipse has been a great help as a development tool.
- RemoteHealth

Happy Birthday to Eclispe. It has been a great help.
- RemoteHealth

AFR Access - introducing the serious investor's toolkit
- AFR Access

Happy birthday and thank you for this wonderful IDE. Great job.
- VocaBase

Happy birthday and thanks for this great IDE.
- VocaBase

Congratulations! Your good work helps us on develop faster and better! May the force be with you! :D
- Ichigo Load Balancing Environment

Happy Birthday Eclipse ! Long life to Eclipse, SWT and RCP.
- ShareMedia

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Looking forward to more great industry leadership from you...
- Relo