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thanks for help me, i face to you every 10 hours of my day, and luv this! happy birthday to you!
- Tiago de Campos Palis

Happy Birthday to the most useful IDE I"ve found in all my life
- Susa

Greetings and Many more returns of the day.
- Raghava

it's great,fast,soft and amazing
- prasad

hope that such IDE would prosper for years and years
- rana

for 50 years more !
- leandro galindo

Just like its parents, but smarter. Can't wait it's 7! Happy Birthday!
- Jean-Yves Rigolet

Well done! You're tops!
- Marius Albertyn

You rock!!!
- Ravi Ranjan

You are a gift for all developers.
- Rene Gougeon

YOU are the gift for all developers.
- Rene Gougeon

Happy B-day Eclipse May you go from strength to strength.
- Alex Grasser

Long live dear eclipse and enjoy birthdays!
- Navdeep Singh

Been there since the very begining and It never ceases to amaze me... May not be perfect 10 out of 10 all across the board but I sure can make do with the 9.5 average Eclipse gives me :-) Keep up the good work people
- Éric Daigneault

May Eclipse stay as open as it has been!
- Patrick Schriner

Happy Birthday
- Shirisha Gattu

May you be blessed with many more birthdays!
- Chuck Davis

Greetings to Eclips for its 5th aniversary,.,. Cheers.,.,., :-)
- Sunil Kumar

Happy Birthday to all people working to make Eclipse better and better...
- Abimael

Happy birthday Eclipse and thanks for all the code!
- Carlos Eduardo Monti

Happy birthday Eclipse!!! Thanks for make an almost as productive as vim ide but with a bunch of nice plugins =) So long and thanks for all the fish.
- qwerty

Happy BirthDay
- Dr. Amr AL-Hossary

Happy Birthday !! Since I was using Eclipse as a IDE Evangelist my live was a better one. Since I started 2004 with the Eclipse RCP to develop Richclients , I was feeling enlighted - (Well some gray hairs that aren't counting) Wish you the best and hope for another 5 more Years to come...
- Thomas Kneubuehl

Happy birthday, have a perfect future!
- Michael Talalaevskiy

It's the most amazing wonder of world
- Alexander Pignolato Crespo

Happy birthday and long life!
- Romilly Cocking

Happy birthday eclipse. I really like u because u are a powerful tool for java development.
- Eman

Happy Birthday!!! :-) Nice job so far, keep on...
- Tino

Happy Birth Day
- Radwa

Happy Birth Day
- XM

Congrats to all the midwives who brought Eclipse into the world, and all the nannies who guide it now.
- Rod Sprattling

Happy Birth Day Eclipse!! The best tool I have ever seen for java developers. Last five years of wonder..Congrats!!
- Vivek Verma

happy b'day
- malahal naineni

I'd like just say: THANK YOU, KEEP WELL!
- Sylwester Karpinski

- Ahmed Ghoneim

Hail Militia of Eclipsers! All others fall!!
- Hawk

long live eclipse!
- Navdeep Singh

Helped me a ton
- Satish Bojja

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!
- Crosby

Congratulations on an incredible 5 years. Eclipse represents a remarkable collaborative effort that has had a extremely positive impact on the lives of developers everywhere. So many other segments of society could take a few lessons from this highly successful endeavor. Congratulations and thanks.
- Mike Robinson

Dear Eclipse, You are THE BEST and your presence made life easy for millions of Techies. Keep growing and gives us more goodies :-) Happy BirthDay!!! Raghu
- Raghu Kodumuri

happy birth day to you
- mohamed

Great work so far. Keep it up.
- Matej Usaj

Happy coding!
- Marcelo Couto

Happy birthday to Eclipse.ORG, Wish that all of open source community will contribute to make Eclipse more and more powerful.
- Tran Vinh Tan

You are 5 years old, but you have invaded our hearts in this little period. 5 years of yours = 50 years of others. I hope to live to send you your 70th birthdate's card. i know you can survive.
- mohammed

Great Environment. Last week I started working on my first plug-in. Keep up the good work.
- Arnold Weekley

i would like to join u
- sara el-moghazy

just enjoying eclipse..!!
- rajil davda

Eclipse is the best platform to build software or business applications written in Java. I want to express sincerely my congratulations to the entire Eclipse's community.
- Angel Furukawa

Happy Birthday Eclipse.
- Leela Kumar

A "must have" tool for every rank of programmer! I'm learning Java with this great IDE and I must say that it ROCKS! Congratulations for the your Fifth Birthday! Keep them comming :) [], Anthon.
- António Vasconcelos

Happy birthday eclipse, the best development tool
- Vanmeerhaeghe Stéphane

Mille mercis à toute l'équipe. Quel bonheur de travailler avec cet outil ! Le progrès est en route. Voyant ce qui s'est fait depuis ces 5ans, nul doute que l'avenir sera florissant ! Bon courage, farewell !
- Frédéric Menou

Happy Birthday!
- Jack Zhang

Thanks for maintaining the sanity of development tools.
- Peter Taylor

Happy Birthday Eclipse! You've made my life much easier since I've known you!
- Damon Gentry

Your the best!
- Diane Jewett

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- chris

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! Keep going strong
- David Hober

Best wishes to the best product
- Suraj Rajyaguru

Though I am still a beginner, I think Eclipse will help me to get realy productive in using Java for the small applications I am wrestling with since some time. I am shure the concept of Eclipse will continue to prosper for at least the comming years, when we will still use programming-languages to realize our visions in information processing.
- Joachim Rohlffs

Happy Birthday ECLIPSE. for the Eclipse Team, i wish'em all the lightning of ISLAM if they aren't yet MUSLIMs.
- abdou bel

Happy birthday! I'm a big fan of your platform and started my own plugin.
- Tamas Gemes

Congratulations !!! []'s
- Raul Fortes

Can't believe that its been 5 years already...what a long way we've come. Props to everyone who has contributed to the Eclipse platform and the many projects and extensions.
- Kevin Sargeant

sweety eclipse
- Seda Öztürk

happy birthday
- Burçak Kahraman

Thank you to all who have made it possible!
- Ren Tescher

Started with version 2, it was love on first sight. Thanks for all the great work.
- bruno mueller

I love Eclipse and I wish many more Happy Birthdays.
- Giridhar Pottepalem

For a long time we used JBuilder but when Eclipse came out, there was no doubt that it was time for a change! Keep it up guys!
- Gabriel Becerra

Only 5 years old, and already at the head of the class. What will the next 5 years bring?
- Ralph Mace

happy b day to eclipse
- zeeshan

I love eclipse
- Shaolin Zhang

Happy birthday for 5, 6, .... years.

Happy Birthday and Long live with rich functionalities

Tremendous growth within 5 yrs. This growth 'll never stop. Kudos to open source community.
- Prem

Hi eclipse, wishing you a very belated happy birthday. you have been very very useful.. Wishing you to grow further, "healthier" and "stronger" and become the champion of the OpenSoure community.
- Karthik

I join the community to wish the 5th anniversary of Eclipse
- Balamurugan Arun Packiaraj S

Happy Birthday.
- Paresh Kumar Achary

eclipse, the best! we all love you!
- Huang.Ronghua

Happy birthday pal!! Thanks for boosting my productivity to the skies and beyond!!
- Néstor Daniel Altamirano

Happy birthday! Keep up the good work folks!
- T. Budiman

love eclipse!
- Stinmon

Happy Birthday!
- Given

- 李晋

Happy Birthday Eclipse! The name is ironic since you have brightened our lives! Keep up the great work!
- Abheek Bose

Feliz aniversário projeto Eclipse! --- Happy birthday Eclipse project!11/29
- Murilo Cadanus da Costa

Feliz Aniversário Projeto Eclipse. ------------------------------------- Happy Birthday Eclipse Project.
- Marlus Cadanus da Costa

Eclipse, you are the most exciting thing IT era has ever seen, the most open and straightforward way to integrate different ways to do software development. I can imagine what my mobile phone will look like, five years from now, but I can't imagine how you are going to be! this is your power, keep ECLIPSING the others Happy birthday!
- Edoardo

It's very nice and make the garden of java more bueatiful
- cqxuchen

It's very nice
- cqxuchen

Keep up the good work! Eclipse has become a religion among Java developers and others alike. Happy 5th anniversary ;)
- Emil Petkov

Happy Birthday! Selamat Ulang Tahun! I'm using Eclipse to write PHP application.. Try it then love it. Gratzzzzzzzz
- Khad

Happy Birthday! Selamat Ulang Tahun! I'm using Eclipse to write PHP applications. Try it then love it! Gratzzzzzz...
- Khad

Parabéns para todos que contribuiriam para o desenvolvimento e sucesso do nosso Eclipse. Valeu.
- Elder José Reioli Cirilo

Thank you Eclipse Team for providing such a great Tool. It was my companion in the last four years at work and I hope it will be the next four years ;-)
- Thomas Einwaller

Happy birthday Eclipse! Wish you more and more skillful friends all over the world ;-)
- Jakub Vondrak

- Kjell Øye

hope to have you around for many years to come.
- Anders Persson

hope to have you around for many years to come.
- Anders Persson

Happy Birthday and many more
- Carl Mathews

Wow! You look so young and vibrant. How do you do it? Heree is to many more to come.
- Paul Josephson

Best wishes for unique products and making collaboration work to deliver those products. As an software architect, my people benefit directly from your efforts and success. Thank you and lots of success in the nearby future.
- John Leegte

Thanks for this great ide and the fantastic support :-)
- Marcel Gascoyne

Happy Birthday!
- Prashant Sharma

A really great development tool and getting better all the time Happy birthday
- Alan McLean

Awesome work guys! Eclipse is the best piece of software I have ever used. Keep it up!
- Tin Pavlinic

I'm really happy with you.
- Yonghoon Um

Eclipse is fantastic. I've been using it for 3 years now as my IDE, and have never been more efficient. And now, I've also started writing some plugins...what a fantastic and easy experience, with so much functionality right at my fingertips.
- Ben Tatham

Congratulations Eclipse!
- Robert Schneider

Dear Eclipse Team, Keep up one of the best community work. Thanks a lot for making contributing to the Open Source. Open SOurce Community Always wins.
- Shahul A. Kader

Dear Eclipse, I am very excited that this open source application has grown beyond everyone's expectations. Kudos to IBM and all who have given their time and energy to this remarkable tool. As CEO of the Education Network company we provide educational resources through podcasts and websites, I could not begin to say what a resource the development tools provided via Eclipse have been for us.
- Jody Weissler

Happy Birthday! Let's keep Eclipse going. Rock on!
- Lester Cabrera

Happy Birthday Eclipse, you guys make my life much easier, you're almost a daily fixture.
- Liam Morley

Hey! It's been a great journey with eclipse. I started it with a crib and now it's been associated with me. Thanks for all the support and wishing you a Great future. regards Joy Dubey
- Joy Dubey

Happy souring Birthday to ever OpenSource Eclipse
- Prabhashankar

The best IDE i have ever used. Long live Eclipse
- sreekanth

You are born matured! Happy birthday!
- Gopikrishnan Gopalakrishnan

Happy 5th Birthday and wishing many many more...
- Monali Bhalerao

Happy Birthday, My Friend!!
- Hwang, Kyuseok

Congratulations and keep up the accessibility for people with disabilities.
- Phill Jenkins

Nice to see you completing 5 years .... May you grow in leasps and bounds in your popularity and usage !!!!!!!!!!1
- Neha

Congratulations and keep the code accessibile to people with disabilities
- Phill Jenkins

Happy Birthday Eclipse
- Kausik

Happy Birthday Eclipse :-)
- Srinivasa Raju

Happy BirthDay
- Ravi Kumar

Thank you for making our lives simpler !! May you grow manifolds in versatility.
- Bineet Singh Uppal

Long live Eclipse!!!Be the platform to build the systems always
- Debdutta Gantait

Best wishes for the future! :)
- Pierce Beckett

Congratulations. Great Stuff, which made our lives much easier. Continue growing & getting stronger!!
- Benedikt Klotz

Congrats on the Five! Great work everyone!
- Pasi Matilainen

Happy B'day Eclipse.........Let the Eclipse stay forever and forever.......
- P.Sanjay Patra

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!! Congragulations, u have turned to 5. Thanks for updating us in what we want to do (java programming, create wonderful applications, debug, test and optimize) It's really a great experience!!! Hopefully this will be the first five years of at least as many times a score to come!!! Happy Birthday from all your dedicated fans, users and developers in India
- Juny Sam

Happy birthday!!! :-)
- David Matějček

happy fifth birthday! I got to know you when we had to do a research on IDEs and you are most recommended by my college I know why!
- ana marie

Great mobile apllication platform!
- Wolfgang Schikowski

Happy birthday!
- yu, qingguo

A very Happy Birthday to you
- Prateek Babel

Happy 5th Birthday to an out-of-the world technology!
- Delicia

Happy Birthday Eclipse! Job well done, best IDE by far.
- Robert Dorrian

Happy birthday!!!!
- Anuradha

Congratulations Eclipse. Thanks for all! The Best IDE.
- Felipe Gonzalez

Happy B'day
- Chandrashekhar Otari

Happy Birthday, man! Best wishes!
- Martin A. Bøgelund

Congratulations with the 5th birthday. I'm looking forward to the next 5 years!
- Litrik De Roy

Thank you for such a great framework and suite of projects. I wish you the best in the next 50 years
- William Gooding

Happy Birthday!
- Gail

Dear Eclipse, Wish you a Very Happy Birthday, & Many more to come. As you start growing, we do expect more features & plugins from you to make our life easy & better comfort on the tech lines. Wish you provide the OS also, seeing the rate at which we get new plugins this is also possible i guess.. lol Open Source at its best. Setting the role model for a High Definition.
- Dinesh Babu R

Happy returns of the day...
- Rahjesh

Many more happy returns of the day. Eclipse!!!
- Rahjesh

Happy Birthday, Eclipse!!
- Orest Kinasevych

I started developing plug-ins for Eclipse 2.1 and never stopped. Congratulations to all developers for keeping such a predictable release pace and good quality platform+products.
- Paulo Merson

Happy Fifth, and many more!
- Mike Sorokowski

Best Wishes and thanks for all the fish.
- Kevin Ternes

Happy Birthday, to a platform that makes developers happy!
- David Lane

Happy 5th!!!! I've never lacked for a great IDE since we meet back at version 2.0.
- Jay Drummond

Thank you EclipsE!
- Borislav

Happy Birthday to Eclipse and the Community!
- mike

Way to go and a big HAPPY 5th
- Damon Shultz

5 Years!? It brings back memories of 0.9 excitement ... and the fire still burns. Happy Birthday!
- Mark Travis

Happy Birthday! You certainly have made a programmer's world easier! Thank you!
- Annette Walter

- Ryan Wallace

Great going, guys!! Keep up the good work.
- Shashank

Happy you and me!
- Jeffery_Young

Eclipse is rocking the house! Party at Nick's house!
- Alex Reid

Eclipse is rocking th house! Party at Nick's house!
- Alex Reid

Gr8 work - keep it up!!
- Ashish Daga

happy birthday eclipse!
- Faith Kipte Montojo

Long Live!
- Virgilio So

Happy birthday, Eclipse! I Love You!
- iooi

Eclipse was the first IDE that when I started to work as a programmer. Even though I had used other IDE later on, Eclipse has remained my favourite. Thanks for providing such a wonderful tool for free. Happy Birthday!
- Ig Kee

Happy Birthday
- Sridharan

Keep growing, my wonderful!!
- Anuj Sharma

Great goin !! Many many happy returns of the day !!
- M S

Happy birthday dear Eclipse. Development is a pleasure with you!
- Shaibal Mandal

Happy birthday! Let's hope we will continue working together for many years.
- Jorge Sabater Redondo

Thanks for your help during the past 5 years!
- Leeclipse

I've been on it since 3 years, this good piece of software shall live on!
- Michael Kirchmann

happy birthday eclipse
- Bahaa Atef Mohamed

Happy birthday Eclipse!
- Hinse ter Schuur

Happy birthday Eclipse! I have definitely qualified as an uncompromising geek, given that I am sending birthday greets to a platform :-)
- Edward G

Happy Birthday young giant!
- Mr Peter Szoke

Happy birthday eclipse. It has been 5 great years. See you in the next 5.
- Karsten Holm

Happy Birthday! you are the best one I've seen.
- zexing shi

Great product congrats to team Thanks
- Richard Weston

A few years but so many features that are provided with a single product. I have never seen an application like Eclipse that can be configured / extended to individual needs like Eclipse in the current version does. I will recommend it as THE programming / developing tool of the world. Happy birthday, Eclipse. p.s.: And - of course - many greetings to the whole Eclipse development/test teams that are responsible for that great application and its projects.
- Daniel Hansel

Happy Birthday!! \^O^/
- Clar Yuan-Chih Hu

Happy Birthday, Who could have known that? 5 years long a real help for nearly everything. Have a nice Party Eclipse. CU tomorrow
- Trikona

Happy 5 Years, your contributtion to the Java community has been a Huge third hand on every Development project, keep going on and growing
- Martin Hermosilla

Bring on the champagne... Eclipse forever
- Maarten Degryse

Happy Birthday !!!!!!! :) :) :)
- Lukas

Long live Eclipse
- Dalibor Ru ić

Long live Eclipse.
- Dalibor Ruzic

Keep on changing the world, baby!
- Terry Byrne

Bless Eclipse!
- LeeBin

Way to go eclipse community
- Bart Vansegbroeck

Gratz Eclipse for 5 awesome years :)
- Deon

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! Live long and prosper!
- Aleksandar Beslic

- liming

Fansupertastic! Congratulations many times over!
- Jim MacIntosh

So Far So Good, Happy Birthday Eclipse, and I Wish Better Changes for Better Life. Eclipse Rockz!!!
- Alex Vedmedenko

Best Wishes for the Eclipse Community!
- Armen Suri

Where is the fisherman where is the goat? Where is the keeper in his carrion coat? Eclipse on the moon when the dark bird flies Where is the child with his father's eyes? ;)
- madhuhn

Great! Congratulation! Can not believe it's nearly five years since I downloaded the first Eclipse IDE. Really believe Eclipse will probably be the number one IDE in the near future.
- Kenneth Li

Long live Eclipse, Long live Open Source Community.
- Bimal Prasad Nanda

Happy Birthday ! You're the best !
- Vincent Couturier

Eclipse demonstrates the potential of public collaboration ("open source") software.
- Charlie Kelly

- Sunil Belgaonkar

Keep up the great work!
- Adam Weiss

Happy Birthday Eclipse. This is a great product.
- Jason Glodowski

Happy 5th Birthday to the best application since JAVA's release!!!
- Timo Schmid

Happy 5th Birthday, Eclipse, and many more to come!
- Dan Gabrielson

Happy Birthday Eclipse! I'm just a newbie here & hope to have a long & happy relationship with you. ;-)
- George Canellis

Happy Birth day Eclipse
- Nagaraju

Happy birthday, Eclipse! Someday you'll catch up to what Visual Studio was 4 years ago!
- Java H8er

You are the best. You will the best from the best!
- Eugeny Israfilov

Eclipse has become so omni-present that it makes me shudder! Happy Birthday, Eclipse!
- Vasanth Velusamy

Thank you for five great years!
- Ian Greenhoe

Happy Birthday and thanks for making live easier ;)
- Alexander Haselsberger

Happy day !!!!
- Glauber Kliemann

Happy Birthday Eclipse!! Long live the power of open source!!
- Fazal Mahate

Happy birthday to the best IDE and my favorite feature VI key binding support.
- Mark Burge

Happy Birthday Eclipse. It's been a great 5 years.
- Patrick Flanigan


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