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Happy Birthday Eclipse! enjoying working with you.
- Hamid

Great going guys! This is one of the best apps ever. The amount of impact made by one app is really commendable! Keep it up!!!
- Abhishek Joshi

Happy birthday!!!!!! I hope you will do better.
- hzf

Since almost 4 ans, I use eclipse for my projects in my university and my job. I really like it. Joyeux Anniversaire, Eclipse !
- Yinghao LI

Happy Birthday!
- Renata

I love open source, so I love Eclipse
- Boris Ribalkin

Way to go Eclipse!
- Petru Acsinte

Happy Birthday,Eclipse. And many more.....
- Jim Adams

Great product! Hope eclipse is around for a long time!
- Paul Thordarson

- Leonardo Lopez Larraquy

Great work on making eclipse possible
- Benjamin Rodriguez

Happy Birthday
- Larry Benton

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!! Eclipse is a great IDE & has matured tremendously over the last 3 years. I wish it continues to get better with each release. The Eclipse team is doing a great job. Keep up the good work guys!
- Jagan Nambi

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! Keep up the great work!
- Justin Beghtol

Happy Birthday
- Stuart Campbell

Thank you eclipse :) A programming language is nothing without a good IDE. So thank you
- Sun Seng David

Happpy Birthday my Love . it was a lovely time i had from last 3 years with u. With all the love
- Manju

Good stuff you've come a long way... what was life ever like without you.
- Adrian Lim

Happy Birthday!! You have made the difference in making coding in java simpler
- Palani

Happy birthday!
- Long Nguyen Huu

Happy Birthday!! Long Live Eclipse!!
- Gaurav

Thank you Eclipse for the great tool to enhance and learn the needful skills.
- Vivek

Congratulations! Wish Eclipse have a greater future.
- Guo Ran Sun

It has been really great working on eclipse. The functionality provided by eclipse is immense and I hope eclipse achieves new heights in future.
- Tulip Agarwal

Happy BirthDay Eclipse ! Best wishes to conquer new hights !
- avinash

Many many happy returns of the day
- Ashutosh Singh

many many happy returns of the day
- Ashutosh Singh

Happy Birthday to my dearest Eclipse :-)) You have always helped me in my work.Wish you the greatest of success in times to come.
- Gaurav T

Happy birthday
- vandana tripathi

Wishing u a long lasting success all urlife
- Preethi

its really wonderful tool for devlopment and its futures are really great
- Shekhar

Happy fifth birthday, Eclipse! I've been a user of the JDT since 3.0.1 or 3.0.2 and have been constantly recommending my friends to give it a try since then. I hope that your momentum never slows down!
- Remy Suen

best SDK ever
- Vic Ng

Happy B'Day . you have made our life easier
- Vinaya Kumar Thimmappa

It is very easy to use and it helps me very much....
- Cikamani

You guys are great, the best IDE I've used since JBuilder. Thanks, it saved me great ammount of time!!
- Nikos

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday !!! You have made the life of developers like me a lot lot easier. From my start in the IT industry to this day you have always been there. Sometimes like a toy that helps the baby to learn to walk, sometimes like a bike to the teenager - for him show off, and sometimes like a walking stick to the old man to give him support !!! Thanks for all that you are !!!
- Piyush Kumar Nahata

Eclipse is five! Happy birthday to the whole community!
- Ghislain LECOMTE

Its because of you Eclipse we are good developer.
- usman hassan

Happy eclipse birthday. Great products. specially for java. keep it up eclipse team! you ppl are great
- Nouman Khalid

Hey, Happy Birthday top You. The begining has began five year before. Now this little champ is taking big leap to make big champ thratened. Keep the pace. We're all with you.
- Sagar Awasthi

Happy Birthday.
- M.Hassan Khan

Thanks for the fantastic work. Keep it up
- Misha Mahler

Happy Birthday to u ...........continue the rocking.....
- Pavanesh

I have enjoyed the ride so far; can't wait to see what's around the next bend.
- Karl-Koenig Koenigsson

Happy Birthday!!
- Brendan Bullen

Happy Birthday Eclipse!! Nice growth at such a small age...
- Ashutosh Saxena

Great going Eclipse team
- Nitin.K

Happy Birthday Eclipse! You only get better each day!
- Marie

A lot of products in the market, dear eclipse.. A lot of names in the market, dear eclipse... but they are all shadow.. in front of you, dear eclipse... they exist in your light, they fear from your might, you are always right , dear eclipse :) :) :) happy birthday...keep growing and engulf them all....
- Sarabjeet Singh Taluja

Congrats on five years of innovation and leadership. May you continue to bring new coders into your fold.
- Jim Robson

Happy Birthday eclipse! May all your Milestones come true. God bless you!
- Adam Moskwa

Eclipse生日快乐! 加油!
- Ben Feng

Thanks for making the coffee taste so much better.
- Jan Willem Boer

Greetings to eager five-year old.
- Harri Laitinen

Thanks for gathering people!
- Mateusz Wroński

Thank you Eclipse! You have made my job so much easier
- Scott Brand

Thank you so much for this excelent product.
- Omar H

Eclipse really changed my coding life! Thank you and best wishes!!!
- Francesco 'godzilla' De Francesco

Eclipse is great! Truly Happy Birthday!! in 5 years we will celebrate it again!
- Jose Martinez

Has it really been five years, It looks like we will be growing old together, Happy Birthday
- ewart barnes

Happy anniversary, hope that next 5 years will be great.
- Marcin

Thank you!
- Chakradhar Reddy

Happy birthday Eclipse.
- Fiel Cabral

Eclipse is without a doubt, the best development environment out there for Java, PHP, and numerous other languages. It's been an invaluable tool in completing countless class projects and industry applications. Happy birthday and keep up the good work!
- James D. Schwarzmeier

happy birthday eclipse - i love you!
- thomas yates

Hi. I'm a danish guy, who don't know anything about Eclipse. But I wish you all the best on your birthday.
- Benny Albrechtsen

FIVE???? where *does* the time go?
- Judi McCuaig

Feliz Cumpleaños!
- Carlos Hasan

Greetings to this great tool!!! and waiting for much more :-)
- German Gonzalez

Congratulations, Eclipse has my best partner. Thx to all team for your great Ide, because i completed my Magma's collection with it.
- Cristian "Pollo" Maluenda

Happy Birthday! to Eclipse. Hope you have another great year being the best IDE. Even JBuilder 2007 has succumb to the allmighty Eclipse IDE.
- Anthony Bargnesi

Happy Birthday, Eclipse! And many happy returns!
- Rick Orsborn

Happy Birthday with many many more to come. Some day you will complete Eclipse NetBeans! Keep Growing!!!
- John W. Miller

Happy Birthday with many many more to come. Some day you will complete Eclipse NetBeans! Keep Growing!!!
- John W. Miller

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!!
- Eric Herget

Happy Birthday
- jianhui sun

You're the best! may every year more and more developer contribute to your design.
- Johanes Soetanto

Congratulations on 5 years of developing a great development platform
- Greg Hutchinson

i love java,i love eclipse
- 杨旭

Eclipse is my most favorite IDE. Best wish to its 5 years old birthday!
- Benjamin.GAO

Hi eclipse; I wish you a wonderful birhtday.. i came to know about you in this year only... And came to know that you are a good friend of mine while working in java. Hope u will be my bestfriend forever. All the best with prayers; Love; Dominic
- Dominic Savio

Thanks for the intuitive, easy-to-use IDE! Keep bashing those bugs!
- Michael Schechter

Happy Birthday My Dear Eclipse :-) its great to know that Our Eclipse is turning 5..Many many happy returns of the day.. i wish Eclipse do wonders in days to come and rock the programmers world with some cool and excelent features with it... Regards, sajid nadeem
- sajid nadeem

The Best IDE I ever seen. I love eclipse :)
- Hadi Rastgou

The Best IDE I ever seen. I love eclipse :)
- Hadi Rastgou

Hope u a bright future, Eclipse!
- Qiu Bing Yu

Thank you for sharing such a fantastic enabling application to learn and develop. Kudos!
- charis kaskiris

I know you from your first year . You have grown from a simple IDE to a product with multiple facets. I am proud to be associated with you.Congratulations !!!
- Karthikeyan Sankaran

I know you from your first year . You have grown from a simple IDE to a product with multiple facets. I am proud to be associated with you.Congratulations !!!
- Karthikeyan Sankaran

Best IDE ever.
- Gottfried Vonderlinn

Long Live Eclipse!
- Sameer Shinde

Long live Eclipse. I have been coding Java with VIM for quite a long time and still miss it sometimes but Eclipse Debugger works great and is a great help when it comes to hunt bugs.
- Huynh Ngoc Chau Tran

Happy birthday! I've been meeting you everyday for 2 years. Glad to see you become robust.
- david wang

Great product great work! THanks Rakesh
- Rakesh

HAPPY BirthDay
- Mukesh

Hey eclipse.. The eclipse in my program is gone bcoz you are with me.. Thank You and Wish you a Happy Birthday
- Balasubramaniam

Will be the best IDE for years to come
- Ravikumar

thanks,eclipse team.....
- 李建盛

Well Done..! expecting more features like myeclipse in future
- Ramkumar

My Wishes....!
- Ramkumar

Happy Birthday Eclipse and congratulations to the team behind you, hehehe. Many happy returns. :)
- Christopher Layno

Keep the myraid eclipse coming!
- jayachandran

Happy 5th Birthday Eclipse!
- Buzz Morley

Its been spectrum of glory to celeberate this birthday
- M.R.Raghavendra

All my wishes and many many years of success to Eclipse! It is a fantastic project and I hope it will continue providing such tremendous tools. Dom
- Dominique Faidherbe

Happy birthday Eclipse and all the team behind this project, and we hope that we make a big party in 5 years ;o) see U soon
- Ferreira César

- Henrik

Happy birthday Eclipse, and keep on moving.
- Vasil Taneski

Happy Birthday!
- discoverway

Happy birthday
- praveen

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- Ethan Clapham

- Ralph Kazemier

Eclipse, C'est La référence des environnements. Il ne lui manque rien car avec tous ces Plug-ins à gogo, c'est comme le Soleil et ses rayons, il nous montre la voie ! Et tout ça gratuit... Joyeux Anniversaire ECLIPSE ! (Poème bien pourri je sais, mais je ne faisais pas partie du cercle des poet-poet disparus...).
- Fabrice BACZA

Eclipse, C'est La référence des environnements. Il ne lui manque rien car avec tous ces Plug-ins à gogo, c'est comme le Soleil et ses rayons, il nous montre la voie ! Et tout ça gratuit... Joyeux Anniversaire ECLIPSE ! (Poème bien pourri je sais, mais je ne faisais pas partie du cercle des poet-poet disparus...).
- Fabrice BACZA

Good luck for the future. And thanks for all the fish.
- Chris Koenigsberg

Happy birthday eclipse. One Platform to rule them all !!!!
- Daniel Quintero

Happy birthday Eclipse Team!!! I hope win a sweater and improve my code ........
- Luis García

- Bea

Congratulation in this special day.
- Alix Padron

WOW! Five years and still growing strong. Congrats on this wonderful community and product
- Hendry Betts

Very useful and great Prog. Keep on going! Happy Birthday, Flo.
- Florian Neumann

Happy Birthday Eclipse!
- ign

Congratulations! Truly software that makes programming a pleasure! To all those anti-eclipse developers out there, eat our cake with the candles burning vigorously!
- Rudi Strydom

Happy Birthday for an amazing team of folks working on an awesome product!
- Chris Lane

Happy Birthday and thank you for all excellent work!
- Cam

Many many Thanks for excellent development tool!!!
- Grzegorz Konrad

Happy birthday Eclipse
- Curtis

Time is always flying... Oh, 5 years is just like a flash... I am watching eclipse is evolving, community is developing and growing up. Well, wish a more splendid future :)
- Cao Jie

Could not believe you are 5 years old already, happy birthday!
- Cliff Weng

Happy Birthday Eclipse!!! I have been using eclipse since 4 years and its a great a platform to work on. I have develped a few plugins and RCP as well. Hope eclipse has many more years of success. Cheers, Murali
- Murali Sampangiramaiah

hippo birdy, two ewes!
- david rose

long live eclipse
- Lahiru Sandakith

All the best for 5th birthday. To be with us many many more years. To evolve with the world and to be ahead of others.
- Zoran Radicic

Many Many Happy Birthday to Eclipse
- Ankur Mittal

The best IDE ever.
- B S Murali

I Hope that i wish Happy Birthday wishes for another 3000years.
- Rakesh Kumar Vashisht

Happy birthday Eclipse !!! La multi ani Eclipse !!!!!
- Alexandru IOVANOVICI

Great progress was made, nice features added.. Happy birthday to the tool i've been using on a daily basis for the past 4 years.. Rendez-vous in 5 years for an even more successful event!
- Matthieu Chaplin

Happy Birthday and thanks for all good software and satisfactions so far!
- Diego Schulz

You have made our lives very easy. Thanks and Happy B'day
- Nishant Anand

Happy birthday!
- Petter Hesselberg

I would just like to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you guys so much for providing such a magnificent IDE, and a huge thanks also goes to all those people developing plugins for Eclipse. Enjoy your fifth anniversary! -Stein
- Stein Gunnar Bakkeby (Nu)

I learned my first steps in java with an editor - I do marathons with eclipse now
- Andreas Groscurth

Happy Birthday Eclipse. Don't go getting drunk and leery at your party.
- Ali McLaren

Even a bithday greeting from the Netherlands. Many happy returns.
- Jan Wolsink

I was born to dance with eclipse. Happy Birthday Darling!!
- Ramana

Selamet Ulang Tahun ya Jeng, eh Jing
- maharzz

Wish eclipse will become more powerful and include whole developer community as it's active users.
- Alok Chandrakar

- broodwarfish
- sun

- subrahmanyam

Happy Birthday
- Irfan Javed

Keep up the good work!
- Sorin Babeanu

Best wishes for all the people who developed this masterpiece of software! I am using it almost every day.
- Stepan Rezek

Happy Birthday to Eclipse and best regards to Eclipse team, and thank you very much for such a great tool :)
- Jaroslaw Marcin Iwanski

Hello from Chile, Happy Birthday !!!
- Jorge Rodriguez

Thanks for everything, guys. You make development slightly more tolerable on Windows. Many happy returns!
- Chris Coughlin

Happy Happy Birthday to Eclipse more power
- Tony Azurin

Rock on, eclipse!
- Sean Chickosky

Happy Birthday ECLIPSE!!!
- Rajesh Srinivasan

Thanks a lot for exists. Have a nice new year.
- Alvaro Millalén

Happy 5th Birthday! Stay lean for life. Jakub
- Jakub Kolakowski

best wishes to the best development tool.
- Sune Ulf Hansen

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
- Mateusz Gawrych

Happy birthday Eclipse!
- Stuart

Another milestone for the best IDE there is. Thanks to all the Eclipse contributors for everything. Phil
- Philip Nelson

Happy birthday!
- Bahman Zamani

Happy B-day! Great product!
- Jeff Copeland

In a short words, Just eclipse is a different and it is making different because it is different.
- Janarbek

Happy birthday!
- Cilel

Its wonderful to see the evolution of eclipse.... And egerly waiting to see nore ....
- Sreesankar

Keep on with the good work!
- Marc van Meer

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you!
- 卞瑞祥

It is really nice to work on the eclipse platform and in every version i find a lot of differences but i have not yet explored everything in eclipse.
- Swapna

Happy B'day :)
- Ramesh

happy birthday eclipse
- E Murali Krishna Reddy

Bon anniversaire !
- Olivier Duchateau

you changed the quality of my software development activities
- Wojciech Biela

Heepy fifth, ney you keep growing to be even more amazing
- Tzvika Stein

Congratulations (better IDE than JDeveloper)
- Mark Dale

may you grow to be even more amazing
- Tzvika Stein

Eclipse, Happy Birthday. I started learning java after having a glance at eclipse. My passion is eclipse not java. I LOVE YOU eclipse.
- medhamsh

Eclipse is my favourite IDE. I Love Eclipse.
- Vinodh Kumar Dadi

Happy Birthday! You are my best friend! I hope you have a great future.
- Bedouins

"Refresh" yourself with "f5".... ;) with 5 yesrs mark... thanks for making my life simple and productive
- vinay pawar

i love it, love it, love it :)) the best environment ever - looking forward for next 100 birthdays
- Alicja Kobusinska

Happy Birthday
- Nicolai Czempin

Mahtavaa työtä! Jatkakaa samaan malliin! Erittäin paljon onnea teille!
- Teemu Lahtela

Keep on the good spirit!
- Lucas Persson

Eclipse is a great products! congratulation!
- yanbosheng

Feliz Cumpleaños!!!!!!!!
- Alvaro Millalen

Happy birthday to Eclipse, You are the heart and soul of java development. Its impossible to think development w/o you. Kudos to the whole team. And keep up the gr8 work
- Yogendra Rampuria

Happy Birthday! Nice work, good for university!
- Helmut Pastl

Hi Eclipse! I wish You all the best for Your birthday!
- Charlotte Schaffstein

Happy birthday!
- Markku Saarela

Happy Birthday and thanks for all the work so far done for eclipse. Hope that more great stuff will follow
- Joerg Krebs

Happy birthday!
- Scott Baker

Many thanks to all of the eclipse community! It is a pleasure to work with you. I work every day with the Eclipse IDE developing Eclipse RCP applications, that's my job. So you are very important for me! Happy birthday Stephan
- Stephan Lötscher

Many thanks to all of the eclipse community! It is a pleasure to work with you. I work every day with the Eclipse IDE developing Eclipse RCP applications, that's my job. So you are very important for me! Happy birthday Stephan
- Stephan Lötscher

Happy Birthday Eclipse! I wouldn't understand Java as well as i do if it wasn't for you, greatly appreciated!!
- Drew Pennyfeather

Best Wishes :) Keep it running :)Keep it open :)
- kuba

I wish You to get 3-digit version number and to develop in complete (and stabile) development environment together with Eclipse OS. Also, I wish You to create one Eclipse development platform with HW and SW that work in harmony. Eclipse can do that. Live long and prosperous!!
- DZvonko Nikolov

Best Wishes. Keep It running. Keep It open :)
- Kuba

happy birthday. but, you are still young. now you have to go to school, college, university, meet your partner (preferably some OS or HW, or both) and maybe one day we will have a lot of CDEE (complete development eclipse environments). don't worry, I'll buy cradles ;-)) Happy birthday and live long and prosperous.
- DZvonko Nikolov

- tangjingtian

Eclipse, Wish a very very happy birthday..
- Sumesh.P.S

Eclipse rules!
- Jack

Happy Birthday! You are my hero!
- Kushan Jayathilake

- cappuccino

Happy Birth Day "EClipse". You have given smoothness in the life of millions of developer.
- Manindra Kumar

Eclipse is just great !!! Happy birthday Eclilpse !!!
- Vidya Shankar M.

Birthday bDay = new BirthDay(); bDay.setWish(" More smiles next year "); bDay.haveFun();
- RR

Happy Birthday Eclipse! May you have many more!
- Robert Hill

¡Very happy 5th birthday! ¡And thanks yo so much! Felicidades por ser tan maravilloso ;) ¡Cool!
- Andrés Álvarez Ilgesias

¡Very happy 5th birthday! ¡And thank you very much! Gracias por ser TAN maravilloso ;) ¡Cool!
- Andrés Álvarez Iglesias

One day you made my day
- Ricla Semon

Happy birthday to the most flexible GUI IDE of these days!
- Balint Persics

I have been using eclipse since two years and it has made my life so easier with java development environment. Thanks to IBM and Eclipse
- Charanjith Kunduru

By convincing the world with good arguments, not by force, Eclipse has shown what an impact good design principles can have, also by inviting everyone to participate, not to mitigate.
- Jaap Heimans

Eclipse has been a great tool for my development work!
- Paul Harten

Happy birthday Eclipse! To the many bittersweet years ahead!
- Michael Tung

The best to you and thank you! I have been using and teaching on Eclipse for the last 4 years and I am very impressed with the growth it got especially in the last couple of years. Congratulations for your great work and for inspiring the community to strive.
- Michelle Carrier

Congrats to the Eclipse Community in this birthday and i wish you many years of being the best IDE ever !!!! You guys ROCK !!!!
- Sebastian Carneiro


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