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Select! MyEclipse, Genuitec, LLC RSSOwl, RSSOwl Development Team RadRails, RadRails Yoxos, Innoopract Innoopract, Innoopract Coconut Palm Software - RCP Training and Consulting, Coconut Palm Software, Inc. BEA Workshop Studio, BEA Systems, Inc. Scapa Test and Performance Platform, Scapa Technologies Eclipsezilla, Openmex Canada The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse, IBM Actuate BIRT, Actuate Corporation JBossIDE for Eclipse, JBoss, a division of Red Hat ObjectWeb Lomboz, eteration a.s. Eclipse Review, BZ Media BEA Workshop for WebLogic, BEA Systems, Inc.
Select! meese, None, just mee :) Eclipse Magazine, Software & Support Media Eclipse Magazine, Software & Support Media Sybase WorkSpace, PowerDesigner, and Unwired Orchestrator, Sybase Apollo for Eclipse, Gentleware AG Parasoft Jtest, Parasoft Intalio BPMS|Designer, Intalio Nomad PIM, SF Kalypso-Simulation-Platform, University of Technology Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH) e-Citiz Studio, Genitech Group xProcess, Ivis Technologies Inc MontaVista DevRocket, MontaVista Software Visual Performance Analyzer, IBM Jupe - UML Plugin for Eclipse, Jupe Group VDF Tools for Eclipse, IT-Byrå Resheim
Select! ANTLR Studio, Placid Systems JouwPostbank, Hobby project Faktor IPS, Faktor Zehn GmbH Acceleo, Obeo ILOG JRules, ILOG JIRA, beck et al. projects gui4j, beck et al. projects RMI Plug-in for Eclipse, CAPXOUS AutoComplete, Capxous PETA Designer, verit Informationssysteme GmbH IBM Eclipse-based products, IBM IBM Rational Eclipse-based products, IBM Rational Head Hunter, Panda Creations CFEclipse, CFEclipse IBM DB2 Change Management Expert, IBM DB2 Information Management Software
Select! Princeton Softech Optim Family of Products, Princeton Softech Incremental Epic, Incremental Ltd. Develance, Develance SRL Base E12, Base Information Management Pvt. Ltd. Backbase Eclipse plugin, DB2 Developer Workbench, DOUGLAS Informatik & Service GmbH eUML2, Soyatec eBPMN Designer, Soyatec Eclipse 3.1.2, my org Wind River Workbench, Wind River Systems Inc. IBM Lotus Notes 8, IBM Lotus Software AccuRev, AccuRev Inc. WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries, IBM WebFacing Deployment Tool with HATS Technology, IBM QNX Momentics Development Suite, QNX Software Systems
Select! IBM Lotus Sametime, IBM Lotus Suryaprakash, Softwate Data Service, iServicePro Technologies Inc. VisualAge Pacbase e-business offering, IBM WebSphere, IBM Paris Laboratory FusionDQ, FusionDQ Ltd Pydev Extensions, Fabio Zadrozny Pydev, Fabio Zadrozny WebOfPatterns, Massey University PMD For Eclipse, PMD Development Team Mercurial Eclipse, Vectrace MaintainJ, MaintainJ Inc. Oribe Software, Oribe Software Afae, Rob Rohan ATL, INRIA AMW, INRIA
Select! AM3, INRIA MoDisco, INRIA TUM - Tikal Update Manager, Tikal Log4E, Jan-Friedrich Mutter EasyEclipse, EasyEclipse and nexB Netwiser, Bitwiser Labs JViz, the web, chemeng Convertigo 4.0, Twinsoft Kiwi Eclipse Messenger, cosmologic Laika Eclipse Plugin, Tampere University of Technology Keytool, Picosoft jTrackAndField, Simon Martinelli RSS View, SVN Report for Eclipse, Alexander Maximenya
Select! MDWorkbench, Sodius JUtils toString Generator, Adarsh R Open Client Platform, PostFinance Logfile Viewer, Michael Mimo Moratti Oxygen XML Editor, SyncRO Soft BinOcular, Purple Scout CSS Designer, JointLogic GFace, private Antidecompiler, BIS Guard & Co. Jackdaw, Pasha Group AT-Project, Atreides Technologies Design and Verification Tools Plug-in for EclipseTM, AMIQ KLEEN Modeler for AOM, atNight Backup, bdaum industrial communications PackMan, Nulogy Corporation
Select! AgileJ StructureViews, AgileJ Compuware OptimalJ, Compuware TeXlipse, Texlipse Team, Spring IDE, Spring IDE Development Team astyeclipse, open source GOIM, GOIM TOPCASED, Anyware Technologies TruStudio PHP & Python IDE, xored software, Inc. DuMP3, Pyrocy Software Wicked Shell, Stefan Reichert Imixs IX Open Source Workflow, Imixs Software Solutions GmbH South Pacific InfoTech Limited, South Pacific InfoTech Limited RMBench Relational Modeller, ByteRefinery Image Export Plug In, University of Kassel AppPerfect DevTest4J and AppPerfect Test Studio, AppPerfect Corp.
Select! rPlatform - RFID Integration Platform, Supply Insight, Inc. Azureus, Azureus Inc ProjectCards, ProjeNova enrg. EntroPay, Ixaris Systems Ltd. StreamBase Studio, StreamBase Systems, Inc. XML-Security Plug-In, Dominik Schadow Green UML, SUNY University at Buffalo Tracy Ragan, Catalyst Systems Corporation Lasso, OmniPilot Software TTworkbench, Testing Technologies Debrief, PML Wipro Accelerator, Wipro Technologies Talend Open Studio, TALEND TIBCO Business Studio, TIBCO Software Inc., Garoup, Inc.
Select! OpenRules, OpenRules, Inc. Control System Studio, DESY M2CE Service Creation Environment (SCE), Oracle Inc Capri, Inventage AG, RemoteHealth, University of Glamorgan AFR Access, FRAME Group VocaBase, DbScape Ichigo Load Balancing Environment, University of Sao Paulo ShareMedia, - Relo, MIT CS+AI Lab